Update Your Kitchen Splashback With The Savanna Range

Are you looking for that extra something to add dimension to a kitchen in a new build? Or maybe you are renovating your current kitchen? Whatever type of property you have, at some point it’s likely your kitchen will need a new splashback. A kitchen splashback will help keep your kitchen looking clean and whether you want to add a pop of colour or keep it classic look no further than The London Tile Co.’s Savanna range.

The Savanna range offers an exclusive array of colours all perfectly suited for a new kitchen splashback. The range delves into classic hues with colours such as our Oat, Noir and Slate tiles, whilst also containing tiles that show a more vibrant colour palette. Dew, Caraway, Marine, Leaf and Petrol are just some of the beautiful colours that this range offers. Each ceramic tile in the Savanna collection has a slightly different shade, which gives the finished surface a soft and dusky look. The myriad of colours means that these tiles can fit into an existing kitchen or become the focal point of a new one.

Savanna Gloss Kitchen Tiles

Whether living alone, with friends or with a family the glossy finish makes these ceramic tiles well suited to any home. The Savanna tiles are easy to clean, making them not only stylish but hygienic as well – the perfect combination when looking for a new kitchen splashback.

Benefits of a Tiled Kitchen Splashback

  • Easy to clean
  • Range of colours & styles
  • Hygienic
  • Great value for money
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Low maintenance

While the Savanna range has a similar look to a subway or metro tile, they have a flat face with no bevel and a high-gloss glazed finish. The Savanna tile range comes in two sizes 200x100mm and 300x100mm so you can decide to keep your splashback all one size, or you can experiment with the different tile sizes. No matter what you decide, whether you fancy the classic brick bond pattern or perhaps choose to invert the tiles in a herringbone design, these tiles can be combined in a variety of ways to create a simple or dynamic patterned display perfectly tailored to your home.

Savanna Glossy Kitchen Tiles

So why not check out the Savanna glossy wall tile range at The London Tile Co. and see which tile speaks to you.


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