• 4 Ways to Use a Mosaic Tile Border

4 Ways To Use a Mosaic Tile Border

At The London Tile Co. we love mosaic tiles. From non-slip wet room floors, to dazzling kitchen splashbacks, mosaic tiles have a range of uses in kitchens and bathrooms. One of the most popular uses for mosaic tiles is as a border or feature strip, so we’ve put together four ways you can use them in your home.

If you want to add colour to your bathroom or kitchen without overdoing it, a bright glass mosaic tile is a great choice. From glittering glass and metal mosaic tiles, to vibrant coloured glass – these tiles can be used in small doses to brighten up a room. But it’s not just shiny and colourful mosaic tiles that are available; we also stock a range of natural stone and porcelain mosaic tiles which can be used to add a more subtle look.

Mosaic tiles are usually supplied on a mesh backing, and while the size and shape of the mosaic varies, the overall size is usually around 300x300mm. When installed and grouted you will not be able to see the join between the sheets of mosaic tiles, allowing you to create any size and shape area. The backing on the tiles is easy to cut, so you can trim any sheet down to whatever size you need – whether it’s a border for your taps or a feature strip.

Mosaic Edge Border

A range of trims are available to finish the edges of tiles, but mosaics can also be used as a more glamourous border to your field tiles. For a subtle look cut a single strip of mosaics, or widen the border for a bolder design.

Horizontal Feature Strip

A common use for mosaic tiles is to create a feature strip that sits within the wall tiles horizontally, and goes around the whole room – or the part of the room that is tiled. This is a great way to break up a block of single colour tiles, and can be used to add a colour scheme to the room.

Vertical Feature Strip

This is becoming a popular design choice in showers and wet rooms, as it creates a clear showering zone and looks modern and stylish. The vertical strip follows the flow of the water from the shower, adding interest where single colour tiles are used throughout the rest of the shower. Often the same mosaic tiles are used on the floor – if you are planning on doing this make sure you choose non-slip porcelain or natural stone mosaic tiles.

Around Fixtures & Fittings

Small mosaic tiles can be used to border taps, showers and mirrors. This works especially well in fully tiled wet rooms, where the same tiles are used throughout the room.


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