White Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles or Engineered Wood Flooring?


Wood effect tiles in a living room

This is a question we get asked all the time by customers wanting a solid and reliable flooring solution in their homes. We obviously have a favourite – the clue is in our name – but let’s explore this idea together and see the pros and cons to both sides.

Without further ado it’s time to answer the question…

Which flooring is better, tile or hardwood?

We’re a positive bunch here at the London Tile Company, so we’re going to talk about the positive aspects of using real wood flooring in and around your home first.
Firstly – let’s talk natural quality.

Real hardwood flooring and decking is produced naturally from real trees. Solid wood floors are world renowned for their beauty and ability to breathe a sense of natural calm into a space. But just how natural is natural wood flooring in reality?

The truth is most wood flooring these days are predominantly made from engineered timber – not solid. They’re made up of several layers of different timber with a wood veneer on top.


Wood Shades Graphic at London TileWhen choosing a real wood floor, you have a multitude of choices and varieties depending on your area and budget. Different types of trees have different colouring, graining, properties and tones. Even after all that, you can always stain the wood yourself, changing the inherent colour and effect to your own tastes! It’s is important to keep in mind that the colour of wood can change over time due to sun-bleaching or ageing.

Whilst we are talking about the ability to change the appearance of your wood floor, we should touch on refinishing. Being able to refinish a wooden floor via stripping or sanding it makes real wood flooring an attractive investment. The scratches and scuffs they accumulate over time can simply be sanded away. Real wooden flooring can be refinished multiple times as long as the work is carried out with care.

Perhaps this ability to change their appearance is why wooden floors last so long, never out of favour or out of style. In fact, because of their longevity real wood floors often outlive their owners! With this in mind, why would you realistically choose anything other than real solid wood flooring for your home?

Wood Warping London Tile

Real wood flooring doesn’t stay put or stay in a uniform shape – part of its rustic charm, but it can also be a costly lesson for homeowners. Wood naturally expands when it comes into contact with moisture – that’s the downside of using a natural product. And because it’s not waterproof, all the steam and splashes you find in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas can cause your floor to expand and contract. When the wood moves and warps away from its original position it often opens joints when it later dries.

Water spillages can also lead to the wood going black, and more serious spillages will put the floor beyond repair, making wooden floors unsuited to bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, they really don’t get along with underfloor heating. The changes in wood temperature can cause further movement, joint opening and warping.

Plus, wooden floor won’t retain heat for very long, making it an expensive prospect to run over time with your underfloor heating system. Wood is also quite a good insulator so energy will be lost in overcoming this resistance rather than radiating the heat.

Whilst it’s great to embrace a natural stance, it’s also worth thinking about where your wood is coming from. As a general rule we advise to avoid tropical hardwoods as these come from tropical rainforests. Forestry Certification schemes attempt to avoid the problems of deforestation there is growing evidence of criminality and false certificates.

Is there any other substitute for wooden floors?

Wood Effect tiled flooring in a dining area

Enter the wood effect porcelain tile. With wood effect floor tiling you get all of the looks and charms of real wood wall and floor coverings, with no maintenance or re-sanding and all at a competitive price.

Porcelain tiles are made from firing clay under immense heat and pressure to create a tile that is dense and solid. They then have their designs printed onto their surfaces to make them look like real wood with state of the art high definition printers. But it goes further than that, our wood look tiles have textured surfaces, meaning that they have the same graining, knots, and rustic surface textures that you would find in real wood, creating the most realistic wood effect tiles around.

Unrestrained by the woods and colourings available, your range of choice expands greatly with wood effect tiling. You can choose a design from many different types of wood, graining, tones, staining and tile surface textures. There is enough variety here to satisfy even the most discerning interior designer. We love the sun bleached and smoke wood tones for outdoors, whilst retaining rich mahogany and chocolatey colours to create a warm and rustic interior.

Outdoor wood effect decking tiles

Valverdi Indoor-Out wood effect porcelain tiles allow you to seamlessly synchronise the interior and exterior of your home. Perfect for expanding your living space if you have sliding or bifold doors. And the best part about all this – next to no maintenance!

Whether you’re putting a range of wood effect floor porcelain tiles indoors or outdoors, porcelain wood effect tiles arrive pre finished, require no sealing, no stripping and next to no cleaning.

Tiles over time London Tile

All our porcelain floor tiles are impervious to water, stain resistant, and even weather and frost resistant too. Not to mention they are completely colour fast and fade proof, in fact, they will look as good in 20 years as they do on the day they were laid! Moisture will not affect porcelain tiles and the adhesives used to lay them and they will not be affected by floods – although if laid on a timber floor the underlying timber may fail.

Okay – so right now it’s looking pretty close between real wood and wood effect, so do wood effect tile floors play nicely with underfloor heating systems?

You bet they do – we’ve already mentioned that they are un-phased by temperature changes, but did you know they can help to make your underfloor heating more cost effective too? Porcelain floor tiles are very dense meaning they retain heat for longer and you get more from your system. They also disperse heat more evenly from the entirety of the tile surface, so no more arctic edges or cold spots – unless your house is haunted of course…

So, which one is better then?

Real wood flooring may be initially marginally cheaper, but with the upkeep and maintenance products (not to mention time), wood effect tiles become the financially better option. And whilst they’re not real wood, this means they don’t get the inherent problems that natural wood does, like warping or movement, water damage and wear. Wood effect tiles are also completely waterproof and perfect to use both indoors and out, creating a matching flow to your home.

All these factors coupled with the added benefit of being able to use modern inventions like underfloor heating puts wood effect tiles one step ahead in our opinion.

White wood effect tiles in a living room

Okay, so you’ve made some good points, but why should I listen to you? Who made you the experts!?

Over sixty years’ experience trading in porcelain and ceramic tiles have made us the experts. Here at the London Tile Company we’re part of the Hampshire Tile Warehouse Group of Companies, a select trading group and the premier tile suppliers in the UK.

We specialise in in ceramic and porcelain tiles for inside your home and out, marrying quality with value to give you the best flooring solutions around. You can browse and order tiles on our website using our easy online ordering system, or pop into one of our branches across the South of the UK!

As you may have guessed we stock a wide range or wood effect floor tiles for both indoor and outdoor uses. Browse our ranges and benefit from free delivery on all tile orders over £300!


How To Get The Modern Country Look In Your Kitchen


If the home is where the hearth is, then the kitchen is our modern day hearth. The kitchen is much more than the place where you store your food, it truly is the centre of the home. It is where all the family, no matter how big or small, come together and connect. Classic country kitchens are often associated with, and invoke feelings of, warmth and welcome. They give off a rustic, homely ambience, which in recent years has seen a rise in popularity.

The ‘modern country’ style is a look that works in all property types from real country properties to modern townhouses. It is a look that is both traditional and contemporary, simply put, it is a timeless aesthetic. We at The London Tile Co. have put together our tips on how you can transform your kitchen today.

Think Natural

The contemporary country look is all about making use of natural materials. Think wooden beams and cabinets, exposed brick walls and natural stone flooring. Unfortunately, natural materials can not only break the bank account, but also require constant upkeep – like the sealing and resealing of natural stone tiles to prevent staining. Luckily, we at London Tile have the next best thing, realistic tiles that mimic natural materials. From brick to wood to natural stone, we have porcelain tiles that come with none of the costs of natural materials but still give your kitchen that same rustic feeling.

Brick walls: Beautiful brick feature walls will give any kitchen a country feel. At The London Tile Co. we have the realistic Battersea brick effect range. Available in traditional red, fresh white and cool grey these bricks will look great and transform any kitchen interior into a modern country aesthetic.

Wood: Wooden beams and cabinets clearly signal a country kitchen. It brings the outdoors inside with a cultivated elegance that echoes through the ages. However, wooden beams can be an expensive style choice. So, why not have wood effect floors, which give all the appearance of natural wood with the delightful ease of porcelain tiles? Our Globe range is designed to look like distressed wooden floorboards to help you create that traditional feeling.

Stone flooring: A country kitchen isn’t complete without beautiful stone flooring. Our Cavern range of porcelain wall and floor tiles have a riven slate effect, available in the multicoloured mix, striking black, and more subtle sand & grey. What tiles like this do is help summon images of pastoral settings, even if you are living in the city, making your kitchen an idyllic escape from every-day life.

The Importance of Colour

When designing a country kitchen, homeowners will often opt for white as a focus colour. Whilst this can make the room look more spacious, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Country styles often favour more muted colour palettes, think nature-inspired shades and playful pastels. However, bold pops of colour can really liven up your kitchen and give it a distinctive character that is unique to you. Why not paint your cabinets in a different colour to the rest of your kitchen space to add further depth and variation to your kitchen.

Embrace Patterns

Whilst natural materials and subtle colours can often seem to dominate most country styles, patterns play a crucial role as well. A patterned tiled floor is a great and simple way of creating that modern country feeling in your kitchen. If you are thinking of a patterned tiled floor, we have many great choices to choose from like our Priory Décor Cross Design or our Retromix Range. When we say embrace patterns this doesn’t have to be an all or nothing experience. The amount and level to which you integrate patterns into your kitchen is entirely dependent on you. If you aren’t sure a patterned floor is for you, there are other ways to use patterns. Think pillows, throws, rugs, crookery, blinds, tea towels, the options to add pattern and character to your kitchen really are endless.

Keep it Traditional

To help create an authentic country look switch out your modern appliances for those with a more traditional feel. Brass Victorian taps, and rustic looking appliances like your lighting and kettle are just some of the items you can invest in for that traditional look.

Get Display Happy

Country kitchens aren’t supposed to be pristine and completely clutter-free in fact, to help create that rustic ambiance, which is vital for a modern country aesthetic, it is better to get display happy. It helps give a space that lived-in feel and can make a kitchen seem much homelier. There are a number of ways in which you can display things in your kitchen. Consider adding glass doors to your cupboards so your beautiful collection of plates, bowls, and mugs will be on display. You may also want to put up hooks where you can hang your oven gloves, tea towels and apron.

There you have it, all our tips and suggestions to help you achieve the modern country look in your home. So, get ready to transform your kitchen into the welcoming, warm hearth it is.


How to Plan the Perfect Shower Niche


A shower niche is not only highly functional, but it can also add to the design and aesthetic of your bathroom space. It really is a must-have if you are renovating your bathroom.

Where to Start

When planning a shower niche there are several things to consider to make sure your shower niche turns out perfectly.

  • First things first, how many bath and shower products is your niche looking to shelve? It is important to think about this when taking into consideration your niche’s height, depth and width.
  • Following this what niche aesthetic are you looking for? Do you want to get creative with pattern, colour and texture and create a niche that stands out? Or are you looking for something that will blend with the rest of the room?

These are all important questions that should be considered at the very beginning as they will influence the outcome of the niche you create.

Shower Niche Ideas

The Necessary Foundations

The foundations are often overlooked for the more exciting parts of a renovation or new build, like choosing the tiles, but they are probably the most important part. It is vital that the tanking of the wet room is installed correctly to keep everything watertight and ship-shape. We at The London Tile Co. recommend the Ardex WPC Tanking System for your wet room. This tanking system will help protect the background from water damage and leaks, allowing you to relax and enjoy the other parts of the project.

The Right Size

Deciding how big your shower niche should be is an important part of the planning and there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, think about what you want to use your niche for; if it’s just a razor or sponge then it doesn’t need to be large, but if you have big bottles of shampoo you want to store it is worth measuring them to get an idea of how big you need it to me. Another option is to have more than one, either stacked one on top of another or lined up – or maybe at different heights for different shower users – the options are endless! When thinking about size you should also start to think about tiles – a small niche will be hard to tile with larger pieces so keep that in mind.

Marmox Shower Niches

Picking the Tiles

Once you’ve considered all the important questions and made sure your foundations are solid, then comes the best part – picking the tiles! Whilst we at The London Tile Co. may be a little biased, we believe that picking out your tiles and designing a space which is unique to you, truly is the highlight to any remodel or new build.

We at The London Tile Co. have many tiles to suit any shower niche design aesthetic:

  • Mosaics: We often recommend using mosaic tiles as their smaller size means they are well suited to shower niches. When choosing from our wide selection of mosaic tiles consider what you want your shower niche to be. Do you want to pick from the Lava range and add a pop of colour to your bathroom? Or do you want subtle modern sophistication, here our Metallic range really shines. There is also the option of matching your mosaic to your larger bathroom tile and instead laying it in a different pattern, herringbone for instance. This adds depth whilst keeping your bathroom cohesive. Whatever aesthetic you want, we have a mosaic tile to match.
  • Keep it Simple: Sometimes simple is best, so choosing matching tiles for inside your niche provides that classic look. You could use the same tile in a different size to make it easier to tile, or even the same style but in a different colour for a subtle difference.
  • Marble: Whilst the mosaic tiles are the easiest tile choice for a shower niche, don’t let this limit you – any tile can be cut to suit the size of your shower niche. Instead of mosaic why not choose a single slab of our marble effect porcelain tiles. The Calacatta range will give your bathroom that luxurious look for less. The shower niche tile can even be used to create a gorgeous backdrop for the plumbing fixtures.
  • Playful Patterns: Why not make your shower niche a patterned cubby hole? Instead of a feature wall your shower niche can add that playful element to your bathroom – a niche really is more than just another shelf. Our Retromix range has graphic, bold designs which would look great in any wetroom.

The options really are endless, so check out our tile choices today, and give your bathroom the niche it deserves. You are now all set to create your perfect shower niche, all there is left to do is to say good luck!


How to Style Outdoor Tiles


Whether you’ve got an expansive garden or a small patio your outdoor space should be a place you wish to escape to, where you can relax and unwind. By styling your outdoor space to reflect and enhance your outdoor tiles, you can make your patio an inviting extension of your home.

One easy way to make your outdoor tiles an extension of your home is by using Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles, to seamlessly match your indoor tiles with your outdoor tiles. Whether you are looking to create a new space or style an existing one, we’ve got some styling tips to help you achieve your desired space.

Cosy Country Style

If you’ve decided to keep it classic with country style outdoor tiles, then these design ideas will help make your outdoor tiles and space cosy and welcoming.

Cushions and Blankets: Simple, relaxing and cost-effective. Buying some cushions and blankets that reflect the tone of your outdoor tiles will help make your patio inviting. We recommend kitted wool blankets and cushions to create a rustic appearance that will pair brilliantly with a country-style outdoor tile like Valverdi Copse.

Circle Your Chairs: Organize chaises, lawn chairs, and cushions to encourage cosy conversations that last late into the night.

Fairy lights: Don’t underestimate the power of mood lighting. Fairy lights can quickly transform your outdoor tiles and space into a magical setting for you to spend those summer nights in.

Urban Escape

Perhaps you’ve chosen from our cement effect tile range to create an urban feel to your patio. There are many styling options to help you enhance your outdoor tiles to create an urban escape in your very own garden.

Concrete Jungle: If you’re in a city or your patio is small, use your vertical space to introduce greenery. This will give your urban outdoor tiles a softer, contemporary edge.

Patio Fire Bowl: A relaxed seating area with a fire bowl allows the family to linger outdoors on cool evenings.

Contemporary Furniture: If going for an urban feel to your outdoor area try using contemporary furniture to better blend that urban aesthetic. A slate table, matching chairs, or even a chandelier can give your outdoor space that edgy feel.

Fun & Colourful

Whether you’ve chosen cement effect, wood effect or patterned outdoor tiles, with some simple styling choices you can make your patio fun and colourful.

Mix & Match: For an eclectic aesthetic mix and match your furniture and decorations to create an endearing haphazard feel to your garden. Why not try furniture typically used in doors, like a sideboard, to add depth and dimension to your patio.

Coffee Table: Add a side table to create an outdoor reading nook, it will make your outdoor space that much more inviting (and functional) with the addition of a simple, all-weather side table.

Decorate with Candles: Steal a candelabra from your mantel the next time you entertain outside — it will lend soft lighting and a bit of glamour to the party.

We hope these tips will help you style your outdoor tiles and make your outdoor space a welcome extension of your home. Check out our full range of hard-wearing, slip resistant and stylish outdoor tiles online here. You can order up to 4 free cut samples to help you decide which tile is right for you.


September Featured Tiles: Luxury Marble & Trend


20% off Luxury Marble & Trend tiles

As the weather cools down and the kids go back to school we’ve found ourselves content with the upcoming change of season. While we love the long summer nights there’s something comforting about knowing Autumn is around the corner. And this is the perfect time to think about updating your home – whether you want a new kitchen to cook your Christmas dinner in or just feel like it’s time for a refresh of the bathroom. This month we’ve got two fantastic ranges to tell you more about so read on to hear all about the Luxury Marble effect tiles and the Trend range of neutral porcelain wall and floor tiles.

Luxury Marble

There’s something about marble that adds an opulent feel to any space – whether that’s a large hotel lobby or a beautiful bathroom. We absolutely love the natural colours and veining seen in marble, but it is a costly choice for walls and floors – more so when you factor in regular cleaning and sealing with specialist products. Luckily, our Luxury Marble range gives the gorgeous look of marble but with all the benefits of ceramic and porcelain. There are three colour choices; a classic calacatta, a bright white and (our favourite) the stunning Tortora which has a velvety mink brown colouring. Each colour is available in 700x350mm and 592x592mm with either a glossy or matt finish.


Trend is a versatile collection of stone effect porcelain tiles that are perfect for almost any space. The bestselling Trend Microtec range is perfect for both domestic and commercial installations thanks to the choice of neutral colours. Each colour comes in a selection fo colours and sizes, allowing you to create a co-ordinating wet room with a combination of field and mosaic tiles that can be used on walls and floors. Each tile is available with a matt or polished finish to help you create the look you want. The tiles are available in White, Cream, Light Grey, Grey and Anthracite in the following sizes and finishes:

  • 600x300mm matt
  • 600x300mm polished
  • 600x600mm matt
  • 600x600mm polished
  • 600x600mm matt mosaic
  • 600x600mm polished mosaic

Manufactured by global brand VitrA, advanced porcelain technology is used to create a natural look with an industrial touch and “unconventional textures are created by imprinting effects onto unglazed tiles using a pressing technique”.

Our Featured Tiles are available online and in our showrooms throughout September. Not sure if the colour or style is right? Order a sample online or pop into a showroom for a closer look.


How To Get The Bake Off Look In Your Kitchen


We are huge Bake Off fans at The London Tile Co. and we’re thankful that when the show moved ‘house’ it kept the kitschy-kitchen style that we all know and love. While we adore everything about it, the best thing about the colourful design of the makeshift kitchen is how easy it is to recreate in your own home. Of course, the easiest thing you can add to your kitchen to make it look more like the Bake Off tent is a light dusting of flour to give it that frenzied dash-to-the-finish-line look, but we’re not sure that’s the part of the style you really want to copy. If you’re considering transforming your cooking space into one that will make Paul and Prue feel at home, grab a cuppa and read on for our top tips.

Pastel Colour Scheme

One of the most memorable parts of the Bake Off kitchen is the pastel color scheme used throughout the tent. From the cupboards to the appliances, soft but bright tones are used to create a cheerful environment. If you want to keep things on the softer side we recommend the Kyoto range of pastel crackle glaze effect wall tiles, which are available in Bake Off shades like Aqua, Green and Lavender. For a bolder look try one of the blue or green hues in the Savanna glossy wall tile range.


The contestants on the Bake Off have access to some of the best baking equipment available. From the coveted NEFF Slide & Hide oven to bold Smeg fridges, no expense is spared on the tools of the trade. Luckily the popularity of the show and these items has inspired a range of more affordable alternatives, but sometimes it pays to have a showstopping fridge to look at every morning as you’re fixing your first tea or coffee of the day.


With all the gadgets and tools required it’s important to have somewhere stylish and practical to store them. To recreate the Bake Off look you’ll want some form of open shelving – a dresser works particularly as you have the added benefit of cupboards to stash anything that doesn’t quite fit the style. Opt for pastel painted shaker-style cabinets with wooden worktops, and move your ingredients into jars with cut labels to complete the looks.


The decorations in the Bake Off tent are a mix of classic British designs with summer-fete style and natural inspired accessories. Florals, Union Jacks and pretty patterns are a common sight, and don’t forget the gold rule – bunting makes everything better! Bunting is easy to make and can be created using anything from fabric scraps to old curtains so get yourself down to your local charity shop today. Making your own bunting is satisfying, eco-friendly and means you can create something that suits your decor perfectly.

Old Meets New

One of our favourite things about Bake Off is how it manages to bring old and new together. Whether it’s a vintage recipe in the technical challenge or the on-trend vegan week, they do like to mix things up. This is also true for the decor in the tent, with classic designs paired with new technology. Take inspiration by going for a traditional style floor in a modern material in your kitchen; our top picks are a traditional checkerboard pattern floor with Retromix black and white tiles, or a bold pattern in pastel hues from the encaustic effect Priory range.

If you’ve already created a perfect-pastel Bake Off inspired space in your home we’d love to hear from you – let us know your tips and tricks in the comments.


Add Allure To Your Home With Dazzling Tiles


Is indecisiveness standing in the way of your perfect room? With so many tiles to choose from it’s no surprise that it’s not easy to make a decision but we think we can help you – look no further than our Allure range, which is alluring for all the right reasons; modern, edgy and eye-catching, the Allure range has it all.

Allure Metallic Field Tiles

Whether you’re looking for tiles for a bathroom, kitchen or any other room in your home, the cement and metallic finish of the Allure metallic tiles will give your property the best of both worlds. A classic feel with a contemporary twist. The Allure metallic porcelain tiles will make your room feel luxurious with its subtle metallic shimmer, and its cement-inspired effect means it has an urban look that will make these tiles a stand out in your property.

The Allure metallic tiles are available in White, Steel, Sand and Copper in a classic, and highly adaptable, 1200x300mm size. These porcelain tiles are suitable for use on both the walls and floor allowing you to create a seamlessly cohesive look. Or why not mix things up with one of the other tiles offered in the Allure range.

Allure Shatter Décor Glitter Tiles

The Allure Shatter Décor tiles are also available in White, Steel, Sand and Copper and the classic 1200x300mm size. These porcelain tiles are only suitable for wall application and would look great if used to create a panel effect which will create depth and interest to any room. Why not add a glittery shimmer to your bathroom with the Allure Shatter Décor tiles?

Allure Herringbone & Square Mosaic Metallic Tiles

The Allure Herringbone and Square Mosaic tiles have the same stunning sparkling appearance as the Allure metallic field tiles, the only difference is their size and shape.

The Allure Herringbone Mosaic Metallic tiles are available in a 281x281mm sheet. The herringbone pattern these tiles come in combined with each tile having a slight varied shimmer, means they will create a distinctive wall design unique to you.

The Allure Square Mosaic Metallic tile comes in a uniform 316 x 316mm size, but that’s the only uniform thing about it. The subtle shimmer of the metallic tiles varies with each square giving these tiles a mother of pearl effect that would look beautiful on a bathroom wall paired with the matching Allure Metallic floor tiles.

Both of these porcelain tiles are designed to be used as wall tiles and would look beautiful as a kitchen splashback. As with all the tiles in the Allure range, they are available in White, Steel, Sand and Copper.

Allure 3D Décor Piece Stud Tiles

If the subtle shimmer of the Herringbone, Square and field tiles and the glitter effect of the Allure Shatter tiles is not enough drama for you then check out these Allure 3D Décor tiles. Available in Steel and Copper as 125x125mm porcelain wall tiles. These 3D stud-effect tiles will be a dynamic addition to any room, creating depth and drama.

The Allure range has tiles to suit every taste from subtle and contemporary, to bold and luxurious. The range of floor and wall tiles are available in seemingly classic colours, but the metallic shimmer gives every tile an urban-twist. Whether you are renovating or building a new property, don’t let indecision delay you. Pick from our Allure tile range and be confident, you’ve made an excellent choice.


August Featured Tiles: Sentry & Insignia


Is the summer flying by for you too? At London Tile HQ we’ve been so busy that the start of August seems to have snuck up on us! While we don’t want to be seen to be wishing the summer away, the start of a new month does bring new Featured Tiles – so that’s something to be excited about. This month we’ve got a classic wall tile and a beautiful natural stone inspired range to tell you about – read on for more.


Keep it classic with the Sentry range. These 300x100mm ceramic wall tiles are available in a range of neutral colours with a choice of matt or gloss finishes. They’re size and flat surface means they’re not quite metro tiles but provide the same sort of look which makes them perfect for walls in kitchens and bathrooms. Add contrasting grout for a contemporary look or choose a matching joint colour for a more subtle finish.

Colours in the Sentry range:

  • White
  • Black
  • Cream
  • Light Grey
  • Mid Grey
  • Graphite


If you want to add a natural look to your living spaces the Insignia range could be the one for you. Available in Beige or White, the tiles have a realistic stone-inspired look that adds a luxurious feel to kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and living rooms. The tiles are available in 600x300mm or 600x600mm and are made of hard-wearing porcelain so they can be used on both walls and floors.

The good news is that both Featured Tile ranges are available with 20% off both online and in-store throughout August. Need a closer look to make your mind up? Pop into one of our showrooms or order a sample online today.


Why External Porcelain Paving is a Safer Choice for Your Patio


Porcelain paving is a safe choice for your patio

Though it may technically be summer in the UK right now, it sure doesn’t always feel like it. The UK’s weather has a tendency for sudden downpours when there hasn’t been a cloud in sight, or that infuriating incessant drizzle that leaves you always a little bit damp. Besides the risk to your BBQ’s burgers and sausages, these changes in the weather can make your patio a slippery hazard to all those in attendance. But never fear, The London Tile Co. are prepared for everything a classic British summer can throw at us.

There are many patio options available to you but some of the classic choices, like wood, can quickly become slippery with only a little rain. How often have you had to tread carefully when walking outside, or warn family and friends about the slippiness, never even mind any kids that might be running about. That’s why we at The London Tile Co. have made sure that all our external porcelain paving tiles have a minimum R11 slip resistance rating.

What does an R11 Resistance Rating Actually Mean?

During the manufacturing process of our tiles texture is added to the surface before they are fired to increase each tiles slip resistance. The tiles are then tested using the Inclined Ramp Test; the tiles are lubricated and then gradually inclined until the slipping angle of the tile is found. A test subject wearing standardised rubber soles will then check the resistance of the tile. Our external tiles have all been awarded an R11 resistance rating meaning they have good surface friction.


Our PorcelPave range exclusively offers external options with many great benefits:

  • Slip resistant surface ideal for outdoor use.
  • Weatherproof tiles are both fully frost proof and will not fade.
  • PorcelPave engineered porcelain is extremely strong and hard-wearing.
  • Much more scratch resistant than natural stone or concrete.
  • Engineered for even thickness and sizing.
  • Contemporary selection of colours and designs.
  • Impermeable material resists stains, moss and mould.
  • Superior load-bearing strength compared to standard indoor tiles.

White grey silver porcelain paving

Stunning stone effect with a realistic silver-grey travertine effect, Athena Silver is perfect for adding a natural look to patios. Our tile size offered is 600x600mm.

Wood effect outdoor porcelain tiles

Cabin: These realistic wood effect tiles are available in four gorgeous colours – Light Grey, Mink, Smoke and White. These tiles mean you can create that wood look without the added hassle of their typical slippiness. Offered in 1200x300mm.

Valverdi Indoor-Out

With our Valverdi Indoor-Out range your garden can become an extension to your home. Step seamlessly from inside you home to your outdoor space and feel like you haven’t left the room with these specially designed tiles in the indoor-outdoor collection. The Valverdi Indoor-Out range provides you with all the same benefits as the PorcelPave range – strong, tough, hard-wearing, slip resistant, frost proof, colour-fast, etc. – meaning that these tiles will last for decades and still look as stunning as the first day you laid them.

Whether you’re looking for a modern, current look or something a little more classic your home and patio will look superb with any of these phenomenal tiles.

Burnham is a contemporary industrial tile with concrete undertones that adds a modern look to dining areas and kitchens, while the matching outdoor tiles create a hard-wearing and long-lasting patio. Both the internal and external tiles are offered as 1200x600mm.

Portico has a deep grey-blue colour with random marbling, inspired by quarried Cumbrian slate. This natural yet durable stone look is perfect for a range of architectural and landscaping projects. Available in 10mm and 20mm thicknesses in 1200x600mm.

At The London Tile Co. we sell a wide range of external porcelain paving options to meet your every tiling need, so why not check out the PorcelPave and Valverdi collections and see what we’ve got to offer? Come rain or shine, these tiles will be a safe and beautiful option for your garden, so be ready to make the most of the summer with The London Tile Co. See our full range of outdoor porcelain tiles here.


Make Your Kitchen Speak Volumes with an Industrial Style


Industrial Kitchen Tile Ideas

Industrial style interior design takes its inspiration from old factories and other industrial spaces that in recent years have been converted to lofts and other living spaces. If you like a modern space that speaks volumes, looks both lived-in and laid-back, then this industrial style could be the kitchen design you’ve been looking for.

There is no one single industrial style; some favour exposed brick walls and pipes, others wood beams or, perhaps some wall-mounted rails and retro-looking appliances are all that’s being used to create an industrial feel to a space. There are many staples of an industrial kitchen style, so take your time to explore what feels right for you and your property. But how can this desired aesthetic be achieved? We at The London Tile Co. have decided to reveal our tricks of the trade with these tips on how to create an industrial kitchen space.

Industrial Style Tiling Choices

When designing with an industrial style in mind, we believe it is best to start with the tiles. They establish not only the foundations of the room, but also set the tone and so dictate the style. Here at The London Tile Co. we have numerous tile choices available to help make your kitchen become the epitome of industrial.

A key element of an industrial design is making use of ‘rougher’, more urban materials – like bricks and cement – which usually appear more at home in a city street than in your kitchen. An industrial style adopts these unexpected materials and, instead of hiding them beneath layers of plaster, displays them proudly.

Exposed Brick Effect

Naked walls are one of the key ingredients to finding the perfect aesthetic balance in an industrial kitchen. They combine rough simplicity and practicality to make an unfinished look these kitchens are known for. At The London Tile Co. we have a tile range designed to look like exposed bricks that we think is perfectly suited to help create an industrial feel to any space. Our Battersea tile range comes in a variety of shades, all available in the classic brick size of 250x60mm. We recommend fixing with a 10mm grout joint for an authentic exposed brick wall look.

Industrial Kitchen Brick Effect Tiles

Cement Effect Tiles

Just like exposed bricks give a space that simple, unfinished appeal, so too does a cement inspired floor. Combine an urban aesthetic with gorgeous, practical tiles with our collection of cement effect porcelain tiles.

Reclaimed Wood Effect

Still in keeping with that urban feel, a wood effect floor borders that traditional aesthetic to give your kitchen the best of both worlds. Opt for a distressed or reclaimed wood effect tile for to create a cool yet lived-in look.

Retro Metro

Metro tiles naturally conjure industrial images thanks to their use in subway or train stations, coffee shops and kitchens. Choose a white metro tile with a black or dark grey grout for a classic industrial look.

Simple Choices to Help Make Your Kitchen Industrial

Although the tiles are a key component in creating an industrial design, they are not the only factor that should be considered.

One very simple way of helping achieve an industrial feel is by using a natural colour palette. A mix of greys, neutrals and rustic colours echo back to the industrial chic’s factory beginnings. These simple colours allow for the use of furniture and other accessories to help liven up the room. Also, having the walls a neutral colour allows for open plan areas to feel bigger and more connected while giving furniture the opportunity to help create a natural flow to the room.

Using hanging overhead light fixtures adds depth and dimension to the kitchen, giving it a real intimate and industrial ambiance. Open faced shelving and storage are big hits when it comes to an industrial kitchen. Free standing metal racks can also provide extra storage and can be beneficial in smaller rooms. Exposed overhead beams, brick and concrete are notable accents to the kitchen along with darker cabinets and shelving.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

To further tie into the industrial theme, we recommend a kitchen island. If this island matches either the floor or the cabinets then it can provide a clearly defined and cohesive kitchen area. These islands can be paired with barstools made of wood or metal finishes, which are both current and practical.

Now that you’ve read our hints and tips to create an industrial style kitchen you can get started on transforming your space.