How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles

How To Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles

Whether building a new property or renovating a current one, choosing the bathroom floor tiles should be one of the highlights. Tiles can transform your house into a home and bathrooms can really set the tone for your property. Are you looking for a sleek, modern finish? Or how about a vibrant colourful feature wall to start your day right? There are so many tiling choices to suit every tiling need that it can quickly become overwhelming, so use this guide to help choose the best bathroom floor tiles for you.

How to Choose the Material of Your Bathroom Tiles

To go natural or not to go natural?

Although natural stone has a distinct character that can bring a traditional flavour to your home, the material requires greater care to keep its natural effect from looking worn. Natural stone tiles need to be resealed over time to help protect the material from general wear and tear. The London Tile Co. have a range of tiles that mimic natural stone in both appearance and texture, so you don’t have to decide between going for natural materials or not. These tiles, that mirror natural stone, give you the best of both worlds; less care maintenance to worry about, whilst still creating that desired natural aesthetic for your bathroom.

Here are just some of the bathroom tiles available that combine the beautiful natural stone look with less maintenance:

Andalusia: With a textured rustic look similar to weathered natural stone. It is available in White, Mineral and Natural, with a 4 panel décor to create a dynamic twist. Tile size ranges from 300x300mm to 600x300mm.

Earth: With a subtle, mottled stone effect finish. Choose from Grey or Moon colours in 600x600mm porcelain floor tiles and matching 900x300mm ceramic wall tiles.

Porcelain or Ceramic, What’s the Difference?

There is often much contention between choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles. Although porcelain is more durable than ceramic both are excellent manmade material choices for your bathroom. Generally, the denser porcelain tiles are more hard wearing, so they are suitable for both floors and walls. By comparison, ceramic tiles are easy to look after but, as they are not as hard wearing as their porcelain counterpart, it is important to always verify whether the particular ceramic tile you are looking at is suitable for floor-use.

The wide selection of both ceramic and porcelain bathroom tiles available at The London Tile Co. means that the right tile is only a click away. Browse our selection and see what tile material is right for you.

How Tiles Can Be Used to Enhance Your Bathroom Space

Each bathroom is unique in size, dimension and brightness and bathroom floor and wall tiles can be used to optimise the natural and artificial light to make a room seem even bigger and brighter. Tiles can bring life and happiness to a space which is vital in every property.

An easy trick to help enhance a space is to use the same pale colourway tile on the floor and walls of a bathroom. The effect creates a sleek sophisticated look, where the pale tile colour reflects the light to give the illusion of a wider space. To create further depth when using the same tile use a different format for subtle variation. For instance, use square tiles for the floor and rectangle tiles for the walls, or vice versa.

Contrary to popular belief, bathroom size shouldn’t dictate a specific tile size. For a small bathroom large tiles can actually be room-enlarging. When coupled with a gloss finish a small room can seem transformed.

Although lighter colours can often enhance a space, don’t be afraid to contrast and play around with tile colours and patterns. In a larger space the mixing of tiles can create an inviting and interesting room, stimulating in its varying patterns.

Mosaics and patterned tiles can be used to make eye-catching feature walls or as decorative borders. Although using the same tile can be space-enhancing, mosaics and patterns can be used to create dimension and further enrich a space. Darker coloured bathroom tiles can be used to create a modern, ambient twist.

Don’t Grouch About the Grout

In the past grout was only available in the staple white colour and so was often over-looked as just a necessity. Well now this necessity can also become an accessory. With a variety of coloured grouts available it is now possible to match the grout with a variety of tile colours for a clean and seamless look. Or why not contrast the grout colour with the tile colour to make a more complex pattern on the wall? A dark grout colour can be used to highlight the colour and shape of light-coloured tiles through this type of application grout can now become an added feature in your bathroom.

Our grout colour selection ranges from the classic white, black and grey to a more varied spectrum, which contains colours such as Spring Jasmine, Oyster Pink and Silver Shimmer.

Ready to Make a House a Home?

The wide selection of tile materials, textures, colours and patterns available means that no matter what type of space you are seeking to create, we’ve got you covered. So, get ready to watch your bathroom transform your house into a home with The London Tile Co. Shop our range of bathroom floor tiles online today or visit a showroom for a closer look.


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