• London Tile Top Tips for Bathroom Safety

London Tile’s Top Tips for Child Safety Week

While we love a great looking bathroom kitted with the finest tiles from London Tile, we also like to ensure that the bathroom is a safe place for your child(ren) to enjoy a bath.

With Child Safety Week in full swing (June 21-29, 2014), we wanted to share a few tips on how you can create a safer environment for your children at home.

Ensuring Your Bathroom is Safe

  • ANTI-SLIP TILES: Provide a slip-resistant surface around your bathroom to avoid potential falls due to slippery surfaces. If you have a wetroom, it’s imperative to ensure the shower tray is tiled with an anti-slip tile for safety purposes.
  • TILE and BATHROOM CLEANERS: Tile cleaning supplies and general bathroom cleaners help keep the bathing area sanitary and hygienic for everyone, but they pose a great safety concern if they aren’t properly stored. Always keep these cleaners out of sight and out of reach of children!
  • DRAINAGE: Drain the bathtub directly after use because even the smallest amount of water (approximately 5cm or 2in) is even for a small child to drown. If you have a wet room, always check that the drain is working properly and no water is pooling where it shouldn’t.
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL: Check the temperature of the bath before letting children into the bath or shower. Supervise small children washing their hands as they may not be aware of how hot tap water can get in a short period of time. A good idea may be to run the cold water first and then add hot water to obtain the perfect temperature.
  • NEVER leave children unattended in a bathroom or wet room
  • DANGEROUS OBJECTS and MEDICINES: Store all sharp and dangerous objects (scissors, clippers, razors, etc.) in a safe place that can’t be accessed by small children.
  • TOILETS: Close the lid – you don’t want to find your child trying to swim in the loo!
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