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8 Ways To Add Luxury To Your Bathroom

We all look for ways to improve our living spaces to give them that ultimate luxury vibe. Here at London Tile, we’ve made a list to help you choose some ways to input timeless charm into your home.

  • Soothing colours
      • Soft greys, beige and creams create a clean look which instantly adds luxury to your home. Bathrooms and Kitchens look great with white tiles, you can use different styles to make your bathroom a little different. You can get an instant “clean feeling” by using lighter colours around your home.
  • Curves
      • Curves create flow, which always looks expensive! Use tiles with curved design details or texture in them, such as our Tonals Wave (in black and white) or Sahara tiles, these can be used as a border or in other combinations with tiles from the same range. Or if you’re not feeling that brave you could install a curved shower curtain rail for your bath – this will also add space while you’re showering!
  • High-tech
      • Use technology in your home to add luxurious vibes!

Electric underfloor heating

      • is a fantastic way to insert technology into any room in a home. We highly recommend using it in a bathroom or wet room, as it makes getting out of the shower a little easier on a chilly morning!
  • Glass
      • Using glass is a fantastic way to divide a room without using up valuable space like a real wall, this is used most effectively in wet rooms using a shower screen. However using more glass elsewhere in your home would add to the feeling of luxury. Full length windows will also help brighten up your rooms with natural light.
  • Mix it up
      • Do something extravagant, like adding a double entrance shower or completely tiling your bathroom – ceiling to floor! You could even sink your bath into the floor, or use platforms to separate areas clearly, using unusual levels will feel like you are at a fancy hotel.
  • Match it
      • By using matching wall and floor tiles you can create the illusion of more space. If you’re fully tiling the walls, this cohesive look can be continued onto the ceiling to give it a deluxe spa-like feel.
  • Keep it simple
      • Lavish your rooms in luxury by using simple colours, shapes and furniture. You can give any room the look of a hotel by keeping your surfaces as free from clutter as possible.
  • Think materials
    • Create a sanctuary in marble or go for gold with your accents, like taps, towel rails and handles, to give your home a grand vibe.

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