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Due to the COVID-19 situation our resources and carriers are being strained which has led to extended delivery times. We will endeavour to meet our usual high standards, however please plan for an additional 5 days for delivery. Orders placed on Friday afternoons, weekends or bank holidays are most likely to have extended delivery times. Due to high demand we will not be answering calls at this time to maximise the number of orders we are able to send out. However, we will respond to emails sent to enquiries@LondonTile.co.uk. If you need to check on the progress of your delivery please use the tracking number provided on the ‘Order Complete’ e-mail. If you are querying an order, you must provide our order number which can be found on your order confirmation when contacting us.


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If you are having problems with noise permeating through to the rooms below, then check out the soundproofing range on The London Tile Co Direct.

Noise pollution can be a real nuisance and can severely impact on your day-to-day life if sufficient soundproof materials are not installed in the building. A new-build house is sadly no guarantee of quality sound insulation and often you will need to add soundproofing after purchasing a property.

If you are looking to convert a house into flats then soundproofing between the floors is often an important issue to address. If a building has not been specifically designed as flats then there is a good chance that the level of noise from footfall may be unacceptable to those living below. In this instance it is recommended that soundproofing is added to the floors during the conversion of the house into flats in order to reduce the transfer of noise to the dwelling below.

Soundproofing By Schlüter-Systems

At The London Tile Co Direct we stock soundproofing products from Schlüter-Systems. DITRA-SOUND is a specially designed soundproofing mat that can reduce the impact sound of floor constructions by 13dB. DITRA-SOUND is for use under tiles, which are often a noisy material as they do not absorb sound in the way that carpet does. By using DITRA-SOUND soundproofing mats under tiles you can significantly reduce the amount of noise heard in the room below, thus providing much appreciated peace for the occupants.

The soundproofing range sold on The London Tile Co Direct also includes DITRA-SOUND joint strip, used to cover the joints between DITRA-SOUND matting, and DITRA-SOUND edge insulation, which is used at points where the the floor meets the wall.


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