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A Guide for Choosing Your Kitchen Wall Tiles

How To Choose Your Kitchen Tiles

Your kitchen is the beating heart of your home, so choosing the best kitchen tiles is an important task.

Whether you’re refreshing or building a new kitchen, you’ll find there are a multitude of options available to you. We’re here with another handy guide to help you navigate the choices you’ll face when dealing with kitchen design. Plus, take advantage of our top tips to help make the most of your kitchen renovation!

a modern studio kitchen with stone effect tiles

Why choose tiles for your kitchen?

The answer is simple really – practicality. Tiles are much harder wearing and easier to clean than any other wall or floor covering, perfect for a room in the house everyone uses. Use kitchen wall tiles for key working areas like your hob splashback or around your sink for a quick practical and great looking tiled space. Plus, with a multitude of different styles and sizes available, your wall tiles can transform your space into something new.

Splashes and spills are almost a given in a kitchen, so carpets would be unhygienic and difficult to manage, this is where floor tiles are perfect. Being wipe clean and extremely hard wearing makes kitchen floor tiles the most practical solution for the busiest room of your home, and the go-to solution for most homes across the UK. Plus, with new styles and digital effects, you can have natural stone effect and wood effect as tiles – with none of the maintenance those floor coverings usually require!

What types of kitchen tiles are there?

teal kitchen wall tiles bringing a kitchen to life

Kitchen wall tiles – the main event and wall covering that can add huge swathes of character to your room. These are often made of ceramic and are relatively inexpensive, allowing you to experiment with different colours and styles. The most popular kitchen wall tile is the metro tile – a small brick shaped tile, usually gloss and in a single block colour.

Top Tip: try and pick a wall tile colour that contrasts or offsets your kitchen cabinets.

patterned kitchen floor tiles in a modern home

Kitchen floor tiles – the hard-wearing foundation for your kitchen shouldn’t be boring! Always go for porcelain floor tiles over ceramic as porcelain tiles are much harder wearing and highly unlikely to crack or chip. Plus, as porcelain floor tiles are non-porous and colour fast, they should look as good in twenty years as they do today! Many different styles are available, including stone effect, wood effect, or even something more daring like glitter effect is available.

Top tip: light floor tiles show up dirt easier, but dark tiles show grease and dust more readily. A mid tone kitchen floor tile is the best of both worlds.

white kitchen splashback tiles with red accessories

Kitchen Splashback tiles – around your hob is where splashes and spills are likely to happen. From spitting pans to boiling sauces, this area sees and copes with a lot! This is where gloss finished wall tiles – like the metro tiles discussed earlier – are a great addition to your kitchen. Flat and glossy surfaces are wipe-clean with ease, and you can minimise and hide long-lasting stains with thin and dark colour grout joints.

Top tip: tile grout doesn’t have to be white! There are a huge number of grout colours readily available to enhance your kitchen interior design.

dark kitchen mosaic tiles used as a hob splashback

Kitchen Mosaic tiles – again often used as splashbacks or border tiles, mosaic tiles are tiny tiles that come on mesh sheets for easily application. They can be made from many different materials, but the most common are glass tiles, metal tiles, and stone. Mosaic wall tiles are great at breaking up spaces and creating zones, and they can range from subtle and neutral to eye-catching and glamorous.

Kitchen Interior Design

Here at London Tile we see a number of different kitchen designs on a daily basis, but they often fit into certain categories that we are able to help advise on for tile choices.

Retro and Country Style Kitchens

red metro tiles in a retro style kitchen

The retro revival is well underway! Using bold colours from the past can work to great advantage here, think vintage reds, greens, and blues. Extra retro points if you can match them to styled appliances too. Wood effect floor tiles can also work well here, giving the feel of aged wood flooring without the sealing, sanding, or maintenance. Look at metro tiles and patterned tiles for vintage vibes.

Small Kitchens

stunning white kitchen tiles for a small space

We don’t all live in mansions, and quite often kitchens and bathrooms can be smaller spaces in modern homes. Don’t fret however, you can make a space feel larger by playing creatively with light and colour. Gloss tiles with bevelled edges reflect light in different directions, making a space appear larger. You can also create zones by having tiles of different colour and style in certain areas, contrasted and offset by other tiles or your kitchen fittings.

Top Tip: Laying tiles in a herringbone pattern draws your eye diagonally around the room, cheating your brain into thinking a space is larger than it is!

Modern and Open Plan Kitchens

a light and modern kitchen with large kitchen floor tiles

For those with more space to play with, the open plan kitchen diner has fast become a staple of modern interior design. With a good size space you can use larger tiles – which means fewer grout joints and a more seamless design surface. Large porcelain floor tiles really make a statement and look great in larger spaces. Top Tip: using a neutral pallet (cool blues and greys) can tame a large space, whilst pockets of colour or different style can be added in zones to create focal points!

Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

matching indoor and outdoor tiles

If your kitchen has an adjoining outdoor space like a patio or terrace, having the same indoor tiles and outdoor tiles harmonises your space and makes it feel larger. This effect works even better if you have bifold or sliding doors that make this transition even more seamless. Synchronising porcelain floor tiles is the best way to create a flow throughout your home and make your garden feel truly part of your home.

What other things should I consider when choosing Kitchen Tiles?

Practicality is the focus when choosing your kitchen tiles. What lifestyle does your home have? If it’s busy with hot pans flying around, consider your tile choices here. Which will tile areas need cleaning more regularly than others? Opt for a smooth glossy surfaced tile that is wiped clean. Once you’ve identified these factors, the rest is just style!

With so many styles and options around it’s important to set your budget from the start. Identify what your figure is and stick to it, you should also remember to include grout and tile adhesive in your budget too! It’s easy to get caught up in the glamourous options of interior design, but a great looking practical kitchen doesn’t have to cost the earth.

pstterned kitchen tiles

Don’t be afraid of patterned tiles, not only do they add unique style and wow factor to a space, geometric shapes and patterns can also make spaces feel larger. They are also perfect for breaking up larger spaces and creating zones as discussed above.

Colour choices are completely down to personal taste – and there’s certainly enough of them about! If you’re looking to add some sizzle and spice into your home life, strong and bold reds offset with white tiles can help to create this. If your kitchen is always busy, a neutral and calming grey palette can help to keep things peaceful. Wood effect floor tiles can help to create a sense of natural charm and space too.

Another thing to consider is underfloor heating – gone are the days when these systems used to be very expensive to install, and even more expensive to run. Modern underfloor heating systems are very energy efficient and can be controlled from your phone! These systems work perfectly with porcelain floor tiles too as the dense porcelain disperses heat more evenly than your standard wall radiators.

Okay – Schools out for today – why should I listen to you?

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Here at The London Tile Company, we know a thing or two about kitchen tiles having supplied them for over 60 years. You won’t find any cheap and nasty tiles on our site or in any of our showrooms, we only import the finest ceramic and porcelain tiles from well-known European factories. This means that when you shop London Tile, you’re getting a quality of tile, and a quality of service you won’t find anywhere else, all at a price you’ll love!

If you’re looking to renovate or refresh your kitchen, why not order some samples of our kitchen tiles straight to your door? Alternately, pop into one of our branches across the South of the UK and speak to our friendly team.


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