Valverdi Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles & Paving Valverdi Indoor Outdoor Porcelain Tiles & Paving Matching 10mm & 20mm Porcelain Tiles & Paving. Perfect Edges For Smooth Clean Looks From Just 10.70 - 3 Free Samples. Valverdi Indoor-Out Tiles Require No Maintenance, Are Frost Proof & Fade Resistant. Learn More Here.
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Valverdi Indoor-Out Porcelain Tiles

What is Valverdi Indoor Outdoor Flooring?

Valverdi Indoor-Out is a coordinating range of indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles. With the press and media attention this innovative range has gathered over the last few years, Valverdi is quickly becoming the definitive answer to indoor and outdoor flooring. With a 20mm frost-proof outdoor porcelain and corresponding thinner indoor tile, Valverdi Indoor-Out creates an almost seamless transition from inside your home to your outdoor space, uniting your home and garden.

Available in a wide range of striking colours, Valverdi Indoor-Out tiles look stylish, are slip-resistant, and are completely colourfast, ensuring that your tiles will look stunning throughout their life. Each Valverdi Indoor-Out tile range features a 10mm indoor and coordinating 20mm outdoor tile, allowing you to create a natural flow between your living spaces.

Particularly suited for use with bi-fold and patio doors, the indoor and outdoor flooring tiles can be used in kitchens, living rooms and on patios, balconies & terraces. Browse our selection below and once you've found your perfect Valverdi tiles, you can order a free sample, order online, or pop into one of our tile showrooms across the South of the UK.

Benefits of Valverdi Indoor Out

  • A synchronised transition from indoors to out
  • Low porosity makes your tiles frost & stain resistant
  • 100% colourfast and easy to maintain
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Porcelain tiles are strong & hard wearing
  • Easy to lay and can be used with paving pedestals
  • Perfect to use with underfloor heating systems
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matching indoor and outdoor tiles in a modern setting

Expand Your Living Space

Valverdi porcelain tiles are ideal for both internal and external installations, providing a tangible benefit over most natural stone products that tend to be suitable only for internal or external use. The Indoor tiles are 9mm or 10mm thick and are slip resistant, attractive and easy to clean. The 20mm outdoor tiles co-ordinate perfectly, and has an added HD slip-resistant surface making it perfect for a wide range of outdoor settings.

Valverdi indoor and outdoor living spaces benefit from having synchronised flooring, perfectly marrying your indoor spaces with an outside area like patio or decking. for example, installing these large format porcelain floor tiles in your kitchen and patio quickly turns your patio into a stylish outdoor dining area. Having these tiles creates a seamless transition from one space to another, adding value to your home and ultimately making living area feel larger.

a man showing how to lay porcelain tiles on paving pedestal supports

Worry Free Flooring

Valverdi porcelain is incredibly strong - they can only be cut by diamond tools, nothing else has the strength. This means the 20mm outdoor tiles can be laid directly onto paving support pedestals, giving them greater support, allowing water to drain underneath the tile, and leaving space for cables and lines in the void beneath. This strength also makes tiles the perfect home for heavy outdoor furniture as it is extremely scratch resistant.

Not only this, these tiles will not be damaged by frost or freeze and thaw cycles and are highly stain-resistant and will not discolour due to algae. These tiles are made from vitrified porcelain making the entire tile non porous and ensures they does not absorb water. They also all have an excellent R11 or higher slip resistance rating, meaning they are perfectly safe to use - even when wet!

matching indoor and outdoor tiles in a modern house with bifold doors

Low Maintenance

All the tiles here are 100% colourfast, meaning even after decades in the sun your tiles will never bleach or change colour. With no more cleaning or maintenance than you already do, your tiles will look as good in 20 years as they do today! Being non porous these tiles naturally don't absorb any stains or grime - even standing water can't penetrate and absorb into these dense tiles! For more information about looking after Valverdi tiles, see the LTP External Porcelain Cleaning & Protection Guide.

There are a number of stone effect tiles and wood effect tiles in this range, and the benefits that these porcelain tiles far outweigh anything provided by their naturally occurring counterparts. Our wood effect tiles don't expand, contract, move, or warp with thermal expansion. This means that the entire range is perfect to use with underfloor heating systems. Our stone effect tiles will also never need sealing like porous natural stone like limestone often does.

outdoor porcelain paving being installed on paving support pedestals

Easy To Install

Both the indoor 10mm and 20mm outdoor tile are as easy to install as any other large format porcelain tile. The internal tile can be laid in a standard manner with any standard tile adhesive and is perfect to use with electric underfloor heating systems. The 20mm outdoor tiles can be laid onto pedestals, making the tiles ideal for use on roof terraces and balconies.

For more information about fixing methods, download our handy Valverdi Installation Guide. All Valverdi porcelain tiles are now manufactured from a process that uses recycled raw materials, meaning the tiles have a low environmental cost. This can often make them a more eco-friendly tiling solution than some other traditional flooring methods.

a customer in a London Tile showroom receiving advice about Valverdi tiles

Ignite Your Inner Designer

The Valverdi range has a carefully curated selection of on trend tiles - all with a purpose. The wood effect tiles contain all the wood grain and textures you'd expect to see in wood decking - making them almost indistinguishable from the real thing. The only difference is they don't require the sealing or maintenance or real wood. It's the same with the natural stone effect tiles too, making Valverdi a low maintenance solution that looks great both indoors and out.

Expanding your interior space into the outdoors also gives you more space to design and play with, not to mention get you and the family outdoors more with the health and mental wellbeing benefits that it provides. We often see the Valverdi range used with pergolas, fire pits, elevated decking and more, with so many options available to you, it's time to ignite your inner designer!

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