PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim

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PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim

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PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Straight Edge Tile Trim

The PorcelQuick Straight Edge Trim is a 316 grade stainless steel profile that can be used to edge outdoor tiles and paving up to 20mm thick. These stylish trims provide a quick and affordable alternative to profiling porcelain tiles. Each trim measures 2.5m in length.

Item #: PQ316SE20

£49.50 each

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PorcelQuick Stainless Steel External Tile Trims are formed corners that protect the edging of your outdoor tiles from damage. They improve the overall structural integrity of a tiles area by absorbing compressive impacts and prevent chipping on the tiled edge.

The PorcelQuick 316L Stainless steel tile trim is 2.5 metres long with a pre formed straight edge. We also stock a rounded edge and double pencil edge tile trim.

Unlike other metal tile trims, the stainless steel profile has a smooth and non porous surface making it especially difficult for the adhesion and survival of bacteria, fungi and micro organisms such as viruses. The high level of hygiene associated with the substrate is why PorcelQuick 316L outdoor tile trims is why they're often used around swimming pools. It's also unlikely to suffer dents and nicks because of its tensile strength, keeping it safe to walk on and free from aesthetic damage.

Features and Benefits of PorcelQuick Stainless Steel Trims

  • Available in double pencil, straight edge, and rounded edge versions
  • Uniform 2.5 metre length
  • Helps to keep tile edges free from chips & damage
  • Hygienic surface makes it difficult for viruses & bacteria to form
  • Chromium added to the alloy to protect against corrosion
  • Easy to clean & maintain

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