How to Plan the Perfect Shower Niche

A shower niche is not only highly functional, but it can also add to the design and aesthetic of your bathroom space. It really is a must-have if you are renovating your bathroom.

Where to Start

When planning a shower niche there are several things to consider to make sure your shower niche turns out perfectly.

  • First things first, how many bath and shower products is your niche looking to shelve? It is important to think about this when taking into consideration your niche’s height, depth and width.
  • Following this what niche aesthetic are you looking for? Do you want to get creative with pattern, colour and texture and create a niche that stands out? Or are you looking for something that will blend with the rest of the room?

These are all important questions that should be considered at the very beginning as they will influence the outcome of the niche you create.

Shower Niche Ideas

The Necessary Foundations

The foundations are often overlooked for the more exciting parts of a renovation or new build, like choosing the tiles, but they are probably the most important part. It is vital that the tanking of the wet room is installed correctly to keep everything watertight and ship-shape. We at The London Tile Co. recommend the Ardex WPC Tanking System for your wet room. This tanking system will help protect the background from water damage and leaks, allowing you to relax and enjoy the other parts of the project.

The Right Size

Deciding how big your shower niche should be is an important part of the planning and there are a few factors to consider. Firstly, think about what you want to use your niche for; if it’s just a razor or sponge then it doesn’t need to be large, but if you have big bottles of shampoo you want to store it is worth measuring them to get an idea of how big you need it to me. Another option is to have more than one, either stacked one on top of another or lined up – or maybe at different heights for different shower users – the options are endless! When thinking about size you should also start to think about tiles – a small niche will be hard to tile with larger pieces so keep that in mind.

Marmox Shower Niches

Picking the Tiles

Once you’ve considered all the important questions and made sure your foundations are solid, then comes the best part – picking the tiles! Whilst we at The London Tile Co. may be a little biased, we believe that picking out your tiles and designing a space which is unique to you, truly is the highlight to any remodel or new build.

We at The London Tile Co. have many tiles to suit any shower niche design aesthetic:

  • Mosaics: We often recommend using mosaic tiles as their smaller size means they are well suited to shower niches. When choosing from our wide selection of mosaic tiles consider what you want your shower niche to be. Do you want to pick from the Lava range and add a pop of colour to your bathroom? Or do you want subtle modern sophistication, here our Metallic range really shines. There is also the option of matching your mosaic to your larger bathroom tile and instead laying it in a different pattern, herringbone for instance. This adds depth whilst keeping your bathroom cohesive. Whatever aesthetic you want, we have a mosaic tile to match.
  • Keep it Simple: Sometimes simple is best, so choosing matching tiles for inside your niche provides that classic look. You could use the same tile in a different size to make it easier to tile, or even the same style but in a different colour for a subtle difference.
  • Marble: Whilst the mosaic tiles are the easiest tile choice for a shower niche, don’t let this limit you – any tile can be cut to suit the size of your shower niche. Instead of mosaic why not choose a single slab of our marble effect porcelain tiles. The Calacatta range will give your bathroom that luxurious look for less. The shower niche tile can even be used to create a gorgeous backdrop for the plumbing fixtures.
  • Playful Patterns: Why not make your shower niche a patterned cubby hole? Instead of a feature wall your shower niche can add that playful element to your bathroom – a niche really is more than just another shelf. Our Retromix range has graphic, bold designs which would look great in any wetroom.

The options really are endless, so check out our tile choices today, and give your bathroom the niche it deserves. You are now all set to create your perfect shower niche, all there is left to do is to say good luck!


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