• Are Travertine Tiles Right For You

Are Travertine Tiles Right For You?

Natural stone tiles are often seen as a luxurious choice for flooring in the home, and travertine is no exception. Travertine is a type of limestone that’s formed by mineral rich hot springs, and has been used as a building material for thousands of years – the Colosseum in Rome is made primarily of travertine.

One of the best things about travertine flooring is that it can last for decades, and if properly maintained it will continue to look fantastic throughout its life. However, travertine is not a low maintenance tile and it will require sealing. It’s also important to remember to clean up any spills as soon as possible, using a non-acidic cleaner, as the stone is prone to staining.

Travertine has a natural beauty which means that each tile may have a slight colour and pattern difference due to the amount of iron present during it’s formation. This creates a range of beautiful shades from pale ivory to rich cream colours and even some more earthy tones. This colour variation is seen in most natural stone tiles, and is often what people like most about them but if you’re looking for a sleek and consistent effect then travertine is not for you.

Natural travertine tiles can be used in most rooms of the home, as well as the garden, so it is often a popular choice for homeowners. The elegant look and long-lasting nature also appeal to buyers, so travertine can even add value to your home. The neutral colours of travertine tiles also mean they work well with many colour schemes and design choices – from modern and minimalist to more rustic country homes.

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