Brighten Up Your Home With Vibrants Colourful Kitchen Tiles


Whether you love to spend hours perfecting your culinary creations, or dash in to make tea and toast, the kitchen is one of those rooms in the home where you can have fun with colour. There are so many options when it comes to color schemes in the kitchen, and we’re going to show you just a few using our popular Vibrants range.

Our Vibrants tiles are made from ceramic which is durable, hygienic and easy to keep clean – perfect for use on walls in kitchens and bathrooms. The tiles have a gloss finish, giving them a beautiful shine that adds depth to their bold colours. If you look closely you’ll notice that there is a subtle pinstripe pattern, this breaks up the blocks of colour and adds to their modern look.

At 400x150mm, the Vibrants range is larger than a metro tile, but still small enough to make them perfect for showers and splashbacks. For a simple look lay the tiles in a brick pattern – you could go for all one colour to keep it clean, or add stripes using other colours as shown below.



Although these tiles are usually used horizontally, they can also be laid vertically which gives them a totally different look. Below the Vibrants Teal gloss tiles have been laid vertically to fill the gap between the worktop and the shelf. The contrasting white grout really makes the tiles pop and gives this kitchen and fun and modern look.


Using different layout patterns can give your kitchen a totally different look, and don’t forget to try out different grout colours to achieve the look you want. Try white tiles with dark grout for an industrial look, or use bright white grout to make your tiles stand out. Below we’ve given four quick examples of herringbone, brick bond and diagonal brick bond, but with so many patterns, colours and grouts there are countless combinations to choose from.


Vivid White Purple Clay_01




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