coloured metro tiles in a bathroom

Siam Metro Tiles for Spring 2021

Metro Tile Madness!

With everyone going mad for metro tiles this year, we thought it was about time we updated our classic metro tile range! We’re proud to introduce the new Siam tile range to our collection. Metro wall tiles (or subway tiles as they are often called) can be used in so many wonderful and imaginative ways, and the smooth colours of the Siam range are sure to elevate any wall!

colourful metro tiles in a kitchen

Make a splash with stunning Tiffany Blue, breathe in the calm with relaxing Malachite Green, go bold with Heritage Red, or let the neutral Pearl bring out your fittings and features, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms! Four stunning colours to choose from, one great metro tile range – Find it all with Siam.


Green metro tiles in a bathroom

So you’ve decided on a lavish colour to match your style, now what? It’s time to think about grout lines. Tile grout is visible in between your tiles and can make your tiled project go from looking great to truly show stopping!

People often think that tile grout has to be white or grey, but there’s a vast array of colour options now available from London Tile.

The ever-popular Kerakoll Fugabella grout range has fifty great colours to choose from, with matching silicone sealants too! Here’s a London Tile top tip; using different accent colours between your tile grout and your metro tiles can turn your wall into a key focal point!

For example, green and pink compliment each other perfectly and are a tile and grout match we see again and again. This popular match could include our new Malachite Green Siam tiles, which we think look beautiful with the No.40 Kerakoll Fugabella grout.

You might be fooled into thinking you’re back in the eighties, but bold retro colours and patterns are back in style again – especially when it comes to interior design. With so many stuck indoors over the last year and working from home, it’s no wonder people are looking to add some life and energy to their space. Bold metro tiles paired with stunning coloured grouts are fantastic way to keep things fresh.

If you need some help choosing a colour grout to go with your tiles, these are the top trending grout colours so far this year; coloured grouts from Kerakoll

·     Pink

·     Green

·     Blue

·     Black

·     White

·     Grey

The London Tile Company is part of The Hampshire Tile Warehouse Group, giving us access to over 60 years in the tiling and tile supply industry. Our website boasts a large collection of tiles and matching products, where you can place orders or get tile samples straight to your door. We also have five retail showrooms across the South of the UK where you can browse and ask for expert advice.

Have you gone mad for brick metro tiles this year? We’d love to hear from you in the comments and continue the discussion over on our Facebook page!

Siam Metro Tiles for Spring 2021
Article Name
Siam Metro Tiles for Spring 2021
A look into new metro tile trends and which colour grouts to pair them with, alongside an introduction to the new Siam range of classic metro tiles.
The London Tile Company

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