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How To Create Indoor-Outdoor Flow

The trend for indoor-outdoor living areas is one that is might seem relatively new, but we think everyone should be embracing it. Having a large indoor space that’s only used occasionally is impractical, and yet a smaller space which connects to a corresponding outdoor area gives you the option to extend when needed.

We’ve put together some helpful hints to guide you in creating a seamless connection between your indoor and outdoor living areas.

Top tips for improving your indoor to outdoor flow:

  • Add a cover to an outdoor living area to create the illusion that you haven’t stepped outside at all. It also provides a great place for relaxing in the shade and alfresco dining on summer evenings.
  • Use matching or corresponding flooring throughout. Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles are a great way to make sure the link between the indoor and outdoor living areas is seamless, as well as being stylish. Choose from classic, modern or wood-effect porcelain tiles to compliment the overall look.
  • Create a large opening in the wall using bi-fold, pocket, accordion or sliding doors. These work particularly well with floor to ceiling glass to let extra light in when closed.
  • Level the floor both inside and out so the areas do not feel separated. Valverdi tiles are easy to lay; the 10mm indoor tiles can be laid traditionally using tile adhesive, while the 20mm outdoor tiles can be used on a screed or with pedestals.
  • Use the surroundings to influence the layout of the area. If you have a great view create a seating area that faces it, or use an outdoor fireplace or chiminea as the focal point.
  • Co-ordinate your decor so that the two areas have a natural link. Use corresponding colours or styles to harmonise you indoor and outdoor spaces.

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