• Tiled Splashback Design Tips

Tiled Splashback Design Tips

Tiles make a great wall covering as they look fantastic and they are extremely easy to keep clean. This makes them perfect for kitchen splashbacks; protecting the walls around the sink, cooker or whole kitchen from spills and splashes.

When designing your tiled splashback there are several factors to consider, so we’ve put together some tips for choosing your tiles and creating an eye-catching display.

Adding or updating the tiles in your kitchen is a really quick and easy way to give the room a whole new look. There are so many options when it comes to designing a splashback – whether you want to keep it simple, add a splash of colour or create a work of art, we’ve got a range of tips to help you transform your kitchen.

  • Tile the whole wall, particularly if you have shelving or cabinets above the area to be tiled. This gives a sense of continuity and will make a small kitchen feel larger.
  • Create a focal point around the cooking area using bright or patterned tiles. Use contrasting tiles for other areas if you are tiling throughout.
  • Choose contrasting grout with metro/brick tiles for a cool subway-style look.
  • Use mosaic tiles with a simple worktop or counter, these don’t work well if there is too much going on elsewhere in the kitchen.
  • Pick a pattern for your tile layout, this can make simple tiles look expensive while also adding interest. A herringbone or diagonal pattern is an easy way to transform tiles into a stylish splashback.
  • Get creative using different coloured or patterned tiles to create your own pattern.
  • Use bright coloured tiles to add a pop of colour to a simple kitchen. Accessorise with matching appliances and utensils for a bright and modern look.
  • Use a border or trim to separate the splashback from the rest of the room and create a designated area.
  • Extend your splashback by tiling the kitchen counters in the same tile.

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