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How To Use Mosaic Tiles In Your Kitchen

Mosaic tiles have been popular for millennia, and more recently we’ve started using them in our homes – but are we using them to their full potential? The ancient Greeks and Romans used to depict stories in their mosaics, yet over the centuries we’ve demoted the teeny-tiles to a single border in a bathroom. Now, using mosaics as borders is not a bad thing, but we have some ideas on how to use them to make your kitchen more exciting.

Ways You Can Use Mosaic Tiles In Your Kitchen

  • Whole walls
  • Half walls
  • Backsplashes
  • The back of a shelf niche
  • Floors
  • Counters
  • Multiple horizontal borders at varying heights
  • Vertical borders

It’s important to choose a colour that suits the space you are decorating; if you plan to tile your entire backsplash and you’ve chosen dark cabinets, consider light coloured or reflective tiles, such as our glass mosaic tiles.

Keep it simple if you have concerns about covering whole walls in mosaic tiles. It’s difficult to go wrong using mosaics as small accents around a kitchen, so consider using these tiles behind your hob, as well as on the side of your island. To keep this look subtle, white glass or natural stone mosaic tiles would work particularly well.

Opting for mosaic tiles while redecorating your kitchen could make the difference between a functional kitchen and one that you’re proud of and want to spend time in. Choosing a soothing colour to tile the whole room will create a harmonious space that has an immediate relaxed atmosphere. Think out of the box, tile the floor and the lower half of the wall in mosaic and finish with a plain white tile will enhance the shapes of your cabinets and kitchen furnishings.

Have you considered using mosaics on the floor? They can be used as a fun way to define different areas in a kitchen by colour blocking with different mosaic tiles, or by using them for borders within the floor. Create easy texture with multi-coloured tiles, or try staggered mosaics that veer away from the classic grid pattern.


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