Interesting Ideas For Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tiles have been used for thousands of years to create works of art and decoration by people all over the world. Available in glass, stone, ceramic and even metal, mosaic tiles also come in a variety of colours and designs suitable for so many surfaces. We could all be using these beautiful tiles in much more creative ways, so here’s some inspiration.

Ways To Use Mosaic Tiles

Stair Riser

Adding mosaics to the riser of each step gives a subtle but glamorous look to any staircase.


A traditional use for mosaic tiles is to create a border or trim to accent or break-up a wall of single colour tiles, particularly if the tiles are neutral or white.

Shower Niche

If you’re adding a niche to the shower wall for toiletries you should consider using mosaic tiles. It creates a special spot to store your shampoo, and adds a glittery accent to a simple wall.

Tiled Bath Panel

Use a tileable bath panel kit to create a fully tiled bath surround. This will give you a beautiful and luxurious space to relax in and creates a spa-inspired look.

Shower Floor

If you have a level-access shower or wetroom, use mosaics on the shower area floor. They work perfectly with wet room shower trays and do not need cutting to create a slope for drainage, they also create a clear zone for showering and look fantastic too.


Mosaic tiles around a fireplace add a touch of class to a living room, and look lovely with the flames’ glow reflecting in the glass.

DIY Furniture

Add mosaic tiles to a cabinet door or the top of an old coffee or side table for an instant makeover.

Between Larger Tiles

Add a thin strip of mosaic tiles between larger floor tiles for an understated yet sophisticated look.

Kitchen Splashback

Use mosaics to add a focal point to your kitchen around the cooker or sink.

Create a Work of Art

Be ambitious with your mosaics and create a mural on your floor or wall. Carefully plan the design so it’s easy to execute when it comes to tiling. You’ll have a unique and personal piece of art in your home!

Mosaic tiles are easy to use and come in both neutral tones or more glamorous and glitzy styles. Browse our fantastic range of Mosaic Tiles and start planning your project today!


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