February Featured Tiles: 20% Off Shimmering Allure & Patterned Priory Ranges

Give yourself a round of applause because guess what? We made it through January! Now that the first month of 2019 is out of the way we can start looking forward to all the interior projects we have planned for the year. Whether it’s a small splashback to update your kitchen or you are having a brand new bathroom installed, we always have a great range of tiles to suit every style and budget. This month our Featured Tiles are the wonderful Allure and Priory ranges so read on to find out more about them.


The Allure range has an ultra-modern look thanks to the cement and metallic finishes combined with the different shapes and sizes. The standout tiles are the shatter effect decor pieces which feature a burst of glitter that catches the light beautifully. There are a range of sizes to choose from including 1200x300mm planks and mosaics in either square or herringbone designs. Allure has a really luxurious feel but with an edgy twist, something that’s enhanced by the stud-effect decor pieces. Allure is available in White, Steel, Sand and Copper.


In contrast to the Allure range, Priory has a much more traditional look inspired by patterned encaustic tiles often seen in period properties. Encaustic tiles are usually made of cement and often require regular sealing to ensure they do not stain or absorb water, luckily the Priory range are made of strong and hard-wearing porcelain. The patterned tiles feature grey, blue and beige tones and are available in three different patterns. Pair the plain white or grey tiles with any of the three pastel patterned decor tiles for a vintage feel on walls and floors in kitchens and bathrooms – we’ve added some pattern inspiration ideas below.

Don’t forget that you get 20% off our Featured Tiles until the end of the month – there’s no discount code needed and the offer is valid in-store and online. Shop the February Featured Tiles online now.


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