Lithofin Algex Outdoor Cleaner 1L

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Lithofin Algex Outdoor Cleaner 1L

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Lithofin Algex Special Cleaner for Outdoor Areas 1L

Lithofin Algex Outdoor Cleaner 1L from London Tile. Find Lithofin products in our huge range of Cleaning & Sealing Supplies. Free delivery on orders over £50.

Item #: LFALG1L

£23.04 each


Minimum Order Quantity: 5

Delivery Time: 1 - 2 day deliveryDelivery: FREE on orders over £50!*

Lithofin Algex is a specialist water-soluble cleaning product for outdoor use on stairs, paths and terraces, walls, grave stones, roofs, wooden fences, etc. It is free of chlorine and acid. Slippery green deposits and environmental dirt caused by plants and trees are easily removed, and can even be prevented for up to one year.

Lithofin ALGEX should be diluted with water approx. 1:10 (when used as a preventive treatment 1:20) and distributed on the surface using a watering can or a sprayer. After application, the areas should not be rained on for at least 4 hours. The surfaces will become bright, clean and free of deposits within a few days. Surface residues can be washed off with water or they will disappear when it rains. Please Note: Lithofin ALGEX is not harmful for plants, however, they should not be sprayed or should be washed off immediately. Coverage is approximately 20m2 to 50m2 when using a watering can; up to 200m2 when using a sprayer.

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