• Create a Spa Style Wet Room At Home

Create A Spa-Style Wet Room At Home

For many years in the UK wet rooms were reserved for luxurious hotels and spas, giving them an air of exclusivity. As they have become more affordable to install at home, wet room popularity has increased. We want to make sure you feel as though you are walking into a lavish spa each time you enter your wet room, so we’ve put together some tips for re-creating a spa style wet room at home.

  • Use patterned tiles throughout a large wet room to give it a modern feel.
  • Create curved walls and seats that are tiled to enhanced the spa look.
  • If you’re feeling brave go for dark tiles throughout the room, this will add drama to your walk in shower room.
  • Split the room in a larger wet room, creating separate sections to give a spa feel.
  • An all white wet room is iconic, however this can be hard to keep clean so be ready for the commitment.
  • Create a focal point by using different tiles in the shower area.
  • Bright colours give a really trendy and modern look to a wet room, but be sure to choose a colour that will stand the test of time.
  • Mosaics, particluarl metallic glass tiles, give an exuberant feel – try using them in focal areas.
  • If space is limited, add a frameless wet room shower screen to avoid water splashing throughout.
  • Underfloor heating is a must in your wet room, add heated towel rails for extra luxury.

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