Mix It Up With NEW Retromix Patterned Wall & Floor Tiles

We’re really excited about this new range of wall and floors tiles because they are just so much fun! Whether you want to create a classic black and white checkerboard effect floor or a totally unique feature wall, there’s a tile in the range for you. Tiles have been popular for thousands of years, particularly in the Victorian era when patterned tiles were highly sought after. The Retromix range takes inspiration from these historical influences but adds a modern twist.

One of the best things about the new Retromix range is its versatility; somehow it manages to suit both traditional and contemporary rooms perfectly. Each porcelain tile measures 150x150mm and has a slip resistant surface, making them suitable for both walls and floors in kitchens, bathrooms, hallways – or any other room in the home.

Retromix Star Large

The Star design is inspired by traditional Victorian floor tiles, with a repeating pattern of grey squares surrounded by a white border and black stars. The size of the pattern makes it ideal for both large and small spaces and the neutral tones mean you can pair it with almost any colour scheme. These tiles are ideally suited to hallways in Victorian terraced houses, but are also perfect for kitchen and bathroom floors too.

Retromix Circle Patterns

When installed, the repeating pattern on these tiles creates a series of circles but the design on the tiles is actually more reminiscent of a petal shape. Choose from the large design with a white background and large black petals, or a the smaller pattern featuring a black background and white petals.

Retromix Geometric Cube Pattern

For a real eye catching look go for the Cube tile. This geometric design is made up of a series of black, white and grey rhombus shapes that creates the illusion of a three dimensional cube. Perfect for bold floors and feature walls, the Cube tile works best in larger spaces due to the busy design.

Retromix Triangle Patterned Tiles

The triangle design tiles much just be our favourites within the Retromix tile because they can be used to create a surprising number of patterns. Don’t let the simple half and half design fool you, once you start piecing these together like a jigsaw puzzle you will realise there are almost endless possibilities. From stripes to squares, you can create a unique design that fits perfectly with your personality.

Retromix triangle patterned tiles

Retromix Plain Tiles

To complement the patterned tiles in the Retromix range there’s also a plain black and a plain white tile. These can be used to create your very own pattern, for example a checkerboard design like below, or as a border to the patterned tiles.

The full Retromix range of wall and floor tiles is available at The London Tile Co. online and in our showrooms.


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