McAlpine Tile Drain for Marmox ShowerStone Tray

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McAlpine Tile Drain for Marmox ShowerStone Tray

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McAlpine Drain for Marmox ShowerStone Tray for use with Tiles

McAlpine Drain for Marmox Showerstone Trays (for use with Tiles)


£128.40 each


The McAlpine Tile Drain has been designed to use with the Marmox ShowerStone Shower Tray. This can be used in a tiled wet room or shower, to create a level and solid shower base. The drain has a round polished stainless steel drain grate surrounded by a square 150mm 'tile'.

Fitting The Marmox ShowerStone tray with the McAlpine Drain

On timber floors:

Fix Marmox Showerstone directly onto the floor joists with additional support around the drain and the perimeter edges. Set the McAlpine TSG52 drain into position using Marmox Multibond Sealant and secure the Showerstone into position with screws.

On concrete floors:

Fix Marmox Showerstone onto the floor using Marmox Multibond Sealant which is also used to fix the McAlpine drain into position. Ensure as much of the underneath of the Showerstone around the drain hole is supported by filling in the drain holding cavity with either sand/cement or expandable foam.

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