DEVImat Underfloor Heating (200W)

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The DEVImat™ DTIF 200W range is the ultimate solution for high heat loss areas such as conservatories and is the most powerful underfloor heating mat available. DTIF-200 mats are highly robust and feature fast heat up times. The self-adhesive mats are easy to roll out and are ultra sticky meaning they are quick to install.

DTIF-200 mats are very thin and will not significantly alter the height of the floor. Each mat is approximately 0.5m wide and they are available in a range of sizes from 1-12 m²; as a result a 5m² mat is 10m long.

DEVImat™ DTIF 200W Technical Specifications:

  • Cable construction: Twin conductor
  • Watts per metre: 200W per m²
  • Outer Sheath: PVDF
  • Earth shield: 100% Aluminium
  • Thickness: 3 - 3.5mm

To get the best results and help control the temperature of the room at the touch of a button, use with a DEVIreg™ Touch Thermostat (sold separately).

The DEVImat™ DTIF-200 underfloor heating mats are covered by DEVI's market leading 10 year floor guard warranty. This means that as well as the heating system being covered, DEVI also guarantees the floor in the unlikely event that the system cannot be repaired due to a manufacturing fault.

DEVImat Underfloor Heating (200W) Products

DEVIreg Touch (White)

DEVIreg Touch (White)


£124.08 each

Out Of Stock

DEVIreg Touch (Black)

DEVIreg Touch (Black)


£124.08 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (845W) 4.3m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (845W) 4.3m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV742

£223.44 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (990W) 4.95m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (990W) 4.95m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV743

£270.60 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1210W) 6.1m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1210W) 6.1m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV744

£299.76 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1385W) 7m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1385W) 7m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV745

£334.56 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1665W) 7.8m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1665W) 7.8m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV746

£370.44 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1715W) 8.8m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (1715W) 8.8m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV747

£399.72 each

DEVImat DTIF-200 (2070W) 10.5m2

DEVImat DTIF-200 (2070W) 10.5m<sup>2</sup>

Item #: DEV748

£454.68 each

Out Of Stock


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