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The DEVIflex™ DTIR-10 series is a loose lay cable underfloor heating system which is perfect for use in small or awkward areas, for example in toilet rooms and bathrooms. DTIR-10 can be used on concrete or wood subfloors and is suitable for use under tiles, carpet, wood and vinyl.

Featuring a fully screened twin conductor cable, the DEVIflex™ DTIR-10 loose lay is available in a range of sizes from 0.65m - 17m2. The cabling has one cold tail and is also lead free and flame retardant.

DEVIflex™ Loose Lay Cable Specifications:

  • Cable Construction: Twin Conductor
  • Voltage: 230V
  • Cold Tail Length: 4 metres
  • Thickness: under 4mm
  • Wire Insulation: FEP
  • Outer Sheath: Lead Free PVC
  • Max Temperature: 90°C
  • Bending Radius: Min 30mm
  • Earth: 100% Aluminium Earth Shield

For optimal results, use the DEVIreg™ Touch Thermostat with the loose lay cable system.

The DTIR-10 loose lay cable range is covered by the DEVI 10 year floor guard warranty. During this time DEVI not only guarantees its heating system but also the floor, in the unlikely event that the system cannot be repaired due to a manufacturing fault.

DEVIflex Loose Lay Cable Heating Products

DEVIreg Touch (White)

DEVIreg Touch (White)


£124.08 each

Out Of Stock

DEVIreg Touch (Black)

DEVIreg Touch (Black)


£124.08 each

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (200W) 1.3 / 2m2

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (200W) 1.3 / 2m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV702

£109.80 each

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (300W) 1.82 / 2.8m2

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (300W) 1.82 / 2.8m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV706

£130.56 each

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (400W) 2.67 / 4.1m2

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (400W) 2.67 / 4.1m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV708

£161.28 each

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (600W) 3.71 / 5.7m2

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (600W) 3.71 / 5.7m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV712

£233.52 each

Out Of Stock

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (800W) 5.27 / 8.1m2

DEVIflex DTIR-10 (800W) 5.27 / 8.1m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV716

£255.12 each


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