• Tile Trend: Beach House Kitchen

Tile Trend: Beach House Kitchen

Making a major change to your kitchen can be a big job, so when updating your decor you need to pick something that’s not going to go out of style in a month or two. It’s also important to choose something that you really love, as you will be living with it until you can change it next. The current top trend is inspired by surf-style beach house interiors, and we think it’s cool enough to keep you going for a few years.

We can’t all afford a seaside getaway, but we can bring subtle nautical themes into our homes by updating our kitchen decor. If you’re looking for a clean yet fun theme for your kitchen try some of these tips to bring the ocean in.


It’s your choice whether you go for a fully tiled kitchen or just a splash back, but either way you’ll want to opt for a light colour. Pick something in a sea inspired colour like turquoise, aqua or white to give the room a colourful yet light feel. A pale grey could also work, and grey happens to be one of the most on-trend kitchen colours at the moment. If you choose a white tile consider painting the walls in a green or blue as a contrast, or create stripes using alternating white and blue tiles.


There are some fantastic options when it comes to nautical-inspired lighting. Add shiny brass fittings to give an old fashioned yet luxurious captains cabin feel. Alternatively use coloured glass in blues or greens or ship inspired lanterns.


Wood is a great choice for floors in a coastal themed kitchen, and our wood effect tiles give this look with all the benefits of a tiled floor. Choose a light colour tile for a beachy driftwood look, or go for a darker shade influenced by boats in the bays. Alternatively you could choose a neutral floor tile in a sandy beach inspired tone, and add underfloor heating for a sun-warmed feel beneath your feet. Tie your floor tiles in with surfaces and counter tops to complete the overall look.


It’s easy to go overboard (pun intended!) with themed accessories, but our advice is to keep it simple to avoid it looking tacky. Use shells and coral instead of plants and flowers in a vase for an eye-catching accessory that needs no maintenance. Driftwood as a weathered picture frame or noticeboard is a subtle yet elegant nod to the sea, and rope can be used in a number of ways, for example as a tea towel holder or cupboard door handle, to bring a touch of the atlantic aboard.

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