Benefits of Cement Effect Tiles Over Polished Concrete

cement effect tiles

From cosy to industrial, we all have an interior style that we favour and often certain materials are intrinsically linked with that theme. Imagine a Scandi-inspired room with no wood? Exactly! Well, concrete is no exception – instantly conjuring images of ultra-modern and urban settings. While we don’t disagree that concrete has a cool look, there are a few factors that put us off using it ourselves. Thankfully we stock a range of cement effect tiles that allow you to get that same look but with all the benefits of tiles.

So what are the downsides of polished concrete or honed cement floors? Firstly we need to talk about price. Installing a concrete floor can be time consuming and labour intensive, which means you will likely be paying over £110 per square metre. After the concrete has been poured, you’ll need to wait around 28 days before it can be polished – whereras tiles can be installed and grouted within a couple of days. Cement finish floors are often around 100mm thick, while the average tile tends to be around 10mm, so this is something else to bear in mind when planning your project.

Another thing to consider is the mess created, obviously there will be mess with any new floor installation but polishing a concrete floor will create a LOT of dust. Once the polished floor is finished, you will need to keep in mind that it will likely need regular sealing using specialist products otherwise it will be more susceptible to scratching or staining – even after sealing you will need to be wary of spilling anything, particularly acidic liquids, as they could mark the floor.

In contrast to the porous concrete, porcelain goes through a process called vitrification during manufacturing which removes almost all the moisture from the tile. This low porosity level makes porcelain tiles resistant to staining and colourfast – perfect for high traffic areas like kitchens, hallways and even on patios. Porcelain doesn’t ordinarily need sealing, unless you choose a polished tile – check with the supplier for more information about each individual tile regarding whether it will need sealing.

Benefits of Cement Effect Tiles

  • Strong
  • Hard-wearing
  • Fade resistant and colourfast
  • Scratch resistant
  • Does not need specialist sealing
  • Ideal for use with underfloor heating
  • Good value for money
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Stain resistant

If we have piqued your interest you can browse our full range of cement effect tiles online here or visit one of our showrooms and ask a member of staff to point them out.


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