The Benefits of Fixing Valverdi Balcony Tiles on Support Pedestals

If you are lucky enough to have a balcony or roof terrace then you’ll know how important it is for it to be a relaxing environment. One way to help achieve this is to create a sleek and simple floor using Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles.

The porcelain tiles come in two varieties; a 10mm indoor tile and co-ordinating 20mm outdoor tile, and are available in a range of gorgeous colours. These can be used independently, or combined to create a seamless transition between indoors and your outdoor space. Valverdi 20mm outdoor tiles have increased slip-resistance, and are frost, stain and mould proof – making them the perfect choice for your balcony or roof terrace. There are several choices available when fixing Valverdi tiles, but for roof terraces and balconies the pedestal method is the perfect one.

What are Valverdi Support Pedestals?

Fixing tiles in outdoor environments can be extremely tricky – surfaces are often uneven and need a lot of work before paving can begin. Pedestals can make this quick and easy! Pedestals are small plastic bases that are placed below the tiles to hold them in place. The height can be adjusted on each pedestal allowing you to create an even patio quickly and easily. No adhesives or grouts are needed, and the pedestals are so easy to use they can be fitted by confident DIY-ers – no paving or tiling skills are needed!

Benefits of Fixing Valverdi Tiles on Pedestals

  • Easy To Use – No paving or tiling skills are required, making the pedestals perfect for experiences DIY-ers.
  • No Mess – Mortar, adhesive and grout are not needed.
  • Level Surface – Adjustable height pedestals make creating an even and level flooring quick and simple – no need to level the surface before fitting.
  • Self Levelling – The heads of the pedestal are self levelling to a gradient of up to 5% for sloped surfaces.
  • Insulation – Using pedestals improves thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Hide Cables – The space beneath the tiles can be used to hide cables and pipes, and easily removed for maintenance.
  • Save Time – No levelling of the surface before fitting and no drying or curing time means you can walk on the tiles immediately.
  • Easily Accessible – Individual tiles can removed or replaced by simply lifting them up.
  • Highly Resistant – The pedestals are extremely strong and resistant, giving you a long lasting paved surface.
  • Movement – Pedestals aid in the absorption of structural movement.
  • Lightweight – Fixing tiles with pedestals makes the floor significantly lighter than using adhesives and grout.
  • Drainage – The gaps between the tiles provide easy drainage to avoid surface water

The video above further illustrates the benefits and easy fitting of Valverdi pedestals on to balconies and roof terraces. Order your Valverdi Tiles and Pedestals online today.


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