Lithofin KF Tile Polish 1L

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Lithofin KF Tile Polish 1L

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Lithofin KF Tile Polish for Unglazed Ceramic & Quarry Tiles 1L

Lithofin KF Tile Polish 1L from London Tile. Find Lithofin products in our huge range of Cleaning & Sealing Supplies. Free delivery on orders over £50.

Item #: LFTPOL

£19.56 each


Minimum Order Quantity: 5

Delivery Time: 1 - 2 day deliveryDelivery: FREE on orders over £50!*

Lithofin KF Tile Polish is an acrylate sealant for use with ceramic, porcelain and quarry tiles. Once dry, Lithofin KF Tile Polish forms a film that gives dull, matt and rough surfaces an elegant sheen. Dirt can easily be wiped away and will not penetrate the surface of the tile. Rough surfaces become smoother and therefore easier to maintain. The film protects the surface, while at the same time enhancing its appearance by slightly darkening the colours. Existing marks of wear and tear are masked and become less visible.

Lithofin KF Tile Polish has been specifically developed for unglazed ceramic surfaces, such as quarry and clay tiles. The surface film enhances the appearance and facilitates maintenance. It is not recommended for outdoor areas or for surfaces subject to heavy wear and tear. Not suitable for glazed and polished tiles. 1 litre covers approximately 15m2 to 20m2 depending on the surface. Drying time is 40-60 minutes depending on temperature and humidity.

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