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Make Your Kitchen Speak Volumes with an Industrial Style


Industrial Kitchen Tile Ideas

Industrial style interior design takes its inspiration from old factories and other industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. If you like a modern space that speaks volumes, looks both lived-in and laid-back, then this industrial style could be the kitchen design you’ve been looking for.

There is no one single industrial style; some favour exposed brick walls and pipes, others wood beams or, perhaps some wall-mounted rails and retro-looking appliances are all that’s being used to create an industrial feel to a space. There are many staples of an industrial kitchen style, so take your time to explore what feels right for you and your property. But how can this desired aesthetic be achieved? We at The London Tile Co. have decided to reveal our tricks of the trade with these tips on how to create an industrial kitchen space.

Industrial Style Tiling Choices

When designing with an industrial style in mind, we believe it is best to start with the tiles. They establish not only the foundations of the room, but also set the tone and so dictate the style. Here at The London Tile Co. we have numerous tile choices available to help make your kitchen become the epitome of industrial.

A key element of an industrial design is making use of ‘rougher’, more urban materials – like bricks and cement – which usually appear more at home in a city street than in your kitchen. An industrial style adopts these unexpected materials and, instead of hiding them beneath layers of plaster, displays them proudly.

Exposed Brick Effect

Naked walls are one of the key ingredients to finding the perfect aesthetic balance in an industrial kitchen. They combine rough simplicity and practicality to make an unfinished look these kitchens are known for. At The London Tile Co. we have a tile range designed to look like exposed bricks that we think is perfectly suited to help create an industrial feel to any space. Our Battersea tile range comes in a variety of shades, all available in the classic brick size of 250x60mm. We recommend fixing with a 10mm grout joint for an authentic exposed brick wall look.

Industrial Kitchen Brick Effect Tiles

Cement Effect Tiles

Just like exposed bricks give a space that simple, unfinished appeal, so too does a cement inspired floor. Combine an urban aesthetic with gorgeous, practical tiles with our collection of cement effect porcelain tiles.

Reclaimed Wood Effect

Still in keeping with that urban feel, a wood effect floor borders that traditional aesthetic to give your kitchen the best of both worlds. Opt for a distressed or reclaimed wood effect tile for to create a cool yet lived-in look.

Retro Metro

Metro tiles naturally conjure industrial images thanks to their use in subway or train stations, coffee shops and kitchens. Choose a white metro tile with a black or dark grey grout for a classic industrial look.

Simple Choices to Help Make Your Kitchen Industrial

Although the tiles are a key component in creating an industrial design, they are not the only factor that should be considered.

One very simple way of helping achieve an industrial feel is by using a natural colour palette. A mix of greys, neutrals and rustic colours echo back to the industrial chic’s factory beginnings. These simple colours allow for the use of furniture and other accessories to help liven up the room. Also, having the walls a neutral colour allows for open plan areas to feel bigger and more connected while giving furniture the opportunity to help create a natural flow to the room.

Using hanging overhead light fixtures adds depth and dimension to the kitchen, giving it a real intimate and industrial ambiance. Open faced shelving and storage are big hits when it comes to an industrial kitchen. Free standing metal racks can also provide extra storage and can be beneficial in smaller rooms. Exposed overhead beams, brick and concrete are notable accents to the kitchen along with darker cabinets and shelving.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

To further tie into the industrial theme, we recommend a kitchen island. If this island matches either the floor or the cabinets then it can provide a clearly defined and cohesive kitchen area. These islands can be paired with barstools made of wood or metal finishes, which are both current and practical.

Now that you’ve read our hints and tips to create an industrial style kitchen you can get started on transforming your space.


Mix It Up With NEW Retromix Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles


We’re really excited about this new range of wall and floors tiles because they are just so much fun! Whether you want to create a classic black and white checkerboard effect floor or a totally unique feature wall, there’s a tile in the range for you. Tiles have been popular for thousands of years, particularly in the Victorian era when patterned tiles were highly sought after. The Retromix range takes inspiration from these historical influences but adds a modern twist.

One of the best things about the new Retromix range is its versatility; somehow it manages to suit both traditional and contemporary rooms perfectly. Each porcelain tile measures 150x150mm and has a slip resistant surface, making them suitable for both walls and floors in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways – or any other room in the home.

Retromix Star Large

The Star design is inspired by traditional Victorian floor tiles, with a repeating pattern of grey squares surrounded by a white border and black stars. The size of the pattern makes it ideal for both large and small spaces and the neutral tones mean you can pair it with almost any colour scheme. These tiles are ideally suited to hallways in Victorian terraced houses, but are also perfect for kitchen and bathroom floors too.

Retromix Circle Patterns

When installed, the repeating pattern on these tiles creates a series of circles but the design on the tiles is actually more reminiscent of a petal shape. Choose from the large design with a white background and large black petals, or a the smaller pattern featuring a black background and white petals.

Retromix Geometric Cube Pattern

For a real eye catching look go for the Cube tile. This geometric design is made up of a series of black, white and grey rhombus shapes that creates the illusion of a three dimensional cube. Perfect for bold floors and feature walls, the Cube tile works best in larger spaces due to the busy design.

Retromix Triangle Patterned Tiles

The triangle design tiles much just be our favourites within the Retromix tile because they can be used to create a surprising number of patterns. Don’t let the simple half and half design fool you, once you start piecing these together like a jigsaw puzzle you will realise there are almost endless possibilities. From stripes to squares, you can create a unique design that fits perfectly with your personality.

Retromix triangle patterned tiles

Retromix Plain Tiles

To complement the patterned tiles in the Retromix range there’s also a plain black and a plain white tile. These can be used to create your very own pattern, for example a checkerboard design like below, or as a border to the patterned tiles.

The full Retromix range of wall and floor tiles is available at The London Tile Co. online and in our showrooms.


July Featured Tiles: Arabia and Victorian Mosaics


Whether you’re getting ready for a well-earned break or busy with weddings, parties and barbecues, summer is usually a busy time of year for many of us so it’s easy to forget about the interiors projects you have been considering. But during the summer is actually a perfect time to get some work done. Doors and windows will likely need to be kept open, so if the temperatures are higher you won’t be shivering during its completion. If you can find a trustworthy trader and have friends/family to keep an eye you can even take the opportunity to go on holiday while the work is done – coming home to your new tiled kitchen or bathroom. To help you bring the cost of your project down we’re giving you 20% off two of our favourite tile ranges this month – read on to find out more.


There’s something immensely elegant about a neutral colour scheme, creating a calming effect in kitchens and bathrooms and allowing you to accessorise in your own style. From pops of bold colour, natural decorations or highly polished chrome adornments, a neutral theme provides endless possibilities, which is why we absolutely love the Arabia range.

The 500x200mm ceramic wall tiles are available in four shades; White, Grey, Sand & Taupe. You can add extra detail with the textured linear decor tiles in Grey or Taupe, along with matching 480x480mm porcelain floor tiles. Perfect for contemporary kitchens, the Arabia range is also perfect for creating a serene feel in bathrooms & wet rooms.

Victorian Mosaics

There’s a reason Victorian-inspired mosaic tiles never go out of style; the classic checkerboard design somehow manages to suit every type of property and style of decor. Whether you go for traditional black and white or mix and match the different colours available, we’re sure you can create something that fits perfectly with your style. The best thing about these tiles is that they are made of hard-wearing vitrified porcelain so they are perfect for floors throughout the home including kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and event porches and garden paths.

Each sheet of mosaic squares measures 285x285mm, with each square approximately 45x45mm. The squares are attached to a backing sheet for easy installation and this can be cut to create different size pieces or to design your own pattern. There are five colour options to choose from; plain White, Red & Black, or checkerboard Red/Black & Black/White. To complement the checkerboard designs there are also straight borders and corners featuring the same design but with a thin strip either side to create an attractive and traditional finish.

Don’t forget you can get 20% off all Featured Tiles throughout July both online and in-store.


Keeping Your Porcelain Patio Clean This Summer


In the UK it rains for almost half of the year, 156 days if some websites are to be believed, so the last thing anyone wants to be doing when the sun makes its rare appearance is cleaning the patio. Though both natural stone and wood can be used for your patio, they are notoriously hard to clean, collecting dirt, weeds and mould. This is why we at The London Tile Co. have decided to help make your life as easy as possible with our range of outdoor porcelain tiles.

Due to the vitrification process the porcelain material undergoes, where the tiles are fired at high temperatures, they become impermeable to water, dust, mould and moss growth. The hard-wearing nature of our porcelain tiles means they look like they have only just been laid for far longer than other wood and stone alternatives. This means that when the sun is out, you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy like having a BBQ or just relaxing catching those elusive rays.

Gone are the jet-hose and bleach days, but if you do want a patio clean enough to eat off here is how we would give our porcelain tiles that extra shine:

  1. Use a broom to sweep away any excess debris such as leaves, sticks, and so forth. Things like this will only get in your way when you’re trying to wash your tiles.
  2. Fill a bucket with warm, soapy water – it doesn’t need to be boiling hot. There is also no need for bleach, standard washing-up liquid is all you need.
  3. Wet a brush, sponge or even a broom if you don’t have any of these, in your soapy water and scrub at the tiles to remove any additional dirt and residue that remains after your previous sweep.
  4. Once you’ve washed the whole patio, leave it to dry naturally – your tiles should be gleaming again in no time!
The design of our porcelain patio tiles means that this type of cleaning should not be needed very often, though it may be necessary more frequently if your tiles get particularly dirty on a regular basis. For more stubborn marks you can use a jet wash, the tiles are strong enough to withstand a strong pressure washer. With these simple and easy steps your porcelain tiles will keep on sparkling year after year. As warmer weather approaches why not check out our outdoor porcelain tile range and enjoy the easy life this summer.

Looking for a cleaning solution for a specific problem like rust marks or dropped leaves? Check out the LTP External Porcelain Cleaning & Protection Guide for their professional recomendations.


Update Your Kitchen Splashback With The Savanna Range


Are you looking for that extra something to add dimension to a kitchen in a new build? Or maybe you are renovating your current kitchen? Whatever type of property you have, at some point it’s likely your kitchen will need a new splashback. A kitchen splashback will help keep your kitchen looking clean and whether you want to add a pop of colour or keep it classic look no further than The London Tile Co.’s Savanna range.

The Savanna range offers an exclusive array of colours all perfectly suited for a new kitchen splashback. The range delves into classic hues with colours such as our Oat, Noir and Slate tiles, whilst also containing tiles that show a more vibrant colour palette. Dew, Caraway, Marine, Leaf and Petrol are just some of the beautiful colours that this range offers. Each ceramic tile in the Savanna collection has a slightly different shade, which gives the finished surface a soft and dusky look. The myriad of colours means that these tiles can fit into an existing kitchen or become the focal point of a new one.

Savanna Gloss Kitchen Tiles

Whether living alone, with friends or with a family the glossy finish makes these ceramic tiles well suited to any home. The Savanna tiles are easy to clean, making them not only stylish but hygienic as well – the perfect combination when looking for a new kitchen splashback.

Benefits of a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

  • Easy to clean
  • Range of colours & styles
  • Hygienic
  • Great value for money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance

While the Savanna range has a similar look to a subway or metro tile, they have a flat face with no bevel and a high-gloss glazed finish. The Savanna tile range comes in two sizes 200x100mm and 300x100mm so you can decide to keep your splashback all one size, or you can experiment with the different tile sizes. No matter what you decide, whether you fancy the classic brick bond pattern or perhaps choose to invert the tiles in a herringbone design, these tiles can be combined in a variety of ways to create a simple or dynamic patterned display perfectly tailored to your home.

Savanna Glossy Kitchen Tiles

So why not check out the Savanna glossy wall tile range at The London Tile Co. and see which tile speaks to you.


How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles


How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles

Whether building a new property or renovating a current one, choosing the bathroom floor tiles should be one of the highlights. Tiles can transform your house into a home and bathrooms can really set the tone for your property. Are you looking for a sleek, modern finish? Or how about a vibrant colourful feature wall to start your day right? There are so many tiling choices to suit every tiling need that it can quickly become overwhelming, so use this guide to help choose the best bathroom floor tiles for you.

How to Choose the Material of Your Bathroom Tiles

To go natural or not to go natural?

Although natural stone has a distinct character that can bring a traditional flavour to your home, the material requires greater care to keep its natural effect from looking worn. Natural stone tiles need to be resealed over time to help protect the material from general wear and tear. The London Tile Co. have a range of tiles that mimic natural stone in both appearance and texture, so you don’t have to decide between going for natural materials or not. These tiles, that mirror natural stone, give you the best of both worlds; less care maintenance to worry about, whilst still creating that desired natural aesthetic for your bathroom.

Here are just some of the bathroom tiles available that combine the beautiful natural stone look with less maintenance:

Andalusia: With a textured rustic look similar to weathered natural stone. It is available in White, Mineral and Natural, with a 4 panel décor to create a dynamic twist. Tile size ranges from 300x300mm to 600x300mm.

Earth: With a subtle, mottled stone effect finish. Choose from Grey or Moon colours in 600x600mm porcelain floor tiles and matching 900x300mm ceramic wall tiles.

Porcelain or Ceramic, What’s the Difference?

There is often much contention between choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles. Although porcelain is more durable than ceramic both are excellent manmade material choices for your bathroom. Generally, the denser porcelain tiles are more hard wearing, so they are suitable for both floors and walls. By comparison, ceramic tiles are easy to look after but, as they are not as hard wearing as their porcelain counterpart, it is important to always verify whether the particular ceramic tile you are looking at is suitable for floor-use.

The wide selection of both ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles available at The London Tile Co. means that the right tile is only a click away. Browse our selection and see what tile material is right for you.

How Tiles Can Be Used to Enhance Your Bathroom Space

Each bathroom is unique in size, dimension and brightness and bathroom floor and wall tiles can be used to optimise the natural and artificial light to make a room seem even bigger and brighter. Tiles can bring life and happiness to a space which is vital in every property.

An easy trick to help enhance a space is to use the same pale colourway tile on the floor and walls of a bathroom. The effect creates a sleek sophisticated look, where the pale tile colour reflects the light to give the illusion of a wider space. To create further depth when using the same tile use a different format for subtle variation. For instance, use square tiles for the floor and rectangle tiles for the walls, or vice versa.

Contrary to popular belief, bathroom size shouldn’t dictate a specific tile size. For a small bathroom large tiles can actually be room-enlarging. When coupled with a gloss finish a small room can seem transformed.

Although lighter colours can often enhance a space, don’t be afraid to contrast and play around with tile colours and patterns. In a larger space the mixing of tiles can create an inviting and interesting room, stimulating in its varying patterns.

Mosaics and patterned tiles can be used to make eye-catching feature walls or as decorative borders. Although using the same tile can be space-enhancing, mosaics and patterns can be used to create dimension and further enrich a space. Darker coloured bathroom tiles can be used to create a modern, ambient twist.

Don’t Grouch About the Grout

In the past grout was only available in the staple white colour and so was often over-looked as just a necessity. Well now this necessity can also become an accessory. With a variety of coloured grouts available it is now possible to match the grout with a variety of tile colours for a clean and seamless look. Or why not contrast the grout colour with the tile colour to make a more complex pattern on the wall? A dark grout colour can be used to highlight the colour and shape of light-coloured tiles through this type of application grout can now become an added feature in your bathroom.

Our grout colour selection ranges from the classic white, black and grey to a more varied spectrum, which contains colours such as Spring Jasmine, Oyster Pink and Silver Shimmer.

Ready to Make a House a Home?

The wide selection of tile materials, textures, colours and patterns available means that no matter what type of space you are seeking to create, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to watch your bathroom transform your house into a home with The London Tile Co. Shop our range of bathroom floor tiles online today or visit a showroom for a closer look.


June Featured Tiles: Exhibit & Reflections


Save on June Featured Tiles at The London Tile Co.

It’s been a busy few weeks here at The London Tile Co., with sample orders flying out every day. We’re excited to see what these initial ideas will turn into in the hands of our customers, but if you are still at the start of your renovation journey read on for inspiration from this month’s Featured Tiles.


Looking for a tile that’s simple yet classy? The Exhibit range features cement effect 600x300mm tiles in three neutral shades – Beige, Taupe and Grey. Choose from field tiles or the subtle geometric patterned Crossline decor tiles which look fantastic when used as a splashback in a modern kitchen. Because all tiles in the Exhibit range are made from hard-wearing porcelain, they are suitable for use on both walls and floors.


Urban galleries and upmarket eateries have been using polished concrete to complete their stylish look for years, but when it comes to using it in your home it can be an expensive option. Luckily, we have an alternative that can be used on walls and floors to achieve that ultra contemporary look. Reflections tiles are large format at 800x400mm which allows you to create a semi-seamless look by installing them with narrow grout joints. The subtly distressed pattern combined with the slight sheen gives these tiles a convincing concrete look, while the porcelain material makes them strong and hard-wearing. These would be perfect used in a modern kitchen or on walls and floors in a stylish wet room. Choose from Iron or Silver grey colours.

Our Featured Tiles are available online and in any of our showrooms with 20% until the end of the month.


May Featured Tiles: Malmo Cement Effect & Aquarius Stone Effect Tiles


May seems to have crept up on us and we’re finding it hard to believe we’ll soon be half way through 2019. We’re looking forward to BBQ season and seeing all the wonderful garden designs created using our range of outdoor porcelain tiles. This month we’ve got an extra-special treat for our customers as both of our Featured Tile ranges are best sellers.


Add a modern twist to your bathroom with these gorgeous cement effect porcelain tiles, suitable for walls and floors. Malmo is one of our best-selling ranges and it’s really no surprise why. The cement effect porcelain tiles are available in two shades of grey, Dark and Light, and in two sizes, 800x400mm or 600x600mm. As if these stunning urban wall and floors tiles were not enough, there’s also a fabulous geometric patterned decor tile that replicates the look of smaller tiles laid in a herringbone or chevron-style pattern. These tiles would suit a modern bathroom or kitchen, but could work equally well in a tiled living area.


There’s something luxurious about the look of natural stone but did you know that it needs to be sealed regularly – particularly in showers or areas where it might get wet? The Aquarius range is here to save you from costly and time consuming sealing products, as it has the beautiful look of natural stone but is actually made of ceramic and porcelain. The 600x300mm wall tiles are ceramic and come in either a plain field tile or a linear faux-mosaic decor tile. For a stylish finish, why not add matching 450x450mm porcelain floor tiles. After the success of the Aquarius Moon and Dark colours we added a third Bone colour to the range, this is a neutral beige shade available in the wall, floor and decor formats.

Our Featured Tiles are available online and in-store with 20% off throughout May.


April Featured Tiles: Andalusia & Statement


Will April bring the traditional showers, or are we heading for another early heatwave? Either way, we’re entering the perfect time to spruce up your home. Sometimes all you need to freshen up your space is a small change, and replacing that splashback or those old floor tiles could make all the difference. Take a look at this month’s Featured Tiles for inspiration, or browse our wide selection of wall and floor tiles online today.


For fans of rustic interiors, the Andalusia range has a textured look similar to weathered natural stone, with a beautiful patchwork patterned decor tile. The decor tile features a random assortment of semi-repeating patterns in 4 panels that creates the illusion of smaller tiles. These tiles can be used anywhere in the home but look particularly good in cosy kitchens and bathrooms.


The Statement range is all about texture. No colour is needed here to make a statement as all three tiles in this range are white. Each has a unique inspiration; Concrete, a cement look with subtle spatula effects; Fabric, a textured surface with imperfections such as scratches, drop marks and grooves; and Wood, an untreated, gently worn timber. Perfect for walls in any room, these ceramic tiles measure 1000x315mm with a rectified edge for narrow grout joints. From afar these might look like simple tiles, but once you get up close you notice the small details that give them a cool and contemporary sense.

As always we’re giving you 20% off the Andalusia and Statement ranges this month. This discount is valid online & in-store, and there’s no discount code or voucher needed – the tiles are automatically discounted. Got a question about any of our Featured Tiles? Get in touch with our team on 03333208048.


Create The Perfect Patio With Porcelain Garden Tiles


Porcelain Garden Tiles for Patio

Living in the UK often means events cancelled or contingency plans put in place due to the weather, so when we do get some sunshine (or even just a break from the rain) we all know how important it is to make the most of it. The last thing you want to be doing is deep cleaning or treating your patio or decking. Unfortunately this is the reality if you use a natural material like stone or wood. Sound familiar? We have a solution that could save you time and money – and will hopefully allow you to spend more time relaxing, entertaining or doing whatever you do in your garden.

Porcelain has long been a favourite material choice for walls and floors inside the home, but over the last few years it has become popular on patios. It turns out that the reasons we love porcelain for internal use – easy to keep clean, hard-wearing, wide range of designs, etc. – are also features we crave for our outdoor areas. During the manufacture of porcelain the tiles go through a process called vitrification, which essentially turns them into an extremely hard glass-like material with a very low porosity rate. This creates many benefits including:

  • Strong & hard-wearing vitrified porcelain
  • Contemporary designs & colours
  • Frost Proof
  • Wide range of sizes including large format slabs, planks and smaller tiles
  • For use on patios, balconies, terraces & driveways
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Calibrated & rectified for even thickness and sizing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fade proof & colourfast
  • Resists moss, mould & stains

As we mentioned above, there are many different options available when it comes to colours, designs and sizes. We’ve pulled together our some of our favourites below to help you find just the right style for your project.

Stone Effect Porcelain Garden Tiles

Stone has been a favourite choice for outdoor areas and it’s not difficult to see why. The natural shades, range of colours and beautiful veining patterns manage to suit both traditional and contemporary designs. Luckily both the look and texture can be replicated in porcelain, creating a natural look that’s also durable and long-lasting. Our favourites at the moment are Athena silver travertine effect, Multi Slate effect and Champagne limestone effect tiles.

Cement Effect Porcelain Garden Tiles

If your space has a more modern feel you might want to go with a super cool finish like distressed cement. Cement is a great choice for contemporary patios, but it can fade and is quite easy to scratch. Opt for a cement effect porcelain slab like the large format Burnham tiles or the distressed Street range for a longer-lasting look.

Wood Effect Porcelain Garden Tiles

Decking is the perfect choice for many gardens as the natural finish suits all styles, however it can become slippery and may require regular sealing. Our wood effect porcelain tiles are resistant to moss & mould growth and do not need any specialist cleaning or sealing products – in fact they are really low maintenance. The Copse range is available in four beautiful natural shades, each with a co-ordinating internal tile that can be used with bifold or sliding doors.

Before you jump in and order your tiles we highly recommend ordering a sample or visiting a showroom to see the tiles for yourself. We try our best to capture images of the tiles that are as close to the real thing as possible, but different lighting or screen settings may affect how they look online. Free 10x10cm cut tile samples are available to order but keep in mind this will only show a very small part of the design on one tile – very important if the range you are interested in is heavily patterned. See the full range of porcelain garden tiles online or visit a showroom.