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Kitchen Transformation: Modern Grey & White Kitchen


There’s nothing we love more than seeing pictures that show how our tiles have transformed a space. From luxurious new builds to modernised kitchens, it’s amazing the difference that new tiles can make. When we saw the before and after pictures of this kitchen we couldn’t wait to share the results.

The homeowners were looking to increase counter and cupboard space in their small kitchen and tasked Manor Kitchens & Interiors with coming up with a new layout that would meet their needs. They were very hands on during the design process, helping to choose the colours and tiles that would best suit their contemporary style. Opting for a sleek grey and white theme has given them a kitchen which feels fresh and modern but will not look dated in the future.

Allure Steel tiles were chosen for the floor thanks to their dark grey colour and plank format. These tiles are a great choice for high traffic areas such as kitchen floors as they are made of hardwearing porcelain so there is less chance of scratches, chips or cracks. The walls are covered in a combination of Faro glass & metal mosaic tiles and white acrylic Lustrolite panels in keeping with the contemporary theme. The mosaics are carried on into the downstairs toilet to complete the finished look.

Have you used our tiles to transform a space in your home? Send your pictures to social@londontile.co.uk to be featured on our blog and social media.

  • July Featured Tiles

July Featured Tiles: Priory Patterned & Calacatta Marble Effect


Between the glorious weather, various sporting events on the TV and the lure of BBQ’s & pub gardens, we’re pretty sure you’re not thinking about new tiles right now. But this could be the perfect time to think about giving your kitchen or bathroom a makeover. Just think – you could return from holiday to a bright new bathroom, or make the most of the sunshine and cook alfresco while your new kitchen tiles are being installed. Either way, we are excited to tell you about this month’s Featured Tiles. Last month we had two very similar ranges on offer but the same definitely could not be said for Calacatta and Priory – read on to find out why.


These tiles are designed to look like (you guessed it) Calacatta marble – a white coloured natural stone with beautiful grey veining patterned throughout the material. Marble can be very expensive to buy and install, so we think the Calacatta range is perfect for those looking to create a luxurious look in their bathroom or kitchen for less. The square 592x592mm porcelain floor tiles are available in a polished or soft-touch silk finish. The co-ordinating 700x350mm ceramic wall tiles come in either a matt or a gloss finish, depending on which look you want to go for.

  • 700x350mm ceramic wall tiles in gloss or matt finish
  • 592x592mm porcelain floor tiles in gloss or silk finish
  • 200x100mm ceramic bevelled metro wall tile


Encaustic tiles have been popular for hundreds of years and traditionally involve using different coloured clays to create designs instead of painting the pattern on the surface of the tile. Traditional encaustic tiles are still available but ceramic or cement tiles with a printed pattern tend to be more popular as they can be mass produced and are therefore more affordable. The Priory range emulates the look of these tiles but are actually made from hardwearing porcelain, so they can be used on both walls and floors – even in high traffic areas like hallways and kitchens. Pair the plain White or Grey tiles with any of the three patterned decor tiles for a vintage look.

  • 200x200mm porcelain wall & floor field tiles in White or Anthracite
  • 200x200mm porcelain wall & floor decor tiles in Circle, Cross or Corner design

You can save 10% on Calacatta and Priory throughout July online or in any of our showrooms.

  • New Tile Ranges

New Tile Ranges at The London Tile Co.


We’ve had a sudden influx of new tile ranges here at The London Tile Co. and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. Whether you’re refreshing your kitchen for summer or planning a bathroom makeover, we have some stunning new ranges. Don’t forget that tiles can be used in any room in your home – they are hardwearing, hygienic and easy to keep clean, making them perfect for hallways, living spaces and even outdoors.


The cement effect trend seems as though it’s here to stay so we have decided to add another range to the mix. Atrium is a 1200x600mm large format tile made of strong porcelain which means it can be used on both walls and floors. Although the cement-style finish is generally associated with modern design, we think that these tiles would equally suit traditional living spaces. The tiles have a rectified edge (this basically means it has been ground down to create very straight and even edges) allowing you to install them with a narrow grout joint for a semi-seamless look. Atrium is available in dark grey Anthracite, Cement grey or White.


‘Another concrete effect tile?’ we hear you say…but read on to find out why this one is different. Reflections has been designed to look like polished concrete so it does have a slightly glossy finish. These 800x400mm tiles are again made from porcelain so can be used on both walls and floors and have an R9 slip resistance rating so they are perfect for areas such as kitchens and dining rooms. We think these tiles would add a real wow factor as a feature wall in a living-dining area or a large bathroom. Reflections is available in two grey colours; Silver or Iron.


The Dubai range is perfect for anyone looking for a simple tile for their kitchen or bathroom. The field tiles have a stone effect finish in three neutral colours; Oyster, Putty and Smoke. These colours are available in a 850x280mm ceramic wall tile or a 450x450mm porcelain floor tile. If you like the neutral look but want to add a bit of interest there are also two decor tiles to choose from. These have a linear pattern with slight texture and are available in Grey or Beige.


Pharaoh is one of those ranges that really grows on you. The Natural 900x300mm wall and 450x450mm floor tiles have a stone-look inspired by weathered ancient Egyptian buildings. These are complemented by the two decor tiles which are very different but equally beautiful. The Hammered decor tile has a small repeating pattern that’s reminiscent of textured stone, while the Square decor tile has a patchwork pattern of 12 different designs. The Pharaoh range is perfect for rustic kitchens and bathrooms.

If none of these new ranges take your fancy then browse our full range of tiles available to order online.

  • valverdi2

How To Create Indoor-Outdoor Flow


The trend for indoor-outdoor living areas is one that is might seem relatively new, but we think everyone should be embracing it. Having a large indoor space that’s only used occasionally is impractical, and yet a smaller space which connects to a corresponding outdoor area gives you the option to extend when needed.

We’ve put together some helpful hints to guide you in creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Top tips for improving your indoor to outdoor flow:

  • Add a cover to an outdoor living area to create the illusion that you haven’t stepped outside at all. It also provides a great place for relaxing in the shade and alfresco dining on summer evenings.
  • Use matching or corresponding flooring throughout. Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles are a great way to make sure the link between the indoor and outdoor living areas is seamless, as well as being stylish. Choose from classic, modern or wood-effect porcelain tiles to compliment the overall look.
  • Create a large opening in the wall using bi-fold, pocket, accordion or sliding doors. These work particularly well with floor to ceiling glass to let extra light in when closed.
  • Level the floor both inside and out so the areas do not feel separated. Valverdi tiles are easy to lay; the 10mm indoor tiles can be laid traditionally using tile adhesive, while the 20mm outdoor tiles can be used on a screed or with pedestals.
  • Use the surroundings to influence the layout of the area. If you have a great view create a seating area that faces it, or use an outdoor fireplace or chiminea as the focal point.
  • Co-ordinate your decor so that the two areas have a natural link. Use corresponding colours or styles to harmonise you indoor and outdoor spaces.
  • June Featured Tiles

June Featured Tiles: Gorgeous Grey from Malmo & Panache


Grey used to be associated with drab and dreary decor, but now it has a much more stylish and modern reputation. It’s a great neutral base that suits large and small spaces and goes with most other colours, so you can add and change your accessories if you want a pop of colour. If you still aren’t sure check out our previous blog post by interior designer Clare Phillips who has used grey throughout her stunning new build home. Ready to transform your kitchen, bathroom or living spaces? Read on for more information about this month’s Featured Tile ranges Panache and Malmo – both of which feature modern grey tones.


The Panache range has a modern cement-effect look that is helped by the subtle differences in colour and pattern of each tile. The wall and floor tiles are available in White, Beige, Grey and Mocha, with a co-ordinating faux mosaic decor tile for each colour. The faux mosaic has imitation grout lines that separate the 700x250mm tile into 9 oblongs – giving you the look of a mosaic feature but with less installation time and cost.

  • 700x250mm ceramic field wall tiles in White, Grey, Beige & Mocha
  • 700x250mm ceramic faux-mosaic decor wall tiles in White, Grey, Beige & Mocha
  • 600x600mm porcelain floor tiles in White, Grey, Beige & Mocha


We are finding it hard to stop talking about the Malmo range, it’s definitely become a fast favourite here at London Tile HQ. It’s another tile designed to look like concrete, but with a lot more pattern than the Panache range. Malmo has a really contemporary feel and because the tiles are made from hard-wearing porcelain they are suitable for walls and floors. Choose from light or dark grey field tiles and add a touch of fun with the chevron patterned Geometric Decor tile which can be used as a full feature wall or as an eye catching feature strip.

  • 800x400mm porcelain wall & floor tiles in Dark or Light grey
  • 800x400mm porcelain wall & floor Geometric Decor tiles
  • 600x600mm porcelain wall & floor tiles in Dark or Light grey

Like what you see? Malmo and Panache will have a 10% discount throughout June both online and in any London Tile or The Tile Source branch. Get in touch if you have any questions.

  • 2018 New Ranges

Aquarius Stone Effect Tiles


The Aquarius range features natural stone effect wall and floor tiles as well as a modern decor tile in Dark or Moon grey.

  • IMG_0197
  • IMG_0137
  • IMG_0144
  • IMG_0148
  • IMG_0164
  • IMG_0168
  • IMG_0195

Ask An Interior Designer: Tips For Choosing Tiles


Clare Phillips is an independent consultant on interior design and house building who has recently completed her own self-build project in Surrey. Having spent a significant amount of time choosing and styling tiles for her own contemporary five-bedroom home, we thought she would be the perfect person to give us some tips on choosing tiles.

Clare has used a mix of large format grey and wood effect tiles in her home to create a modern feel with a touch of Scandinavian style. She is a big fan of the colour consistency of wood effect tiles and says “wood changes colour over the years, as it is a living and breathing material. You have to like what that colour will become in 3+ years exposure to UV. For instance, pale oak becomes very yellow over time unless treated with a wash or stain to keep it looking pale. Tiles are consistent. They stay the colour you’ve chosen.” Not only will they keep their colour, but they are extremely hard-wearing so there’s no danger of scuffs or scratches from heels or furniture.

Another appealing factor is the range of tiles available. “There’s an amazing choice out there. Wood effect, concrete, encaustic, brick, oxidised metal etc. The choice is unlimited” says Clare. She also loves using textured tiles as they can “lift neutral, calm colour schemes”. Added to this is the fact that tiles are a great choice for allergy sufferers as they are easy to keep clean and dust free.

Tips For Choosing Tiles

  1. Allow time to choose. You don’t want to be forced into making a hasty decision. You will live with your choice of tiles for years, as they’re a long-term investment so take time to get it right.
  2. Create a mood board. This does not have to be anything fancy, just a few pictures torn out of magazines or an online board like Pinterest.
  3. Allow space in your budget to purchase samples. When choosing tiles for my new home I sourced many samples. Samples of floor tiles were laid down and wall tiles positioned vertically. I walked around them in all lights: daylight, artificial light, sunlight, and on a dull day. As I revisited the samples I was able to discount the ones that didn’t work for me, removing them until I was left with my final decision. I promise you, it’s worth the effort.
  4. Build a relationship with your favoured supplier. Talk to them so they understand the look you’re after. Take magazine cuttings with you or show them photos on your phone of the look you like. If you aren’t sure discuss it with them. A good supplier will know their tiles and will know what’s available out in the marketplace. They can source samples that are not regular stock items to help you find the right tile.
  5. If you’re dealing with large quantities discounts may be negotiated. I’ve tiled all floors and several walls in my new house so I was able to use the quantities required to gain a discount I was happy with.
  6. If you’re having underfloor heating (UFH) then tiles are a great choice as they are a fabulous conductor of heat. I love walking barefoot on warm tiles in the cooler temperatures and they’ll be wonderfully cool to walk on when the summer finally gets here.
  7. Tiles should meet recognised ISO standards to ensure they have the correct qualities for their use, this includes testing for thermal shock. Important when choosing a tile to be used externally, your supplier can advise you.
  8. Consider what the body of the tile is made of. I’ve used porcelain, as it is a high-fired ceramic that makes for a tough tile to withstand changes of temperature and hard wear.
  9. Slip resistance – if you are using tiles in bathrooms, wet rooms or externally around a pool area, then you must get to know ‘R’ ratings. Suitable tiles will be given an ‘R’ rating ranging from R9 to R13.
  10. Some tile materials may require specialist sealing or cleaning products. Talk to your supplier to see if this is necessary. It will depend on the body type of your tile and its intended use.
  11. Match your grout carefully as there is now a wide colour selection available. It can ruin the entire look if you don’t. For example, when choosing a wood effect tile I prefer to match the grout so it blends as one making the tiles look longer and more like a plank of wood. If you wanted the ‘on trend’ industrial look on walls you would probably choose a brick-sized tile and pick out the grout in a darker colour.
  12. Consider using skirting tiles to give continuity. There’s a great choice available now but if no skirting tile is available, your tiler can cut down larger tiles to fit. I’ve used skirting tiles throughout my new home providing a wonderful streamlined look and no re-painting/staining of wooden skirting will be needed in the future.
  13. Think about this size of your tiles as a larger tile used in a small room makes it look bigger. Fewer grout lines gives a more streamlined look.

We hope you have found this advice helpful, to see more of Clare’s work scroll through the images at the top of this post or you can follow her on Instagram.


Neutral Tones & Tempting Texture From The Napoli Range


Texture has been making waves in the tile world over the last year, following on from other popular trends like wood and stone effect – which both seem to be here to stay. We’re hoping that texture will follow in their footsteps as it’s definitely one of our new favourite ways to add interest to a neutral colour scheme. One range that perfectly combines neutral tones with tempting texture is Napoli. Featuring co-ordinating wall, floor and linear textured decor tiles, Napoli is great for modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Neutral colour schemes are making a comeback at the moment as we turn to accessories to add colour and pattern to our homes. Napoli Grey has become one of our best selling tiles and looking at the kitchen below, it’s easy to see why. The field tiles have a subtle finish reminiscent of natural stone that has a modern and elegant look.

In the image below the textured Pompeii decor tile has been used as a feature strip with the plain field tiles, adding a little bit of interest to what could be a boring wall. On the right, you can see a close up of Napoli Pompeii in White that shows the 3D textured surface in more detail.

The matching wall and floor tiles in the Napoli range make it ideal for open plan kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms, and the neutral colours make smaller spaces feel bigger.

Tiles in the Napoli Range

  • 600x300mm ceramic wall tiles in White, Grey and Beige
  • 600x300mm ceramic textured decor wall tiles in White, Grey and Beige
  • 592x592mm porcelain floor tiles in White, Grey and Beige

Napoli Floor Tiles

Order Napoli tiles online now or pop into your nearest London Tile or The Tile Source showroom to see them before you order.

  • May Featured Tiles

May Featured Tiles: Echo & Temple


We’re certainly getting a taste of every weather this year; from snow to a mini heatwave and back to de-icing our cars. Hopefully, warmer weather is on its way (again) and we can concentrate on summer plans and choosing new tiles. Our range of external porcelain tiles have been flying out of our warehouse and we cannot wait to see the exciting patios you are creating with them. If you’re looking for internal tiles to refresh your home then read on to find out more about this month’s Featured Tiles.


Echo is great for kitchens and bathrooms as there are so many tiles to choose from in the range, allowing you to create a coordinated design. Available in four soft colours; white, grey, cream and mink, the tiles come in two sizes – 700x250mm wall tiles and 600x600mm floor tiles. Along with the plain field tiles, there are decor tiles that have a patchwork pattern of 12 embossed designs that give the tiles a rustic and homemade look. The floor tiles are also available in plain colours or a patchwork design in grey or brown.


Designed to look like natural stone tiles, the Temple range comes in a modular pack of different sized tiles which add to the flagstone effect. There are three colours available so you can find a tone that suits most homes and because they are made of hardwearing porcelain they are perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens and hallways. Each pack contains 1 x 660x440mm, 2 x 440x440mm, 1 x 440x220mm and 2 x 220x220mm tiles and covers 0.87m2.

Our Featured Tiles are available online and in our showrooms throughout May so now is the perfect time to visit us and let our friendly staff help you choose the perfect tiles.

  • April Featured Tiles

April Featured Tiles: Marl Cement Effect & Sheffield Metallic Tiles


With both March and the Easter bank holiday weekend (and hopefully that wintry weather) behind us, we can look forward to all the things Spring has to offer. Lighter evenings, flowers blooming and the sense of satisfaction from a good Spring clean. If you’re planning on doing a little more than a quick dust we can help you find tiles to transform your home.

From stylish feature walls to fully tiled wet rooms and even patios, we have a range of tiles to suit any project. Each month we feature two ranges on our blog that we want to tell you more about – read on for this month’s Featured Tiles.


The Marl range has a concrete-style finish with a subtly textured surface available in three neutral tones; White, Grey and Sand. Neutral colours like these are great for anyone looking for a simple and calming colour scheme that goes with almost anything, and you won’t have to worry about it going out of style as you can switch up accessories to quickly update the look. All three colours are available in wall, floor and 3D decor tiles that have an almost corrugated look – perfect for use in contemporary kitchens, bathrooms and wet rooms.


These cool metallic tiles have the look of rusted and distressed metal sheets giving them an urban feel. Despite their dark colours and harsh finish, each tile has a subtle shimmer to its surface which adds a slightly softer feel. These tiles are perfect for stand-out kitchens and bathrooms or use in living or dining spaces for an eye-catching feature wall. Each tile measures 900×450 and is available in Copper, Rust and Iron.

Want to see more of the Marl or Sheffield ranges? Pop into one of our showrooms for a closer look or order a sample online, and don’t forget we’ll be taking 10% off the price until the end of the month.