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How To Keep Cool With A White Kitchen

White kitchens have a cool and classic style that stands the test of time, and it’s easy to see why; they look more spacious, create a blank canvas for accessories, and work with any style. Here are a few ideas for working white into your kitchen.

  • For an eye-catching look try an all white kitchen, but remember that any spills or dust will be extremely visible so you’ll need to keep it very clean.
  • Add contrast with pops of colour from bright accessories and utensils, use an assortment for a mix-and-match look.
  • Go industrial with copper and chrome accessories, with dark grout and white metro tiles on the walls.
  • Add black to the mix and create a cool monochrome kitchen.
  • Highlight key areas with lighting, choose bright white lights for a modern look or go softer with warm hues.
  • Pair your white kitchen with wooden worktops and vintage accessories for a rustic feel.
  • For a simple theme that’s not as harsh as an all white kitchen add neutral tones to soften the look.

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