• Tips For Choosing Your Grout

Tips For Choosing Your Grout

Tips On Choosing Your Grout Colour

At The London Tile Co. we have a huge array of tile grout colours to help you achieve your ideal look. Create a classic effect with off-white grout, or a crisp look with pure white. Matching the grout to your tiles creates a streamlined appearance, and contrasting dark coloured grout with lighter tiles provides a modern twist.

  • Pick up a grout colour swatch and compare against the tile you intend to use.
  • In areas of high traffic, a light coloured grout is not advisable.
  • Consider the grout undertone and whether in will match other surface colours in your home, for example painted walls and furniture.
  • For a uniform look, choose a grout colour that is close in colour to the tile, but not the exact colour.
  • To highlight the tiles or the pattern on the tiles, choose a contrasting grout colour.

We stock a range of high performance adhesives and grout from the following market-leading brands: Bostik, Ardex, Norcros and BAL.


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