porcelpave cathedral porcelain patio tiles used in a modern outdoor space with patio furniture

PorcelPave Porcelain Paving: PorcelPave Cathedral

Refresh Your Porcelain Patio Paving With PorcelPave Cathedral

The summer is finally here and it’s time to get your garden ready for warmer weather, entertaining, and sun bleached good times. It’s been a long trek to get to this point, so those dirty old paving slabs need to go – and be replaced with stunning and hard wearing outdoor porcelain tiles!

porcelpave cathedral porcelain tiles with a blue glass bottle decoration

Why do I need porcelain patio slabs?

Vitrified paving is second only in hardness to diamonds, having been made under extremely high temperatures. It’s a very dense and hard wearing material, making it the perfect foundation for heavy garden furniture!


Being completely non-porous makes PorcelPave porcelain paving slabs frost proof. Water can’t get in and expand when frozen – which could weaken or even crack other non-porcelain tiles.


Porcelain paving slabs are not just resistant to water – they are impervious to water. This harks back to the point about vitrified paving being non-porous!


This also makes them extremely easy to clean! Stains can’t soak in, so are easily lifted off with very little effort. You can still pressure wash them though… because pressure washing is fun!


Our PorcelPave porcelain patio tiles all come with anti-slip surfaces. Rated R9 or higher! This makes them extremely safe and slip resistant, more so than natural stone paving or wooden decking.


Our porcelain outdoor floor tiles are completely colourfast, meaning they’ll look as good in twenty years as they do today!


Another huge bonus over standard paving is the wide selection of different styles and effect available, much more than the standard beige or grey external tiles we’re all used to – and bored of seeing. Why not wow your guests with high quality stone effect tiles modelled on Italian marble, or bring natural charm to your outdoor space with wood effect decking? Remember, whatever option you choose is low maintenance with porcelain paving.

porcelpave porcelain patio slabs used with a pergola

PorcelPave Cathedral

A new addition to our PorcelPave range comes in the form of our Cathedral collection. Strong and untamed by time, the PorcelPave Cathedral range takes its name from the timeless flooring found in buildings that have stood for centuries. These large format 900 x 600 porcelain paving slabs make a statement of your patio or garden area, and all feature realistic stone effects and riven surfaces.

porcelpave cathedral porcelain patio tiles used in a modern outdoor space with patio furniture

Our show stopping PorcelPave Cathedral Dark features dramatic dark grey and navy tones with strong marbling and flecking just like real stone flooring – but with none of the maintenance that real stone requires! We love the depth of colour on Cathedral Dark, it’s almost anthracite tones certainly make a bold impression of strength and intrigue.

porcelpave cathedral grey porcelain slabs used on a sunlit patio with sofa

PorcelPave Cathedral Grey is the perfect middle ground between Dark and White, featuring mottled grey tones on a neutral muted grey background with realistic stone effects – your guests won’t believe it’s not natural stone! This porcelain paving slab is perfect for accentuating your garden furniture or complimenting your landscape design.

porcelpave cathedral porcelain tiles with outdoor sofa

Do you love the look of sandstone but worry that it’s not hard wearing enough? PorcelPave Cathedral Sand has you covered! Looking like real sandstone with neutrally balanced grey and beige tones, Cathedral Sand puts you in mind of sunbleached holidays and peaceful spaces! It’s calming tones keeping you safe in the knowledge that it’s ready for whatever outdoor life can throw at it.

porcelpave cathedral white porcelain tiles used in a modern outdoor space

Finally, PorcelPave Cathedral White is a light bodied porcelain tile that brings a slice of warm Italian terrace living to your garden and outdoor space. Relax in the cool, light, and airy atmosphere created by this lighter shade of paving slab. Light tiles might seem like a strange choice for outdoors, but remember that PorcelPave slabs are stain resistant and easy to clean!

Want to see how the PorcelPave Cathedral collection will look in your garden or outdoor space? You can order a completely free cut sample to your door today! We’re so confident that you’ll love the tile, we’ll even pay the shipping!

Accessorise And Make It Your Own!

porcelpave cuba porcelain patio slabs under a pergola

A good outdoor tile is the foundation of your patio or garden space, there to accentuate – but never overshadow – your garden furniture. With the PorcelPave range of precision engineered porcelain tiles, you don’t have to worry about heavy garden furniture damaging your tiles. That means you’re good to go wild with heavy and stylish potted planters, cast iron tables for an industrial vibe, even large features like a pergola can really help to bring out the best in your space.

Great! I’m On board With Porcelain Paving and PorcelPave Cathedral – But Why Should I Listen To You?

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Here at The London Tile Company we have the benefit of over 60 years in the tile supply trade, with an emphasis on high quality porcelain paving slabs and indoor-outdoor porcelain tiles. Our fully stocked website is here to help you order samples and place orders, with a friendly customer service team on hand to answer all your queries. If you want to go and talk to someone face-to-face about your project, pop into one of our five showrooms across the South of the UK, where our expert showroom assistants are poised to help you. We’ll be looking forward to seeing you!

Refresh Your Porcelain Patio Paving With PorcelPave Cathedral
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Refresh Your Porcelain Patio Paving With PorcelPave Cathedral
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