DEVIpipe Frost Protection Cable

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DEVI DPH-10™ pipe frost protection cables are the perfect solution for preventing condensate boiler and water pipes from freezing over in winter. Using a special polymer composite core, the DPH-10 cables automatically adjust the heat provided based on the ambient temperatures around them.

The heating cable comes with a 1.5 m connection cable and is available in lengths 2m – 8m. This winter, protect against boiler condensate and exposed pipework frost and freeze damage by using the DEVI DPH-10™ heating cables.

DPH-10™ Cable Specifications

  • Power output at 230V AC - 10 W/m at 10°C
  • Minimum bending radius - 35mm (radius to the inside of the tape)
  • Maximum permissible use temperature - 65°C Powered or 85°C Unpowered
  • Sheath - Fluoropolymer
  • Filler sheath - TPE
  • Maximum resistance protective braid - 18.2 W/km
  • Dimensions - 7.3mm x 5.3mm

The DEVI DPH-10™ heating cable comes with a 5 year warranty.


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