5Kg Ardex E101 Grout Additive

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5Kg Ardex E101 Grout Additive

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Ardex E101 Grout Additive (5Kg)

5kg Ardex E101 Grout Additive from London Tile. Find Ardex products in our huge range of Tiling Supplies. Free Delivery on all orders over £50.

Item #: AXA1015K

£67.62 each


Ardex E101 Grout Improver Additive is a mortar admix suitable for use with Ardex cement-based grouts and normal cement/sand grouting mortar. The grout additive adds elastic and water repellent properties to set and hardened grout, as well as improving adhesion.

Features of Ardex E101

  • Suitable for internal and external applications
  • Provides additional protection for moisture sensitive substrates in bathrooms, showers and kitchens
  • Water repellent joints between tiles on balconies, on external cladding etc.
  • Improves flexibility for joints between tiles fixed to backings subject to movement such as plasterboard, chipboard, plywood etc.
  • Increases elastic properties for joints between tiles fixed to heated sub-floors and to substrates subject to limited moisture movement

Ardex E101 grout improver should be diluted with an equal volume of clean water prior to mixing with grout. If using with Ardex F4 use two parts water. Pour the water into a clean mixing bucket and add the Ardex E101 whilst stirring to obtain the required consistency.

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