• Designing an Accessible Wet Room

Designing An Accessible Wet Room

Wet rooms are often associated with luxury, however they are becoming more and more popular as an option for those with mobility issues such as the elderly or less abled. The level access shower removes the need to step over a bath or even shower tray, creating a more accessible bathing experience. We’ve put together some top tips to help you create a stylish and practical accessible wet room.

It’s also worth considering these options if you don’t have mobility issues but are planning on updating your bathroom, as an accessible wet room is an attractive prospect to buyers. It will also cover you if you plan to stay in your home for years to come and one day require accessible options.

Tips For Creating An Accessible Wet Room

Walk In Shower – creating a level access shower using a tileable wet room shower tray makes getting in and out of the shower effortless, and the lack of shower tray or bath gives extra space for wheelchairs or carers.

Non-Slip Tiles – tiles are the perfect choice for wet rooms, and non-slip mosaic tiles give additional grip – particularly in the shower area.

Grab Rails – grab rails or bars are extremely important in an accessible bathroom for both safety and helping yourself up. You can consult a physical therapist for guidance of where to install the bars if you are unsure.

Shower Bench – this is another feature which wouldn’t look out of place in a spa, but is also extremely handy for those of us who find it hard to stand in the shower.

Hand Held Shower – a hand held shower head is available with many modern shower fittings, and it can be a big help when washing alone becomes too difficult.

Electric Underfloor Heating– underfloor heating will help evaporate surface water from the floor, making it easier to clean and less likely to cause any slips or falls. It will also add a luxurious feel to cool tiled floors.

Light Switches – make sure these are easy to reach and safe for a wet environment.


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