Why Use Porcelain Tiles Outside?

using porcelain tiles outsideNot all tiles can be used outdoors, but you might have heard about using porcelain paving on your patio or in your garden – why? Porcelain is the perfect choice for your outdoor paving, but only when 20mm thick or more.

From our famous changeable weather to heavy garden furniture, the great British outdoors can be a hostile environment for tiles. Luckily, you never have to worry about 20mm thick porcelain outdoor tiles cracking or fading on your patio and external area.

Often natural stone or concrete slabs are used outdoors, however these materials can fade and will require regular cleaning and sealing, not to mention looking a little old fashioned. If you are looking for a long-lasting and modern alternative to traditional paving products, porcelain is the perfect choice.

porcelpave cuba porcelain patio slabs under a pergola

Pictured here: Cement effect PorcelPave Cuba Anthracite used outdoors with a modern style pergola.

Porcelain Tiles & Paving Are Perfect For Outdoors

Porcelain tiles thicker than 20mm tick the four requirements you want from your outdoor tiles.

  • Easy to clean & maintain with a non-porous stain resistant surface
  • They’re frost proof and weatherproof, never cracking with changing temperatures
  • All our 20mm porcelain tiles are anti-slip with an R11 resistance rating or higher
  • Scratch & fade resistant, unlike block paving and natural stone
A modern patio using porcelpave triton porcelain paving

Pictured here: PorcelPave Triton porcelain paving used to create a relaxing and modern space

Can I Use 10mm Thick Tiles Outside?

No – 10mm porcelain tiles are unsuitable for external use. Whilst porcelain is super dense and tough, 10mm thick tiles are much more likely to suffer cracking and breaking due to impacts and temperature variations. Even adding a much thicker solid concrete bedding won’t be enough to prevent cracking.

  • 10mm thick porcelain tiles are meant for internal use and usually come with a lower slip resistance
  • They are much more likely to crack from garden toys and furniture, parties, and general use
  • 10mm porcelain tiles aren’t strong enough to lay outside with a wet bed fixing or pedestal systems
  • 20mm thick tiles are more than 5 times stronger than 10mm despite only being double the thickness! – Five times!
Indoor outdoor tiles used to expand kitchen space into the garden

Pictured here: Valverdi Shard Anthracite indoor outdoor tiles expanding a modern kitchen outdoors

So How Do Matching Indoor Outdoor Tiles Work?

The key difference between our offering and others is that the Valverdi Indoor Outdoor tiles come in two thicknesses, 10mm and 20mm thick. 10mm thick porcelain tiles for indoor areas have an R9 slip resistance, perfect for indoor use and easier to clean. Meanwhile the 20mm external porcelain paving tiles all have an R11 anti-slip rating, making them safe to use even when wet.

  • Don’t be fooled by 10mm thick tiles for outdoor use – you’ll be paying more to replace them later
  • Valverdi’s indoor-outdoor system means you have the correct slip resistance for indoor & outdoor use
  • Using 20mm porcelain inside your home will be harder to clean, which is why Valverdi indoor tiles are 10mm thick
  • Valverdi are so confident in their range they even offer a 25 year Guarantee!

Can I Order A Free Sample?

ordering free tiles samples from the london tile companyYes – All our Valverdi Indoor-Out and Outdoor Porcelain Tiles offer 3 free 10cm x 10cm cut samples. These are all sent our completely free of charge.

  • You can order tile samples from product pages
  • Click the Order Full Tile Sample button
  • Repeat this process on any tiles you like
  • Click your basket and checkout
  • Enter your delivery details
  • Shop Now for free tile samples

Looking through tiles in a tile showroom at London Tile

Who Are London Tile?

We’ve been supplying porcelain tiles and outdoor porcelain paving for over 60 years. We’re not content with just being the market leaders though. We want to help you create a relaxing and inviting outdoor space with minimal fuss or maintenance. Order a free sample box or talk to our friendly sales team and discover why porcelain is the smart choice for your outdoors.

Using Porcelain Tiles Outside
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Using Porcelain Tiles Outside
Why use porcelain tiles outside? In this article we discuss the benefits of outdoor porcelain paving and why you should use porcelain for your outdoor projects
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