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Into The Woods: Four Exciting New Wood Effect Tile Ranges at The London Tile Co.

It’s no secret that wood effect is one of the biggest tile trends of the last few years, and as digital printing technology develops and improves the designs available are becoming more and more realistic. We’ve spent several months searching high and low for the best wood effect tiles to add to our collection, and we’re exciting to launch four new ranges online and in our showrooms today.

What’s So Good About Wood?

Wood has always been a popular choice on floors in homes and it was originally used for structural reasons, eventually becoming a requested finish for aesthetic purposes once concrete sub-floors were more common. The natural beauty of wood makes it an ideal design choice that looks fantastic with an array of interior styles – including both contemporary and traditional.

Each of our new ranges is made of porcelain, which is similar to ceramic in its manufacturing methods but is pressed harder and fired for longer and at higher temperatures. This not only makes the finished tile extremely strong, but gives it an extremely low porosity as nearly all of the moisture is removed from the tile. We also mention that three of the four ranges have a ‘rectified edge’ which means that edges have been ground down to create extremely straight edges and defined measurements – ideal if you want to install the tiles with a modern narrow grout joint. To create a natural look you need some variation in colour and pattern and each supplier classifies this differently; sometimes we have a number of ‘faces’ which is the amount of different designs available, others simply give the degree of variation for example ‘high’. All ranges are packed randomly in a box so there is no guarantee how many different designs you will receive but it is unlikely every tile in the box will look the same.

Benefits of Wood Effect Tiles

  • Porcelain is extremely strong, in fact it is close to diamond in hardness
  • Easy to keep clean as they will not absorb stains and have an almost wipe-clean surface
  • Hygienic surfaces less likely collect dust or bacteria.
  • Can be used on walls and floors in most rooms
  • Great value for money
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating systems


  • Size: 1200x230mm
  • Colour choices: 3
  • Variation: Moderate
  • Edges: Rectified

There’s something homely about worn wooden floors; whether it’s the rich history of a building or the knowledge that countless families have spent their time treading those particular planks, it’s a look we love. But while it does look great, a worn wooden floor needs maintenance and could leave you with splinters or broken boards. It’s also not an option for many of us living in newer buildings. Luckily you can recreate the look with the new Globe range. Available in three shades, these tiles have a pre-distressed finish that looks fantastic in cosy kitchens and living spaces. Use a dark grout with a narrow joint to emulate the look of traditional wooden floors.


  • Size: 1200x200mm
  • Colour choices: 4
  • Variation: 21 Faces
  • Edges: Rectified

We selected the Woodland range for its natural look so it is the perfect choice for anyone looking for an alternative to wooden floors. The tiles have convincing designs digitally printed on their surface, complete with realistic knots and graining. There are four different shades to choose from; Almond, Oak, Pearl and Walnut.


  • Size: 1200x200mm
  • Colour choices: 2
  • Variation: 16 Faces
  • Edges: Rectified

The Penthouse range has an upmarket and luxurious feel that makes it the perfect choice for large spaces or areas where the floor will be continued from room to room. The two shades, White and Pearl, are both quite neutral with an almost pastel look and feature a contrasting light grain design.


  • Size: 780x150mm
  • Colour choices: 5
  • Variation: High
  • Edges: Pressed

These small format wood effect tiles are perfect for those wanting a natural look in a smaller space, for example a bathroom or compact kitchen. Choose from five natural shades to suit any style from traditional to shabby chic. For those looking to use these tiles in wet areas such as wet rooms, steam rooms or around indoor pools, we offer an anti-slip option – please allow approximately 4 weeks for these to arrive to us.

All of our wood effect ranges are available online here and in our showrooms. Please get in touch if you have any questions about our these or any other tiles in our collection.


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