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Kitchen Splashback Tile Ideas

Tiles are a great choice for kitchen splashbacks, as they are both hard-wearing and waterproof. There are a range of different styles and designs available, so we’ve put together some of the most popular options to help you choose your kitchen splashback tiles.

Metro Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Metro tiles are one of the most popular choices for splashbacks, thanks to their timeless style and simple design. Whether you prefer flat & matte or bevelled & glossy, we have a great range of metro tiles to choose from. If you want a modern and industrial look, combine white tiles with black or dark grey grout. Or choose softer colours with matching grout for a more homely, country feel. Create a retro-metro look with crackle-glaze Cactus metro tiles.

Mosaic Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Mosaic tiles look great in kitchens, and there is a wide range of styles to choose from. Use natural stone mosaics for a simple look, or go for glamorous glass for a more striking look. Remember that using smaller mosaic tiles means that there will be more grout joints on show – which might require more frequent cleaning.

Brick Kitchen Splashback Tiles

If you love the exposed brick look but don’t want to start adding or removing walls then this one is for you. Our range of realistic looking brick effect tiles will give the look of brick walls, particularly when fitted with 10mm joints to resemble mortar. Whether you want a cool & urban look, or something more rustic, our brick-style tiles can help you achieve the look.

Simple Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Sometimes less is more. If you prefer a clean and simple looking kitchen then keep it simple with white tiles and grout. This is also great for anyone who likes to change their decor often, as you can switch-up accessories easily to create a new colour scheme. Try our Easy Colour or Essentials ranges for simple but elegant splashback tiles.

Textured Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Looking for something simple but interesting for your kitchen splashback? 3D textured tiles are a big trend for 2016, particularly in simple and neutral colours. We love the swirling sand-inspired Sahara and linear textured Napoli tiles.

Patterned Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Kitchen splashbacks are the perfect place to use pattern, as they normally only cover a small area. Mix and match the Kingston Decor tiles from the Jamestown range, or try something different with the Eclipse Messina Decor tiles.

Metallic Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Metallic tiles are stunning and add a touch of subtle glamour to kitchen splashbacks. The Zeppelin range is available in a range of shimmering colours to suit any style.

Colour Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Adding a splash of bright colour can really liven up a kitchen, and our Vibrants tiles are perfect for doing just that. Each tile features a subtle pinstripe which adds depth to the colourful tiles. Check out the rest of our colour splash tiles for inspiration.

Wood Effect Kitchen Splashback Tiles

Want something truly unique for your kitchen splashback? Try a wood-look splashback with our wood effect tile ranges.

Lustrolite Kitchen Splashback Panels

Want a stunning splashback but not interested in tiles? Our new Lustrolite high gloss wall panels are designed to look like brightly coloured glass but are lighter, stronger and easier to cut to size. Available in nine stunning shades, Lustrolite panels can be installed by anyone confident in DIY using the installation kits.


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    Hi I am interested in metallic and stone splash backs for my kitchen.