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May Featured Tiles: Malmo Cement Effect & Aquarius Stone Effect Tiles


May seems to have crept up on us and we’re finding it hard to believe we’ll soon be half way through 2019. We’re looking forward to BBQ season and seeing all the wonderful garden designs created using our range of outdoor porcelain tiles. This month we’ve got an extra-special treat for our customers as both of our Featured Tile ranges are best sellers.


Add a modern twist to your bathroom with these gorgeous cement effect porcelain tiles, suitable for walls and floors. Malmo is one of our best-selling ranges and it’s really no surprise why. The cement effect porcelain tiles are available in two shades of grey, Dark and Light, and in two sizes, 800x400mm or 600x600mm. As if these stunning urban wall and floors tiles were not enough, there’s also a fabulous geometric patterned decor tile that replicates the look of smaller tiles laid in a herringbone or chevron-style pattern. These tiles would suit a modern bathroom or kitchen, but could work equally well in a tiled living area.


There’s something luxurious about the look of natural stone but did you know that it needs to be sealed regularly – particularly in showers or areas where it might get wet? The Aquarius range is here to save you from costly and time consuming sealing products, as it has the beautiful look of natural stone but is actually made of ceramic and porcelain. The 600x300mm wall tiles are ceramic and come in either a plain field tile or a linear faux-mosaic decor tile. For a stylish finish, why not add matching 450x450mm porcelain floor tiles. After the success of the Aquarius Moon and Dark colours we added a third Bone colour to the range, this is a neutral beige shade available in the wall, floor and decor formats.

Our Featured Tiles are available online and in-store with 20% off throughout May.


April Featured Tiles: Andalusia & Statement


Will April bring the traditional showers, or are we heading for another early heatwave? Either way, we’re entering the perfect time to spruce up your home. Sometimes all you need to freshen up your space is a small change, and replacing that splashback or those old floor tiles could make all the difference. Take a look at this month’s Featured Tiles for inspiration, or browse our wide selection of wall and floor tiles online today.


For fans of rustic interiors, the Andalusia range has a textured look similar to weathered natural stone, with a beautiful patchwork patterned decor tile. The decor tile features a random assortment of semi-repeating patterns in 4 panels that creates the illusion of smaller tiles. These tiles can be used anywhere in the home but look particularly good in cosy kitchens and bathrooms.


The Statement range is all about texture. No colour is needed here to make a statement as all three tiles in this range are white. Each has a unique inspiration; Concrete, a cement look with subtle spatula effects; Fabric, a textured surface with imperfections such as scratches, drop marks and grooves; and Wood, an untreated, gently worn timber. Perfect for walls in any room, these ceramic tiles measure 1000x315mm with a rectified edge for narrow grout joints. From afar these might look like simple tiles, but once you get up close you notice the small details that give them a cool and contemporary sense.

As always we’re giving you 20% off the Andalusia and Statement ranges this month. This discount is valid online & in-store, and there’s no discount code or voucher needed – the tiles are automatically discounted. Got a question about any of our Featured Tiles? Get in touch with our team on 03333208048.


Create The Perfect Patio With Porcelain Garden Tiles


Porcelain Garden Tiles for Patio

Living in the UK often means events cancelled or contingency plans put in place due to the weather, so when we do get some sunshine (or even just a break from the rain) we all know how important it is to make the most of it. The last thing you want to be doing is deep cleaning or treating your patio or decking. Unfortunately this is the reality if you use a natural material like stone or wood. Sound familiar? We have a solution that could save you time and money – and will hopefully allow you to spend more time relaxing, entertaining or doing whatever you do in your garden.

Porcelain has long been a favourite material choice for walls and floors inside the home, but over the last few years it has become popular on patios. It turns out that the reasons we love porcelain for internal use – easy to keep clean, hard-wearing, wide range of designs, etc. – are also features we crave for our outdoor areas. During the manufacture of porcelain the tiles go through a process called vitrification, which essentially turns them into an extremely hard glass-like material with a very low porosity rate. This creates many benefits including:

  • Strong & hard-wearing vitrified porcelain
  • Contemporary designs & colours
  • Frost Proof
  • Wide range of sizes including large format slabs, planks and smaller tiles
  • For use on patios, balconies, terraces & driveways
  • Slip resistant surface
  • Calibrated & rectified for even thickness and sizing
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fade proof & colourfast
  • Resists moss, mould & stains

As we mentioned above, there are many different options available when it comes to colours, designs and sizes. We’ve pulled together our some of our favourites below to help you find just the right style for your project.

Stone Effect Porcelain Garden Tiles

Stone has been a favourite choice for outdoor areas and it’s not difficult to see why. The natural shades, range of colours and beautiful veining patterns manage to suit both traditional and contemporary designs. Luckily both the look and texture can be replicated in porcelain, creating a natural look that’s also durable and long-lasting. Our favourites at the moment are Athena silver travertine effect, Multi Slate effect and Champagne limestone effect tiles.

Cement Effect Porcelain Garden Tiles

If your space has a more modern feel you might want to go with a super cool finish like distressed cement. Cement is a great choice for contemporary patios, but it can fade and is quite easy to scratch. Opt for a cement effect porcelain slab like the large format Burnham tiles or the distressed Street range for a longer-lasting look.

Wood Effect Porcelain Garden Tiles

Decking is the perfect choice for many gardens as the natural finish suits all styles, however it can become slippery and may require regular sealing. Our wood effect porcelain tiles are resistant to moss & mould growth and do not need any specialist cleaning or sealing products – in fact they are really low maintenance. The Copse range is available in four beautiful natural shades, each with a co-ordinating internal tile that can be used with bifold or sliding doors.

Before you jump in and order your tiles we highly recommend ordering a sample or visiting a showroom to see the tiles for yourself. We try our best to capture images of the tiles that are as close to the real thing as possible, but different lighting or screen settings may affect how they look online. Free 10x10cm cut tile samples are available to order but keep in mind this will only show a very small part of the design on one tile – very important if the range you are interested in is heavily patterned. See the full range of porcelain garden tiles online or visit a showroom.


Porcelain Paving Pros and Cons


Pros & Cons of Porcelain Paving

At The London Tile Co. we know that there are many benefits to using tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, but what about outside? We stock a wide range of external tiles, which are often referred to as porcelain paving slabs, so we thought we would run through the pros and cons of this new-ish paving material. If you have got any questions at all about our outdoor tiles please get in touch with our customers service team.

Pros of Porcelain Paving

  • Long lasting. Porcelain is strong and hard-wearing, meaning that it will last for years and often still looks the same as when it was installed.
  • Range. Thanks to advances in porcelain inkjet printing technology you can now get porcelain paving that looks a lot like the material that inspired it – great news if you want a stone, cement or wood look outdoors.
  • Frost proof. Because porcelain has extremely low porosity the tiles are unaffected by changes in temperature which can sometime cause damage to natural products.
  • Engineered. Most porcelain paving is both calibrated and rectified, meaning that the sizing is consistent throughout the batch and the edges will be extremely sharp and square, perfect for creating contemporary narrow grout joints.
  • Low maintenance. Stone and decking will require regular sealing and sometimes specialist cleaning products. Porcelain paving does not need sealing and can be cleaned with a brush & mop or a pressure washer.
  • Fade resistant. Porcelain is unaffected by the sun so the colour will not fade or change over time, the slabs are also resistant to staining.
  • Slip resistant. Because porcelain paving is man-made, a textured surface can be added to create an anti-slip finish. All of our outdoor tiles have a minimum R11 slip resistance rating. The non-porous nature of porcelain also makes it resistant to moss & mould growth, another factor that can cause outdoor flooring to become slippery.
  • Contemporary. Porcelain provides a much more contemporary and clean look to traditional concrete or stone slabs.

Cons of Porcelain Paving

  • Cost. Porcelain paving is generally more expensive than the cheapest stones and concrete slabs but is competitive against the top end stone and concrete slabs. The low maintenance and long lasting nature of porcelain paving makes porcelain lifetime cost very cost effective.
  • Installation. Finding the right installer can be tough. While porcelain paving is often sold alongside other paving materials, it is still more like a tile than a paving slab and therefore needs to be installed in a different way, making it a little harder to find someone who will install the tiles correctly. Installing them incorrectly could lead to damage and expensive repairs.
  • Natural Look. While there are many ultra-realistic porcelain paving options out there, they will never have the truly natural look of something like limestone, slate or sandstone.
  • Cutting. Because porcelain is a very hard material it can be harder to cut than natural stone, sometimes requiring specialist blades or machinery.
  • Fixing costs. Installation costs for porcelain paving are generally a little higher than for cheaper concrete and stone slabs. To reduce installation costs try to design the paved area to minimise cuts where possible.

While we have tried our very best to be unbiased and provide plenty of both pros and cons, we have to admit that it was a struggle to balance the two as there are many more positive points to note than negative. Order a sample of our porcelain paving, including the PorcelPave and Valverdi Indoor-Out ranges, online today and see for yourself.


March Featured Tiles: Pharaoh Stone & Sidewalk Cement Effect Tiles


20% off Featured Tiles at The London Tile Co.

If there was ever a month that highlighted how up-and-down English weather can be, February 2019 was definitely it. We started the month with heavy snowfall and ended with a mini t-shirt weather heatwave! But as March rolls in we can feel Spring is on it’s way and with it brings thoughts of big clear-outs and time spent outside. If you are considering giving your home a mini-makeover this Spring don’t forget to think about the tiles – simply updating your splashback or replacing floor tiles can give your space a quick transformation.

Tiles are extremely hard-wearing, hygienic and available in so many different sizes, colours and styles. If you need some inspiration read on to find out more about this month’s Featured Tiles Pharaoh and Sidewalk or browse our full range of tiles online now.


Looking for something rustic with a natural feel? The Pharaoh range of wall and floor tiles has a stone effect look inspired by ancient Egyptian buildings. The Natural field tiles are available in a 900x300mm wall and 450x450mm floor tile which can be used together for a cohesive look in wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. While these neutral tiles are beautiful on their own, there’s also the option to add one of two (or both – why not?) decor tiles; a textured Hammered Decor or a patchwork patterned tile with 12 mini squares that create the look of small patterned mosaics.


It looks like cement is a trend that’s here to stay, but if tearing up your floors to lay a new slab doesn’t sound too appealing cement effect tiles could be the perfect solution. Made from strong and hard-wearing porcelain, the Sidewalk range is available in three concrete inspired colours – White, Grey and Mineral – that can be used on walls and floors. The large 900x450mm tiles also have a rectified edge which means you can lay them with narrow grout joints to create a semi-seamless look.

Sidewalk Cement Effect Porcelain Tiles

As always our Featured Tiles will have a 20% discount throughout the whole of March in our showrooms and online. Take a look at the March Featured Tiles online now.


Tiles We Love at The London Tile Co.


This Valentine’s Day we decided to do something a little different, instead of getting all lovey-dovey about the people in our lives we have turned our attention to tiles! This may sound a little sad but we are all extremely passionate about tiles here and as part of the Hampshire Tile Warehouse group of companies we have nearly 70 years experience in the industry. We asked our staff to tell us about their favourite tile ranges and you can read some of the responses below.

My favourite tile is Napoli Grey, although, I may be biased as I selected it for my own bathroom almost 2 years ago. I possibly love it more now than when the bathroom was first tiled.

The Grey Limestone decoration is full of subtle variation, the colour lends itself to the addition of a variety of colours. Accessories in Orange, Lime, Aubergine, Cerise and Celeste all happily coexist with the tile. The shock was spending over £300 on different colours of towels.

The colour of the tile itself changes with different lighting condition with early morning light the tile appears to have a faint purplish hue, during the day it has a hint of cement grey about it, in the evening under artificial light it changes again.

Napoli, I’ll never tire of you.

Keith Williamson, Senior Sales Manager

I love the Caress Black porcelain tiles. The subtle surface shimmer really catches the eye and the large format 800 x 800 size creates a real wow factor on the floor.

Charlotte Skinner, Graphic Designer

My favourite is the Caress Slate, it has a lovely sheen without being shiny and is dark but not too dark so gives the contemporary look. The rectified edges give it a clean sleek look.

Sarah Turner, Brighton Sales Manager

I love the Grey field and Grey linear decor wall tiles in our Sirocco range, they seem to be both modern and timeless (if that’s possible!!) at the same time, they were popular sellers when I was first at HTW and still are 2 years later upon my return.

Anthony Batson, Ash Vale Trade Counter & Showroom Manager

I love the Malmo cement effect range, particularly the Dark colour which has a really dramatic feel that’s contrasted by the fun herringbone-style Geometric Decor tile.

Eloise Street, Marketing Executive

Grove – the high quality digital reproduction of wooden design giving a warm, cosy feel, combined with the textural beauty & charm of a split face mosaic installation yield, what is described by the manufacturer, as “spectacular & captivating” – I couldn’t agree more.

Simon Rowe, Managing Director

I love the Bronte range, the fact they are glossy I love how the light reflects of the bumpy edges.

Kerrie Donovan, Hedge End Assistant Branch Manager

Random, quirky, stunning, the New England range is like a magical jigsaw puzzle. The wood effect is stunning and each box contains a random assortment of colours and patterns, so that everyone can create a totally unique design for their home. The New England Mix comprises 6 completely different tiles, which, when combined, make magic. My absolute favourite tile.

Rachel Hunt, Financial Controller

As you can see, we all have totally different tastes, but whatever your style we have a wide range of tiles available online and in our showrooms. Give us a call or pop in and our staff will help you find the perfect tile for your project.


We’ve Won a Best of Houzz Award!


We’re really excited to announce that we have been awarded a Best of Houzz 2019 Award for Design. If you’re not aware of it, Houzz is the leading platform for home renovation and design, providing people with everything they need to improve their homes from start to finish. “With the largest residential design database in the world and a vibrant community empowered by technology, Houzz is the easiest way for people to find inspiration, get advice, buy products and hire the professionals they need to help turn their ideas into reality.”

London Tile was chosen by the more than 40 million monthly unique users that comprise the Houzz community from among more than 2.1 million active home building, renovating and design industry professionals. We find Houzz an excellent platform for sharing our tiles and communicating with anyone looking for advice on tiles and tiling.

“Best of Houzz is a true badge of honor as it is awarded by our community of homeowners, those who are hiring design, renovation and other home improvement professionals for their projects,” said Marcus Hartwall, Managing Director of Houzz UK and Ireland. “We are excited to celebrate the 2019 winners chosen by our community as their favourites for home design and customer experience, and to highlight those winners on the Houzz website and app.”

Follow us on Houzz now and start adding our tiles to your Ideabooks.


February Featured Tiles: 20% Off Shimmering Allure & Patterned Priory Ranges


Give yourself a round of applause because guess what? We made it through January! Now that the first month of 2019 is out of the way we can start looking forward to all the interior projects we have planned for the year. Whether it’s a small splashback to update your kitchen or you are having a brand new bathroom installed, we always have a great range of tiles to suit every style and budget. This month our Featured Tiles are the wonderful Allure and Priory ranges so read on to find out more about them.


The Allure range has an ultra-modern look thanks to the cement and metallic finishes combined with the different shapes and sizes. The standout tiles are the shatter effect decor pieces which feature a burst of glitter that catches the light beautifully. There are a range of sizes to choose from including 1200x300mm planks and mosaics in either square or herringbone designs. Allure has a really luxurious feel but with an edgy twist, something that’s enhanced by the stud-effect decor pieces. Allure is available in White, Steel, Sand and Copper.


In contrast to the Allure range, Priory has a much more traditional look inspired by patterned encaustic tiles often seen in period properties. Encaustic tiles are usually made of cement and often require regular sealing to ensure they do not stain or absorb water, luckily the Priory range are made of strong and hard-wearing porcelain. The patterned tiles feature grey, blue and beige tones and are available in three different patterns. Pair the plain white or grey tiles with any of the three pastel patterned decor tiles for a vintage feel on walls and floors in kitchens and bathrooms – we’ve added some pattern inspiration ideas below.

Don’t forget that you get 20% off our Featured Tiles until the end of the month – there’s no discount code needed and the offer is valid in-store and online. Shop the February Featured Tiles online now.


Benefits of Cement Effect Tiles Over Polished Concrete


cement effect tiles

From cosy to industrial, we all have an interior style that we favour and often certain materials are intrinsically linked with that theme. Imagine a Scandi-inspired room with no wood? Exactly! Well, concrete is no exception – instantly conjuring images of ultra-modern and urban settings. While we don’t disagree that concrete has a cool look, there are a few factors that put us off using it ourselves. Thankfully we stock a range of cement effect tiles that allow you to get that same look but with all the benefits of tiles.

So what are the downsides of polished concrete or honed cement floors? Firstly we need to talk about price. Installing a concrete floor can be time consuming and labour intensive, which means you will likely be paying over £110 per square metre. After the concrete has been poured, you’ll need to wait around 28 days before it can be polished – whereras tiles can be installed and grouted within a couple of days. Cement finish floors are often around 100mm thick, while the average tile tends to be around 10mm, so this is something else to bear in mind when planning your project.

Another thing to consider is the mess created, obviously there will be mess with any new floor installation but polishing a concrete floor will create a LOT of dust. Once the polished floor is finished, you will need to keep in mind that it will likely need regular sealing using specialist products otherwise it will be more susceptible to scratching or staining – even after sealing you will need to be wary of spilling anything, particularly acidic liquids, as they could mark the floor.

In contrast to the porous concrete, porcelain goes through a process called vitrification during manufacturing which removes almost all the moisture from the tile. This low porosity level makes porcelain tiles resistant to staining and colourfast – perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens, hallways and even on patios. Porcelain doesn’t ordinarily need sealing, unless you choose a polished tile – check with the supplier for more information about each individual tile regarding whether it will need sealing.

Benefits of Cement Effect Tiles

  • Strong
  • Hard-wearing
  • Fade resistant and colourfast
  • Scratch resistant
  • Does not need specialist sealing
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating
  • Good value for money
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stain resistant

If we have piqued your interest you can browse our full range of cement effect tiles online here or visit one of our showrooms and ask a member of staff to point them out.


January Featured Tiles: Atrium & Dubai


Happy New Year! We’re excited to get started with 2019 and of course we are kicking off with our newest Featured Tiles. This month you can save 20% on the stunning Atrium and Dubai ranges.


For an ultra-modern look in your home choose the Atrium range of large format cement effect tiles. Cement finishes have had a surge in popularity over the last couple of years but a poured or polished concrete floor can be extremely expensive, as well as disruptive. Large format cement effect porcelain tiles are a fantastic alternative thanks to their realistic printed finishes and hard-wearing material – making them perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways and kitchens. The 1200x600mm tiles have a rectified edge which allows you to install them with a narrow grout joint for a contemporary semi-seamless look on walls and floors. Choose from Anthracite, Cement or White.


The Dubai range is available in three neutral tones; Oyster, Putty & Smoke, with two co-ordinating linear decor tiles. These stone effect tiles suit both modern and contemporary themes in kitchens and bathrooms and neutral tiles like these are perfect for small spaces – use a matching grout colour to enhance the seamless feel.

We pick two of our favourite ranges every month – you can see the latest Featured Tiles here. Remember all tiles within the Featured Tile ranges have a 20% discount online and in-store all month.