• Monochrome Bathroom

Monochrome Bathroom

In this blog post we provide tips and ideas on how to create a striking black and white bathroom.

Black & White Bathroom Tile Ideas

Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious bathing area, the classic pairing of black and white can look stunning. Through a combination of black tiles, white tiles and coordinating fixtures, fittings and accessories, you can create a classic look or an ultra modern environment.

White Tiles, Black Accessories

By using all white tiles in your bathroom you can create a light, bright environment that provides a crisp backdrop for black accessories and, if you’re brave enough, black fixtures and fittings.

Including a black bath, toilet and sink unit will instantly create a modern style statement. When contrasted with white tiles, the room will have an individual yet balanced look. The accessories you choose to include could reflect one of these colours, be a combination of the two, or instead add a bold ‘pop’ of colour as a focal point.

If black sanitaryware isn’t to your taste, then stick with classic white to coordinate with the white wall tiles. Then choose gorgeous black accessories to provide interest, such as the towels and containers for bath/shower products. Alternatively, create true drama by using white bathroom tiles with black grout for a striking look.

Black Tiles, White Accessories

Using predominately black tiles will tend to create a dramatic, modern look. It can also make your bathroom appear smaller, so if you have a tiny room you may want to consider using the black tiles just as a feature wall or only on the floor to avoid creating a cramped feel.

When using all black tiles in the room we recommend using white sanitaryware and accessories in order to provide balance and create a stylish – rather than dour – environment. If you are looking for an ultra modern look then consider using black tiles with white grout. This unusual pairing will look particularly striking and contemporary if you use black metro tiles.

Combining Black & White Tiles

Many people prefer to use a combination of black and white tiles in their monochrome bathroom, and accessorise accordingly. A popular option is to have black floor tiles with white wall tiles as this creates a classic look that isn’t too dramatic or ‘in your face’.

Creating a feature area with solid black tiles whilst the rest of the room is tiled in white is a great way to tastefully incorporate the monochrome look into your bathroom. This look works particularly well when the feature area of black tiles is the shower or bath area.

For added interest to your bathroom, consider using patterned or textured tiles. Adding texture can create variety and interest, whilst a pattern can be as ‘loud’ or as subtle as you like.

Classic Chequerboard Look

The chequerboard effect is a popular look for walls and floors – though we advise doing only the walls or the floors in a chequerboard look to avoid creating a chaotic effect. To achieve this style, choose tiles that are the same size and same finish. Whilst you can mix up sizes and textures of tiles, this is unlikely to produce the polished look you’re after.

Subtle Touches – Decor Borders

Decor border tiles can add a subtle touch of black if you don’t want to go all out with the drama. Border tiles often feature subtle patterns and can be a fantastic way to blend black and white colours in a tasteful manner.

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