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Porcelain Tiles For Indoors & Out

Porcelain Tiles For Indoors & Out

Porcelain tiles are made in a similar way to ceramic tiles, but they are pressed to greater pressures and fired at much higher temperatures. This process is called vitrification which turns the tile into a very hard, glass-like substance that is very strong, impermeable and resistant to chemicals & temperatures.

Porcelain is a great choice for a number of places throughout the home, thanks to the vitrification process. The tiles are extremely hard-wearing, making them perfect for floors in high traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and hallways. The dense tiles retain heat very well and therefore they are the ideal covering for floors with underfloor heating systems.

Whether you are looking for a natural looking wood effect tile for your hallway, a non-slip mosaic floor for your wet room or an outdoor 20mm tile for your balcony, we have a fantastic range of porcelain tiles to choose from. Once you've found the perfect porcelain tiles, you can use our easy online ordering system with quick UK delivery. Alternatively, pop into one of our tile showrooms across the South of the UK.

Benefits of Porcelain Tiles

  • Hard-wearing - porcelain has a hardness close to diamond & is almost impossible to scratch
  • Stain Resistant - vitrified porcelain does not absorb water & therefore resists staining
  • Frost Proof - porcelain will not be damaged by freezing temperatures, it perfect for outdoor use
  • Colourfast - unlike other flooring materials, porcelain does not fade & will keep it's original colour
  • Heat Retaining - ideal for use with underfloor heating, porcelain retains heat extremely well
  • Low Maintenance - porcelain tiles are hygienic & easy to keep clean
  • Stylish - available in a range of colours, sizes and finishes including cement & wood effect
  • Outdoor Use - Matching Valverdi tiles can be used inside & outside to create a seamless link
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Ceramic tiles are a great low cost solution, perfect for covering walls with stunning and stylish designs. Ceramic tiles are relatively cheap to produce, and as such they tend to be cheaper and more readily available. You might have noticed a lack of ceramic floor tiles though, and this is because ceramic tiles don't have the strength to be used as floor tiles, particularly in high traffic areas - this is where porcelain floor tiles come in.

Porcelain tiles are made from dense porcelain, which is fired under much higher pressures and heats than it's ceramic counterparts. This in turn makes it much harder wearing and durable, with a compressive strength that makes it perfect for flooring.

There are other benefits too - porcelain tiles tend to be larger sizes - large format tiles can be anything from 400mm to over a metre long! These large tiles are a much better fit for flooring that is subject to traffic, plus we think that large format floor tiles look great in both modern and contemporary homes. The dense porcelain is also a great fit for underfloor heating systems as the porcelain tiles retain heat for longer and disperse it evenly along the tiled surface.

a man laying exterior porcelain tiles in a garden


Outdoor porcelain paving is similar to indoor porcelain tiles, except for two key enhancements that make it perfectly suited to the outdoors. Porcelain paving should be double the thickness (18-20mm) of it's indoor counterparts to allow it to cope with the outdoors. Outdoor paving should always have a slip resistant surface to make them suitable for external use too. They are available in a range of designs and can even replicate the look of natural stone, wood or cement.

Porcelain paving is frost proof, stain resistant, colourfast and fade proof. It is extremely hard wearing and resilient, perfectly poised for whatever the great British weather throws at it. You can also use them around swimming pools and in commercial locations as outdoor porcelain is resistant to most cleaning chemicals, including those used in swimming pools and hygiene areas.

As well as the usual places where you'd find outdoor tiles, you can also use porcelain paving tiles on external balconies and roof terraces. You can easily transform these areas using PorcelQuick Adpeds or Eterno Ivica support pedestals and laying porcelain paving, creating a modern and stylish area to enjoy.

matching indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles


Naturally occurring clays and minerals meet quartz, fledspar and silica before being ground down and processed into a fine powder. This is then fired at extremely high temperatures and formed into the body of the porcelain tile. Our outdoor porcelain paving tiles are fired at even hotter temperatures - over 1350C until they turn into a glassy liquid, which then cools into a non crystalline amorphous solid. This process is called vitrification and this process is what makes our outdoor paving so hard and impermeable to water.

All our PorcelPave and Valverdi outdoor tiles are made from tough vitrified porcelain, meaning they don't scratch, this makes them better suited to outdoor conditions. Don't just take our word for it, order free cut outdoor porcelain tile samples and try to scratch them with a nail. To even cut the tiles you have to use a diamond cutting tool, anything else is simply not hard enough, that's hardness and durability you can trust.

Our indoor porcelain floor tiles have similar durability, and are often part of a range with synchronised wall tiles to keep a continuous colour and style theme throughout your indoor space.

a living room area with wood effect tiles


More and more people are using the strength and durability of porcelain combined with stylish and on trend natural stone and wood effects. You might ask yourself why people would ever choose stone effect or wood effect tiles over the real deal, and the answer comes down to maintenance and ease of use.

Natural stone is inherently porous, some types like limestone particularly so. This means that it needs regular maintenance and sealing to keep it looking it's best, and also means it's very easy to stain these naturally occurring stone tiles. Porcelain is non-porous, requiring no sealing and very little maintenance besides the basic cleaning you probably already do anyway! Plus, it's much more affordable that a lot of natural stones, marble effect porcelain tiles are much cheaper than marble.

The same is true of real wood flooring versus the porcelain tile wood effect counterpart. Wood needs regular treatment and maintenance to keep it looking its best and is very easily stained. Wood flooring also expands, contracts, and moves around - part of the rustic charm of using a real natural product. But this thermal expansion makes it unusable with electric underfloor heating, and requires upkeep to keep it looking great.

This is why we always advise using wood effect porcelain tiles and natural stone effect porcelain tiles, both inside and out!

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We make it easy for you to create your dream space with our hand curated selection of eye catching quality porcelain tiles. We hold a vast stock in all our retail stores and our online warehouses, with a huge range of colours and finishes available at a moments notice.

We constantly add to our porcelain tile portfolio, making sure we keep in line with new trends and popular tile ranges. This ensures that our selection is never left behind and you are never left in the dark with what is on trend. Our tiles have to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also pass our stringent quality checks - you won't find low quality cheaply produced inferior tiles here.

You will however find a range of porcelain tiles that combine great value with high quality, always on trend and never out of style. With free delivery on all tile orders over 300, there has never been a better time to refresh your bathroom with The London Tile Company.

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