New Range: Design Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles


Looking for a way to add some interest to your home? Unleash your inner interior designer with the Design range of patterned wall and floor tiles.

Patterned tiles are nothing new, in fact, they were at their most popular during the Victorian period, when encaustic tiles began being mass-produced. From floral designs to geometric shapes, these tiles became hugely popular in both public places and private homes. And although they never really go out of style, we’re currently seeing a huge rise in the popularity of patterned tiles again thanks to their timeless look and hardwearing nature.

Why choose patterned tiles?

There are a lot of benefits to using patterned tiles in your home. Firstly, they allow you to get creative and add some fun to your living spaces. Whether you’re looking for a feature floor in your kitchen, or a playful shower area in your bathroom – these tiles will help you make your design dreams come true. They also look great with most décor styles, enhancing the feel of vintage spaces or adding a retro twist to more modern homes.

Shown here: Design patterned tiles add a fun feel to floors throughout the home.

The patterns will also hide any dust or crumbs on floors, making them an excellent choice for busy kitchens or hallways. And they are super easy to keep clean, just a quick sweep and mop will do the job as they are resistant to staining. They can even be used outside to create a porch or garden path – ideal for adding a traditional feel to the outside of Victorian terraced houses.

Colours are an important factor when choosing tiles, and the Design range features a palette of calming tones in white, blue, grey and taupe. They pair beautifully with other materials such as stone or wood, or with other tile ranges. Consider what colour grout you will use with the tiles – we recommend a neutral tone similar to that of the tiles to avoid interrupting the pattern.

Shown here: The Design range of patterned tiles are suitable for walls and floors.

Where can the Design range be used?

One of our favourite things about the Design range is how versatile the tiles are. They are made of hard-wearing porcelain which means they can be used on walls and floors, both inside and outside. This makes them an ideal choice for a wide range of projects. Here are some of our favourite uses:

  • Kitchen splashbacks and floors
  • Bathroom walls, floors and showers
  • Hallway floors
  • Mudrooms
  • Porches and garden paths
  • Fireplaces
  • Feature walls in living areas
  • Floors in open plan kitchen and dining rooms
How to choose patterned tiles?

Within the Design range, there are 8 different patterns to choose from so there is a style that suits almost every home. Pattern A will give a checkerboard effect of blue and dark grey squares, each with a star in the centre, while Pattern B has an intricate design in blue and white that repeats once the tiles are laid. For a neutral colour scheme, Pattern C features a pale taupe background with a delicate white design or you could opt for the classic grey and white of Pattern H which has an almost celtic-looking style.

For a more geometric look try the circular designs seen in Pattern E or Pattern F, or go for the chevron style of Pattern D. You could always get creative and mix and match the designs to create a patchwork effect or keep it simple and allow the tiles to match up and create their own pattern.

Pictured here: The Design range features 8 different patterned tile designs to choose from.

The best way to choose which tile is right for your project is to visit a showroom and see them for yourself, but if that’s not possible you can always order a sample online. When ordering patterned tile samples it can be helpful to order 4 tiles to see how they sit together, allowing you to visualise the repeating pattern. This also means you can see and feel the quality of the tiles.

Love patterns but looking for something a little more monochrome? Try the Retromix range – designed to allow you to create almost any pattern on walls and floors.

Why choose The London Tile Co?

We have over 60 years of experience within the tiling industry, so we’ve seen trends come and go (and come and go!), but encaustic inspired designs is one that seems to stand the test of time. This makes patterned tiles a great choice for your home as they won’t go out of style quickly. If you would like a closer look at the Design range we recommend visiting one of our showrooms in the South or ordering a sample online. Our team can answer any questions you might have, and we also stock everything you need to install your tiles – from waterproofing to grout.


Why Use Porcelain Tiles Outside?


using porcelain tiles outsideNot all tiles can be used outdoors, but you might have heard about using porcelain paving on your patio or in your garden – why? Porcelain is the perfect choice for your outdoor paving, but only when 20mm thick or more.

From our famous changeable weather to heavy garden furniture, the great British outdoors can be a hostile environment for tiles. Luckily, you never have to worry about 20mm thick porcelain outdoor tiles cracking or fading on your patio and external area.

Often natural stone or concrete slabs are used outdoors, however these materials can fade and will require regular cleaning and sealing, not to mention looking a little old fashioned. If you are looking for a long-lasting and modern alternative to traditional paving products, porcelain is the perfect choice.

porcelpave cuba porcelain patio slabs under a pergola

Pictured here: Cement effect PorcelPave Cuba Anthracite used outdoors with a modern style pergola.

Porcelain Tiles & Paving Are Perfect For Outdoors

Porcelain tiles thicker than 20mm tick the four requirements you want from your outdoor tiles.

  • Easy to clean & maintain with a non-porous stain resistant surface
  • They’re frost proof and weatherproof, never cracking with changing temperatures
  • All our 20mm porcelain tiles are anti-slip with an R11 resistance rating or higher
  • Scratch & fade resistant, unlike block paving and natural stone
A modern patio using porcelpave triton porcelain paving

Pictured here: PorcelPave Triton porcelain paving used to create a relaxing and modern space

Can I Use 10mm Thick Tiles Outside?

No – 10mm porcelain tiles are unsuitable for external use. Whilst porcelain is super dense and tough, 10mm thick tiles are much more likely to suffer cracking and breaking due to impacts and temperature variations. Even adding a much thicker solid concrete bedding won’t be enough to prevent cracking.

  • 10mm thick porcelain tiles are meant for internal use and usually come with a lower slip resistance
  • They are much more likely to crack from garden toys and furniture, parties, and general use
  • 10mm porcelain tiles aren’t strong enough to lay outside with a wet bed fixing or pedestal systems
  • 20mm thick tiles are more than 5 times stronger than 10mm despite only being double the thickness! – Five times!
Indoor outdoor tiles used to expand kitchen space into the garden

Pictured here: Valverdi Shard Anthracite indoor outdoor tiles expanding a modern kitchen outdoors

So How Do Matching Indoor Outdoor Tiles Work?

The key difference between our offering and others is that the Valverdi Indoor Outdoor tiles come in two thicknesses, 10mm and 20mm thick. 10mm thick porcelain tiles for indoor areas have an R9 slip resistance, perfect for indoor use and easier to clean. Meanwhile the 20mm external porcelain paving tiles all have an R11 anti-slip rating, making them safe to use even when wet.

  • Don’t be fooled by 10mm thick tiles for outdoor use – you’ll be paying more to replace them later
  • Valverdi’s indoor-outdoor system means you have the correct slip resistance for indoor & outdoor use
  • Using 20mm porcelain inside your home will be harder to clean, which is why Valverdi indoor tiles are 10mm thick
  • Valverdi are so confident in their range they even offer a 25 year Guarantee!

Can I Order A Free Sample?

ordering free tiles samples from the london tile companyYes – All our Valverdi Indoor-Out and Outdoor Porcelain Tiles offer 3 free 10cm x 10cm cut samples. These are all sent our completely free of charge.

  • You can order tile samples from product pages
  • Click the Order Full Tile Sample button
  • Repeat this process on any tiles you like
  • Click your basket and checkout
  • Enter your delivery details
  • Shop Now for free tile samples

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Who Are London Tile?

We’ve been supplying porcelain tiles and outdoor porcelain paving for over 60 years. We’re not content with just being the market leaders though. We want to help you create a relaxing and inviting outdoor space with minimal fuss or maintenance. Order a free sample box or talk to our friendly sales team and discover why porcelain is the smart choice for your outdoors.

How to choose your bathroom tiles image

A Guide to Choosing Your Bathroom Tiles


How to choose bathroom tiles

Once upon a time, choosing bathroom tiles was simple, but now there’s an endless array of tiles to choose from.

Do you go for a pattern? How about tile size? Colour? At London Tile Co. we understand the stress that often occurs when it comes to finding the right tiles for your home, and we’re here to help. From top trends to top tips, we have everything you need to help you create your perfect bathroom space.

Green metro tiles in a bathroom

How to choose bathroom tiles for a bathroom?

Set your budget; this will determine what tiles you pick. There are a wide variety of tiles which vary greatly in cost, from expensive natural stone tiles to affordable ceramic. Within your budget you should also allow for samples. Samples allow you can see the actual tile in your room. Whilst eliminating samples can be time consuming, when you get down to that perfect tile, we promise it’s worth it.

Aside from setting a budget, we recommend choosing tiles that suit your preferred style. This doesn’t mean playing it safe; it means knowing which styles you return to and inspire you. Let your house be a helpful guide, but don’t let it restrain you. Create mood boards, get on Pinterest, and look at trends to get inspired. Once you know what look you’re trying to achieve, you’ll feel more comfortable choosing the perfect tiles.

natural and rustic floor tiles used in a bathroom

Can I use different floor tiles in different rooms?

There are no hard-and-fast rules that says tiles need to be the same throughout the house. If you want to create an open-plan living area, you might want your bathroom to have the same floor tiles as the rest of the house. To put it simply, pick the tiles best for the room, that may be the same tiles used elsewhere in the house, or it could be something completely unique to that room. It’s always a good idea to use porcelain tiles on a floor.

matching floor and wall tiles in a modern bathroom

Should bathroom wall and floor tiles match?

Much like the above question, there is no rule that says wall and floor tiles need to match. A uniform look from floor to wall will make the space feel bigger and more open, whilst contrasting floor tiles can help define the space. But, why not mix & match? Placing two types of tiles in one space is a great way to make a statement.

blue bathroom wall tiles

Which tiles are best for a small bathroom?

There are many myths about tiles and small bathrooms, so we thought we’d shed some light on the whole situation.

The first myth is that small tiles shouldn’t be used in small bathroom spaces. Generally, larger tiles will make the space feel bigger and fewer grout lines make them easy to clean. However, if you’ve found some small tiles or mosaics that you love, don’t be afraid to use them! Pairing small and large tiles can actually help make your space feel larger as the smaller tiles will add definition and depth, tricking the eye into thinking the room is bigger than it is.

The second myth is that you should only use light colours. Light colours will make a room feel bigger by bouncing light around the space. However, much like pairing small and large tiles can add depth and dimension, so too can pairing light and dark colours. If you are leaning towards a darker colour palette, use the darker colours in clearly defined spaces like shower areas and splashbacks.

One thing people are often told to avoid in small bathrooms is patterns. Now, while we wouldn’t suggest covering the room in patterned tiles, every tile has its place in the bathroom, and patterned tiles are no exception. Use them in small areas or as accent tiles, let the pattern be as bright and colourful or as darkly classic as you want, then keep the rest plain.

What are the current trends in bathroom design?

We’ve tracked the top trends in bathroom design to help inspire you.

black and white patterned bathroom tiles in a modern bathroom

Patterns are back

On the floor, the wall, shower floors, patterned tiles are everywhere – and we can see why. Whether in bright hues or soft shades, they are the perfect way to accent any space, especially the bathroom. They give you a chance to get creative and add some character to your home. 2021 sees a surge in popularity in encaustic patterned tiles and wow factor mosaic tiles. These tiles are widely available in both ceramic and porcelain, in beautiful geometric patterns.

Marble tile bathroom with modern fittings

Who said neutrals are boring?

Neutral tones are often given a bad rep as plain and boring, but this year see a modern revival. The minimalist look is favouring nude tones like cream and beige, while contemporary bathrooms are pairing grey with beige, creating gorgeous, relaxing atmospheres that are both fresh and timeless. Alongside these are the classic white and black neutrals. They can give a bathroom a bright lift, a striking look, or be paired together in the classic monochrome that will forever remain trendy.

3d tiles in a modern white bathroom

Dimension Jumping

Move aside standard tiles, 3D tiles are entering the show. As the market becomes more saturated, manufacturers have had to start thinking outside the box. The result? Beautiful, unique tiles that will inject fun and character into your bathroom. These tiles can vary from the subtle to the show-stopping, but all of them will create movement and texture to your bathroom. This is a relatively new trend but one we think you should keep your eye on.

Wood, in the bathroom?

Wood is not often the material of choice for a bathroom, but porcelain and ceramic tiles have now perfected the wood-effect look and we’re going mad for it! From oak to maple, these tiles have even got the distressed, weathered, and white-washed looks down. This means that the natural beauty and rustic charm of real wood is finding its way onto bathroom floors and walls without any of the worry. More and more homeowners are including wood-effect tiles in their bathrooms in 2021.

Think Pink

Pink bathrooms are making a comeback, and we couldn’t be happier. This colour doesn’t belong to any one gender and the variety of shades can complement any interior design. Vibrant, fresh, and on-trend, if in doubt, think pink.

Meet you at the Metro

Metro tiles are not a new trend and have been around for years. Lately they’ve been given a contemporary twist though. The classic white look is giving way to an explosion of bold colours. Homeowners can even mix & match their metro tiles, laying different colours in different patterns, to create a look that’s truly their own. The options are truly endless with metro tiles, and we don’t see this trend going anywhere but up.

Other tips & tricks to creating your perfect bathroom space

If you have a small bathroom play with how you lay your tiles. A diagonal pattern tricks the eye into thinking a room is bigger than it is by drawing the eye to the longest dimension of the room. Chevron and herringbone designs can do this too! If you’re not a fan of a diagonal pattern, brick bond might be a better fit. It breaks up the grid-pattern and gives the illusion of more space.

If you’re tiling a small bathroom try metallic, glossy, or mother-of-pearl finish tiles. These will enhance a space by giving it much grander proportions than a simple light tile.

Gone are the days where grout only comes in one colour. Today, grouting can become an added design element in your bathroom. Pairing a dark grout with white tiles makes them a feature. You can even match your tile and grout colours! This will give your bathroom a seamless, luxurious look and the illusion of a bigger space.

Okay – Schools out for today – why should I listen to you?

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Here at The London Tile Company, we know a thing or two about bathroom tiles having supplied them for over 60 years. You won’t find any cheap and nasty tiles on our site or in any of our showrooms, we only import the finest ceramic and porcelain tiles from well-known European factories. This means that when you shop London Tile, you’re getting a quality of tile, and a quality of service you won’t find anywhere else, all at a price you’ll love!

If you’re looking to renovate or refresh your bathroom, why not order some samples of our kitchen tiles straight to your door? Alternately, pop into one of our branches across the South of the UK and speak to our friendly team.

patterned tiles in a small kitchen

A Guide for Choosing Your Kitchen Wall Tiles


How To Choose Your Kitchen Tiles

Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, so choosing the best kitchen tiles is an important task.

Whether you’re refreshing or building a new kitchen, you’ll find there are a multitude of options available to you. We’re here with another handy guide to help you navigate the choices you’ll face when dealing with kitchen design. Plus, take advantage of our top tips to help make the most of your kitchen renovation!

a modern studio kitchen with stone effect tiles

Why choose tiles for your kitchen?

The answer is simple really – practicality. Tiles are much harder wearing and easier to clean than any other wall or floor covering, perfect for a room in the house everyone uses. Use kitchen wall tiles for key working areas like your hob splashback or around your sink for a quick practical and great looking tiled space. Plus, with a multitude of different styles and sizes available, your wall tiles can transform your space into something new.

Splashes and spills are almost a given in a kitchen, so carpets would be unhygienic and difficult to manage, this is where floor tiles are perfect. Being wipe clean and extremely hard wearing makes kitchen floor tiles the most practical solution for the busiest room of your home, and the go-to solution for most homes across the UK. Plus, with new styles and digital effects, you can have natural stone effect and wood effect as tiles – with none of the maintenance those floor coverings usually require!

What types of kitchen tiles are there?

teal kitchen wall tiles bringing a kitchen to life

Kitchen wall tiles – the main event and wall covering that can add huge swathes of character to your room. These are often made of ceramic and are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to experiment with different colours and styles. The most popular kitchen wall tile is the metro tile – a small brick shaped tile, usually gloss and in a single block colour.

Top Tip: try and pick a wall tile colour that contrasts or offsets your kitchen cabinets.

patterned kitchen floor tiles in a modern home

Kitchen floor tiles – the hard-wearing foundation for your kitchen shouldn’t be boring! Always go for porcelain floor tiles over ceramic as porcelain tiles are much harder wearing and highly unlikely to crack or chip. Plus, as porcelain floor tiles are non-porous and colour fast, they should look as good in twenty years as they do today! Many different styles are available, including stone effect, wood effect, or even something more daring like glitter effect is available.

Top tip: light floor tiles show up dirt easier, but dark tiles show grease and dust more readily. A mid tone kitchen floor tile is the best of both worlds.

white kitchen splashback tiles with red accessories

Kitchen Splashback tiles – around your hob is where splashes and spills are likely to happen. From spitting pans to boiling sauces, this area sees and copes with a lot! This is where gloss finished wall tiles – like the metro tiles discussed earlier – are a great addition to your kitchen. Flat and glossy surfaces are wipe-clean with ease, and you can minimise and hide long-lasting stains with thin and dark colour grout joints.

Top tip: tile grout doesn’t have to be white! There are a huge number of grout colours readily available to enhance your kitchen interior design.

dark kitchen mosaic tiles used as a hob splashback

Kitchen Mosaic tiles – again often used as splashbacks or border tiles, mosaic tiles are tiny tiles that come on mesh sheets for easily application. They can be made from many different materials, but the most common are glass tiles, metal tiles, and stone. Mosaic wall tiles are great at breaking up spaces and creating zones, and they can range from subtle and neutral to eye-catching and glamorous.

Kitchen Interior Design

Here at London Tile we see a number of different kitchen designs on a daily basis, but they often fit into certain categories that we are able to help advise on for tile choices.

Retro and Country Style Kitchens

red metro tiles in a retro style kitchen

The retro revival is well underway! Using bold colours from the past can work to great advantage here, think vintage reds, greens, and blues. Extra retro points if you can match them to styled appliances too. Wood effect floor tiles can also work well here, giving the feel of aged wood flooring without the sealing, sanding, or maintenance. Look at metro tiles and patterned tiles for vintage vibes.

Small Kitchens

stunning white kitchen tiles for a small space

We don’t all live in mansions, and quite often kitchens and bathrooms can be smaller spaces in modern homes. Don’t fret however, you can make a space feel larger by playing creatively with light and colour. Gloss tiles with bevelled edges reflect light in different directions, making a space appear larger. You can also create zones by having tiles of different colour and style in certain areas, contrasted and offset by other tiles or your kitchen fittings.

Top Tip: Laying tiles in a herringbone pattern draws your eye diagonally around the room, cheating your brain into thinking a space is larger than it is!

Modern and Open Plan Kitchens

a light and modern kitchen with large kitchen floor tiles

For those with more space to play with, the open plan kitchen diner has fast become a staple of modern interior design. With a good size space you can use larger tiles – which means fewer grout joints and a more seamless design surface. Large porcelain floor tiles really make a statement and look great in larger spaces. Top Tip: using a neutral pallet (cool blues and greys) can tame a large space, whilst pockets of colour or different style can be added in zones to create focal points!

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

matching indoor and outdoor tiles

If your kitchen has an adjoining outdoor space like a patio or terrace, having the same indoor tiles and outdoor tiles harmonises your space and makes it feel larger. This effect works even better if you have bifold or sliding doors that make this transition even more seamless. Synchronising porcelain floor tiles is the best way to create a flow throughout your home and make your garden feel truly part of your home.

What other things should I consider when choosing Kitchen Tiles?

Practicality is the focus when choosing your kitchen tiles. What lifestyle does your home have? If it’s busy with hot pans flying around, consider your tile choices here. Which will tile areas need cleaning more regularly than others? Opt for a smooth glossy surfaced tile that is wiped clean. Once you’ve identified these factors, the rest is just style!

With so many styles and options around it’s important to set your budget from the start. Identify what your figure is and stick to it, you should also remember to include grout and tile adhesive in your budget too! It’s easy to get caught up in the glamourous options of interior design, but a great looking practical kitchen doesn’t have to cost the earth.

pstterned kitchen tiles

Don’t be afraid of patterned tiles, not only do they add unique style and wow factor to a space, geometric shapes and patterns can also make spaces feel larger. They are also perfect for breaking up larger spaces and creating zones as discussed above.

Colour choices are completely down to personal taste – and there’s certainly enough of them about! If you’re looking to add some sizzle and spice into your home life, strong and bold reds offset with white tiles can help to create this. If your kitchen is always busy, a neutral and calming grey palette can help to keep things peaceful. Wood effect floor tiles can help to create a sense of natural charm and space too.

Another thing to consider is underfloor heating – gone are the days when these systems used to be very expensive to install, and even more expensive to run. Modern underfloor heating systems are very energy efficient and can be controlled from your phone! These systems work perfectly with porcelain floor tiles too as the dense porcelain disperses heat more evenly than your standard wall radiators.

Okay – Schools out for today – why should I listen to you?

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Here at The London Tile Company, we know a thing or two about kitchen tiles having supplied them for over 60 years. You won’t find any cheap and nasty tiles on our site or in any of our showrooms, we only import the finest ceramic and porcelain tiles from well-known European factories. This means that when you shop London Tile, you’re getting a quality of tile, and a quality of service you won’t find anywhere else, all at a price you’ll love!

If you’re looking to renovate or refresh your kitchen, why not order some samples of our kitchen tiles straight to your door? Alternately, pop into one of our branches across the South of the UK and speak to our friendly team.

porcelpave cathedral porcelain patio tiles used in a modern outdoor space with patio furniture

PorcelPave Porcelain Paving: PorcelPave Cathedral


Refresh Your Porcelain Patio Paving With PorcelPave Cathedral

The summer is finally here and it’s time to get your garden ready for warmer weather, entertaining, and sun bleached good times. It’s been a long trek to get to this point, so those dirty old paving slabs need to go – and be replaced with stunning and hard wearing outdoor porcelain tiles!

porcelpave cathedral porcelain tiles with a blue glass bottle decoration

Why do I need porcelain patio slabs?

Vitrified paving is second only in hardness to diamonds, having been made under extremely high temperatures. It’s a very dense and hard wearing material, making it the perfect foundation for heavy garden furniture!


Being completely non-porous makes PorcelPave porcelain paving slabs frost proof. Water can’t get in and expand when frozen – which could weaken or even crack other non-porcelain tiles.


Porcelain paving slabs are not just resistant to water – they are impervious to water. This harks back to the point about vitrified paving being non-porous!


This also makes them extremely easy to clean! Stains can’t soak in, so are easily lifted off with very little effort. You can still pressure wash them though… because pressure washing is fun!


Our PorcelPave porcelain patio tiles all come with anti-slip surfaces. Rated R9 or higher! This makes them extremely safe and slip resistant, more so than natural stone paving or wooden decking.


Our porcelain outdoor floor tiles are completely colourfast, meaning they’ll look as good in twenty years as they do today!


Another huge bonus over standard paving is the wide selection of different styles and effect available, much more than the standard beige or grey external tiles we’re all used to – and bored of seeing. Why not wow your guests with high quality stone effect tiles modelled on Italian marble, or bring natural charm to your outdoor space with wood effect decking? Remember, whatever option you choose is low maintenance with porcelain paving.

porcelpave porcelain patio slabs used with a pergola

PorcelPave Cathedral

A new addition to our PorcelPave range comes in the form of our Cathedral collection. Strong and untamed by time, the PorcelPave Cathedral range takes its name from the timeless flooring found in buildings that have stood for centuries. These large format 900 x 600 porcelain paving slabs make a statement of your patio or garden area, and all feature realistic stone effects and riven surfaces.

porcelpave cathedral porcelain patio tiles used in a modern outdoor space with patio furniture

Our show stopping PorcelPave Cathedral Dark features dramatic dark grey and navy tones with strong marbling and flecking just like real stone flooring – but with none of the maintenance that real stone requires! We love the depth of colour on Cathedral Dark, it’s almost anthracite tones certainly make a bold impression of strength and intrigue.

porcelpave cathedral grey porcelain slabs used on a sunlit patio with sofa

PorcelPave Cathedral Grey is the perfect middle ground between Dark and White, featuring mottled grey tones on a neutral muted grey background with realistic stone effects – your guests won’t believe it’s not natural stone! This porcelain paving slab is perfect for accentuating your garden furniture or complimenting your landscape design.

porcelpave cathedral porcelain tiles with outdoor sofa

Do you love the look of sandstone but worry that it’s not hard wearing enough? PorcelPave Cathedral Sand has you covered! Looking like real sandstone with neutrally balanced grey and beige tones, Cathedral Sand puts you in mind of sunbleached holidays and peaceful spaces! It’s calming tones keeping you safe in the knowledge that it’s ready for whatever outdoor life can throw at it.

porcelpave cathedral white porcelain tiles used in a modern outdoor space

Finally, PorcelPave Cathedral White is a light bodied porcelain tile that brings a slice of warm Italian terrace living to your garden and outdoor space. Relax in the cool, light, and airy atmosphere created by this lighter shade of paving slab. Light tiles might seem like a strange choice for outdoors, but remember that PorcelPave slabs are stain resistant and easy to clean!

Want to see how the PorcelPave Cathedral collection will look in your garden or outdoor space? You can order a completely free cut sample to your door today! We’re so confident that you’ll love the tile, we’ll even pay the shipping!

Accessorise And Make It Your Own!

porcelpave cuba porcelain patio slabs under a pergola

A good outdoor tile is the foundation of your patio or garden space, there to accentuate – but never overshadow – your garden furniture. With the PorcelPave range of precision engineered porcelain tiles, you don’t have to worry about heavy garden furniture damaging your tiles. That means you’re good to go wild with heavy and stylish potted planters, cast iron tables for an industrial vibe, even large features like a pergola can really help to bring out the best in your space.

Great! I’m On board With Porcelain Paving and PorcelPave Cathedral – But Why Should I Listen To You?

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Here at The London Tile Company we have the benefit of over 60 years in the tile supply trade, with an emphasis on high quality porcelain paving slabs and indoor-outdoor porcelain tiles. Our fully stocked website is here to help you order samples and place orders, with a friendly customer service team on hand to answer all your queries. If you want to go and talk to someone face-to-face about your project, pop into one of our five showrooms across the South of the UK, where our expert showroom assistants are poised to help you. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

coloured metro tiles in a bathroom

Siam Metro Tiles for Spring 2021


Metro Tile Madness!

With everyone going mad for metro tiles this year, we thought it was about time we updated our classic metro tile range! We’re proud to introduce the new Siam tile range to our collection. Metro wall tiles (or subway tiles as they are often called) can be used in so many wonderful and imaginative ways, and the smooth colours of the Siam range are sure to elevate any wall!

colourful metro tiles in a kitchen

Make a splash with stunning Tiffany Blue, breathe in the calm with relaxing Malachite Green, go bold with Heritage Red, or let the neutral Pearl bring out your fittings and features, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms! Four stunning colours to choose from, one great metro tile range – Find it all with Siam.


Green metro tiles in a bathroom

So you’ve decided on a lavish colour to match your style, now what? It’s time to think about grout lines. Tile grout is visible in between your tiles and can make your tiled project go from looking great to truly show stopping!

People often think that tile grout has to be white or grey, but there’s a vast array of colour options now available from London Tile.

The ever-popular Kerakoll Fugabella grout range has fifty great colours to choose from, with matching silicone sealants too! Here’s a London Tile top tip; using different accent colours between your tile grout and your metro tiles can turn your wall into a key focal point!

For example, green and pink compliment each other perfectly and are a tile and grout match we see again and again. This popular match could include our new Malachite Green Siam tiles, which we think look beautiful with the No.40 Kerakoll Fugabella grout.

You might be fooled into thinking you’re back in the eighties, but bold retro colours and patterns are back in style again – especially when it comes to interior design. With so many stuck indoors over the last year and working from home, it’s no wonder people are looking to add some life and energy to their space. Bold metro tiles paired with stunning coloured grouts are fantastic way to keep things fresh.

If you need some help choosing a colour grout to go with your tiles, these are the top trending grout colours so far this year; coloured grouts from Kerakoll

·     Pink

·     Green

·     Blue

·     Black

·     White

·     Grey

The London Tile Company is part of The Hampshire Tile Warehouse Group, giving us access to over 60 years in the tiling and tile supply industry. Our website boasts a large collection of tiles and matching products, where you can place orders or get tile samples straight to your door. We also have five retail showrooms across the South of the UK where you can browse and ask for expert advice.

Have you gone mad for brick metro tiles this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and continue the discussion over on our Facebook page!

A selection of metro tiles in different styles

Metro Tiles – Tile Trends for 2021


Metro Tiles; From the Subway to Suburbia

cactus white kitchen metro tiles

Classic metro tiles are less of a trend and more of a style icon! We love them here at The London Tile Company, and it’s apparent that you do too! These small format tiles come in bright colours that breathe life into your home, whilst also being extremely affordable at the same time.

What is a Metro Tile?

Metro tiles are a popular type of tile often used in interior designs for both kitchens and bathrooms. They were popularised by their use in at London Underground stations, hence the name Metro, and are also often called Subway Tiles too. But don’t worry, you don’t need to own a train station to use them in your home!

Metro tiles at Mornington Crescent Underground Station

Because of their sleek shape and design they are frequently used in both retro and contemporary designs. If you’re looking to tile a modern open plan kitchen diner, you can’t go wrong with a simple gloss tile. Similarly, Metro Tiles should always be your first port of call for vintage inspired country-style kitchens too!

What size are Metro Tiles?

Usually 200mm wide by 100mm high, metro wall tiles can also be found in 300mm by 100mm versions too! They are always rectangular and brick shaped, although sizes and finishes vary by design.

They can have rustic crackle gloss surfaces that give them a handmade vibe, or an easy clean gloss surface – perfect for kitchen splashbacks! Metro tiles also often come with bevelled edge variants, where the edges of the tiles incline slightly giving a 3D surface area to look at.

What Colour Grout to use with Metro Tiles?

Small format tiles have more grout joints, meaning you can incorporate grout colours in your interior design! And with colourful tiles there’s no reason to settle on white, cream or grey grout. It’s important to pick complementary colours between your tiles and your grout, and because not everyone is a graphic student or interior designer, we’ve included a handy colour wheel below!

Colour wheel for choosing tile grout

This helps you work out which colour of grout can go with your bright new Metro Tiles, but why stop there? You can also get silicone to match your grout, so every part of your interior design matches and is in harmony. Us tile nerds love harmony.

How to fit Metro Tiles

Here at The London Tile Company we always recommend using a professional tiler to complete your room. But if you are going to have a go yourself Metro Tiles are a great choice to learn with! They’re made of ceramic, so you can cut them with a standard tile cutter, and their small size makes them easy to work with.

herringbone and metro tile patterns

Because of their shape and style, brick metro tiles are perfect to use in standard, herringbone, or even staggered patterns! It’s amazing how quickly you can turn a tiled surface into a statement wall with a little forethought.

Because there will be more grout joins, we recommend using tile spacers to keep everything nice and even – and make sure to keep your spirit level handy for straight lines and edges. Remember about us tile nerds loving harmony!

Standard tile adhesive will keep the tiles in place, and a complimentary colour tile grout will keep things looking great. If your metro tiles have a crackle glaze finish on them, remember to use a sealer like this to keep them looking and shining their best!

What are the most popular Metro tile ranges at The London Tile Company?

vintage metro tiles

Vintage Metro Tiles

kyoto metro tiles

Kyoto Metro Tiles

cactus white metro tiles

Cactus Metro Tiles

savanna blue metro tiles in a retro style kitchen

Savanna Metro Tiles

Who are The London Tile Company?

Pulling from 60 years experience in the industry, we know a thing or two about tiles – and metro tiles are one of our favourites! You can pop in to any of our retail stores across the South of the UK, or hop on over to our website where you can find out information, get samples, and make your order all from the comfort of your home.

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March Tile Trends for Spring


Our Top Tips for Wall & Floor Tiles for March

With the trash fire of 2020 in the rear view mirror, it’s time to look forward to 2021. Spring has sprung, and the lifting of lockdown restrictions is finally on the horizon. At London Tile HQ we’ve embraced this time with excitement and vigour, and we’re here with some new trends and special offers to help you do the same! So grab a cup of coffee and a slice of motivation to fulfil your renovation projects with our top tips for March 2021!

Ajuda Warm Patterned Tiles:

ajuda warm patterned tiles in a retro kitchen

Say sayonara to the drab four walls and floors of lockdown with Ajuda Warm patterned tiles! These patterned tiles add some eastern flair and intrigue to your interior design and are sure to be focal points of any room. Taking inspiration from traditional encaustic tiles, these stunning 200mmx200mm patterned tiles include warm Red & Yellow tones. They are perfect to use as both feature wall tiles or decor tile floor tiles, and the Ajuda Warm range never fails to uplift our mood.

Patterned tiles are boomeranging back to popularity with stylish geometric shapes and art deco patterns becoming sought after once again, and the Ajuda pattern creates the classic retro look flawlessly. To add a sweetener to your Spring, there’s a whopping 25% off the entire Ajuda range until April whilst stocks last!

Colours in Ajuda Range:

Ajuda Warm

Ajuda Cold

Bergen Wood Effect Tiles:

bergen wood effect tiles on a dining room floor Wood effect floor tiling has been a huge trend for some time now as more and more people adopt the cost-effective solution of wood effect tiles over real wooden flooring. Our Bergen collection is just one of our wide range of wood effect floor tiles, but it’s one of our favourites. Featuring all the real surface textures and colourings of real wood, it’s perfect for getting the rustic charm of a wooden floor, with none of the worrying or maintenance.

You can use Bergen in any room of the house, but we see it used most often in homely living spaces like kitchens and dining rooms. These large format porcelain tiles measure in at 750mm x 150mm to emulate wooden planks, and pair brilliantly with underfloor heating systems.

Whilst stocks last, there is also 25% off all our Bergen tiles until April too, so get in quick and grab yourself a bargain.

Colours in Bergen Range:

Bergen Beige

Bergen White

Bergen Grey

Bergen Light Grey

Bergen Brown


Need a closer look? To order tile samples or see more of our ranges, head over to London Tile today!


Valverdi Wood Effect Tiles

Wood Effect Tiles or Engineered Wood Flooring?


Valverdi copse wood effect tiles indoors

This is a question we get asked all the time by customers wanting a solid and reliable flooring solution in their homes. We obviously have a favourite – the clue is in our name – but let’s explore this idea together and see the pros and cons to both sides.

Without further ado it’s time to answer the question…

Which flooring is better, tile or hardwood?

We’re a positive bunch here at the London Tile Company, so we’re going to talk about the positive aspects of using real wood flooring in and around your home first.
Firstly – let’s talk natural quality.

Real hardwood flooring and decking is produced naturally from real trees. Solid wood floors are world renowned for their beauty and ability to breathe a sense of natural calm into a space. But just how natural is natural wood flooring in reality?

The truth is most wood flooring these days are predominantly made from engineered timber – not solid. They’re made up of several layers of different timber with a wood veneer on top.


Wood Shades Graphic at London TileWhen choosing a real wood floor, you have a multitude of choices and varieties depending on your area and budget. Different types of trees have different colouring, graining, properties and tones. Even after all that, you can always stain the wood yourself, changing the inherent colour and effect to your own tastes! It’s is important to keep in mind that the colour of wood can change over time due to sun-bleaching or ageing.

Whilst we are talking about the ability to change the appearance of your wood floor, we should touch on refinishing. Being able to refinish a wooden floor via stripping or sanding it makes real wood flooring an attractive investment. The scratches and scuffs they accumulate over time can simply be sanded away. Real wooden flooring can be refinished multiple times as long as the work is carried out with care.

Perhaps this ability to change their appearance is why wooden floors last so long, never out of favour or out of style. In fact, because of their longevity real wood floors often outlive their owners! With this in mind, why would you realistically choose anything other than real solid wood flooring for your home?

Wood Warping London Tile

Real wood flooring doesn’t stay put or stay in a uniform shape – part of its rustic charm, but it can also be a costly lesson for homeowners. Wood naturally expands when it comes into contact with moisture – that’s the downside of using a natural product. And because it’s not waterproof, all the steam and splashes you find in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor areas can cause your floor to expand and contract. When the wood moves and warps away from its original position it often opens joints when it later dries.

Water spillages can also lead to the wood going black, and more serious spillages will put the floor beyond repair, making wooden floors unsuited to bathrooms and kitchens. In addition, they really don’t get along with underfloor heating. The changes in wood temperature can cause further movement, joint opening and warping.

Plus, wooden floor won’t retain heat for very long, making it an expensive prospect to run over time with your underfloor heating system. Wood is also quite a good insulator so energy will be lost in overcoming this resistance rather than radiating the heat.

Whilst it’s great to embrace a natural stance, it’s also worth thinking about where your wood is coming from. As a general rule we advise to avoid tropical hardwoods as these come from tropical rainforests. Forestry Certification schemes attempt to avoid the problems of deforestation there is growing evidence of criminality and false certificates.

Is there any other substitute for wooden floors?

Wood Effect tiled flooring in a dining area

Enter the wood effect porcelain tile. With wood effect floor tiling you get all of the looks and charms of real wood wall and floor coverings, with no maintenance or re-sanding and all at a competitive price.

Porcelain tiles are made from firing clay under immense heat and pressure to create a tile that is dense and solid. They then have their designs printed onto their surfaces to make them look like real wood with state of the art high definition printers. But it goes further than that, our wood look tiles have textured surfaces, meaning that they have the same graining, knots, and rustic surface textures that you would find in real wood, creating the most realistic wood effect tiles around.

Unrestrained by the woods and colourings available, your range of choice expands greatly with wood effect tiling. You can choose a design from many different types of wood, graining, tones, staining and tile surface textures. There is enough variety here to satisfy even the most discerning interior designer. We love the sun bleached and smoke wood tones for outdoors, whilst retaining rich mahogany and chocolatey colours to create a warm and rustic interior.

Outdoor wood effect decking tiles

Valverdi Indoor-Out wood effect porcelain tiles allow you to seamlessly synchronise the interior and exterior of your home. Perfect for expanding your living space if you have sliding or bifold doors. And the best part about all this – next to no maintenance!

Whether you’re putting a range of wood effect floor porcelain tiles indoors or outdoors, porcelain wood effect tiles arrive pre finished, require no sealing, no stripping and next to no cleaning.

Tiles over time London Tile

All our porcelain floor tiles are impervious to water, stain resistant, and even weather and frost resistant too. Not to mention they are completely colour fast and fade proof, in fact, they will look as good in 20 years as they do on the day they were laid! Moisture will not affect porcelain tiles and the adhesives used to lay them and they will not be affected by floods – although if laid on a timber floor the underlying timber may fail.

Okay – so right now it’s looking pretty close between real wood and wood effect, so do wood effect tile floors play nicely with underfloor heating systems?

You bet they do – we’ve already mentioned that they are un-phased by temperature changes, but did you know they can help to make your underfloor heating more cost effective too? Porcelain floor tiles are very dense meaning they retain heat for longer and you get more from your system. They also disperse heat more evenly from the entirety of the tile surface, so no more arctic edges or cold spots – unless your house is haunted of course…

So, which one is better then?

Real wood flooring may be initially marginally cheaper, but with the upkeep and maintenance products (not to mention time), wood effect tiles become the financially better option. And whilst they’re not real wood, this means they don’t get the inherent problems that natural wood does, like warping or movement, water damage and wear. Wood effect tiles are also completely waterproof and perfect to use both indoors and out, creating a matching flow to your home.

All these factors coupled with the added benefit of being able to use modern inventions like underfloor heating puts wood effect tiles one step ahead in our opinion.

Woodland Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Okay, so you’ve made some good points, but why should I listen to you? Who made you the experts!?

Over sixty years’ experience trading in porcelain and ceramic tiles have made us the experts. Here at the London Tile Company we’re part of the Hampshire Tile Warehouse Group of Companies, a select trading group and the premier tile suppliers in the UK.

We specialise in in ceramic and porcelain tiles for inside your home and out, marrying quality with value to give you the best flooring solutions around. You can browse and order tiles on our website using our easy online ordering system, or pop into one of our branches across the South of the UK!

As you may have guessed we stock a wide range or wood effect floor tiles for both indoor and outdoor uses. Browse our ranges and benefit from free delivery on all tile orders over £300!


How To Get The Modern Country Look In Your Kitchen


If the home is where the hearth is, then the kitchen is our modern day hearth. The kitchen is much more than the place where you store your food, it truly is the centre of the home. It is where all the family, no matter how big or small, come together and connect. Classic country kitchens are often associated with, and invoke feelings of, warmth and welcome. They give off a rustic, homely ambience, which in recent years has seen a rise in popularity.

The ‘modern country’ style is a look that works in all property types from real country properties to modern townhouses. It is a look that is both traditional and contemporary, simply put, it is a timeless aesthetic. We at The London Tile Co. have put together our tips on how you can transform your kitchen today.

Think Natural

The contemporary country look is all about making use of natural materials. Think wooden beams and cabinets, exposed brick walls and natural stone flooring. Unfortunately, natural materials can not only break the bank account, but also require constant upkeep – like the sealing and resealing of natural stone tiles to prevent staining. Luckily, we at London Tile have the next best thing, realistic tiles that mimic natural materials. From brick to wood to natural stone, we have porcelain tiles that come with none of the costs of natural materials but still give your kitchen that same rustic feeling.

Brick walls: Beautiful brick feature walls will give any kitchen a country feel. At The London Tile Co. we have the realistic Battersea brick effect range. Available in traditional red, fresh white and cool grey these bricks will look great and transform any kitchen interior into a modern country aesthetic.

Wood: Wooden beams and cabinets clearly signal a country kitchen. It brings the outdoors inside with a cultivated elegance that echoes through the ages. However, wooden beams can be an expensive style choice. So, why not have wood effect floors, which give all the appearance of natural wood with the delightful ease of porcelain tiles? Our Globe range is designed to look like distressed wooden floorboards to help you create that traditional feeling.

Stone flooring: A country kitchen isn’t complete without beautiful stone flooring. Our Cavern range of porcelain wall and floor tiles have a riven slate effect, available in the multicoloured mix, striking black, and more subtle sand & grey. What tiles like this do is help summon images of pastoral settings, even if you are living in the city, making your kitchen an idyllic escape from every-day life.

The Importance of Colour

When designing a country kitchen, homeowners will often opt for white as a focus colour. Whilst this can make the room look more spacious, don’t be afraid to mix things up. Country styles often favour more muted colour palettes, think nature-inspired shades and playful pastels. However, bold pops of colour can really liven up your kitchen and give it a distinctive character that is unique to you. Why not paint your cabinets in a different colour to the rest of your kitchen space to add further depth and variation to your kitchen.

Embrace Patterns

Whilst natural materials and subtle colours can often seem to dominate most country styles, patterns play a crucial role as well. A patterned tiled floor is a great and simple way of creating that modern country feeling in your kitchen. If you are thinking of a patterned tiled floor, we have many great choices to choose from like our Priory Décor Cross Design or our Retromix Range. When we say embrace patterns this doesn’t have to be an all or nothing experience. The amount and level to which you integrate patterns into your kitchen is entirely dependent on you. If you aren’t sure a patterned floor is for you, there are other ways to use patterns. Think pillows, throws, rugs, crookery, blinds, tea towels, the options to add pattern and character to your kitchen really are endless.

Keep it Traditional

To help create an authentic country look switch out your modern appliances for those with a more traditional feel. Brass Victorian taps, and rustic looking appliances like your lighting and kettle are just some of the items you can invest in for that traditional look.

Get Display Happy

Country kitchens aren’t supposed to be pristine and completely clutter-free in fact, to help create that rustic ambiance, which is vital for a modern country aesthetic, it is better to get display happy. It helps give a space that lived-in feel and can make a kitchen seem much homelier. There are a number of ways in which you can display things in your kitchen. Consider adding glass doors to your cupboards so your beautiful collection of plates, bowls, and mugs will be on display. You may also want to put up hooks where you can hang your oven gloves, tea towels and apron.

There you have it, all our tips and suggestions to help you achieve the modern country look in your home. So, get ready to transform your kitchen into the welcoming, warm hearth it is.