RUBI TS-66 Max Professional Tile Cutter

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RUBI TS-66 Max Professional Tile Cutter

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RUBI TS-66 Max Professional Manual Tile Cutter (Grey Base)

RUBI TS-66 Max Professional Tile Cutter from London Tile. Find RUBI products in our huge range of Tiling Supplies. Free delivery on orders over £50.

Item #: RU18974

£371.52 each


Super Deep Tile Spacers are designed for use with Valverdi 20mm thick outdoor porcelain tiles. The strong spacers are made from black plastic, making them less visible when used between tiles without grout, and measure 15mm deep so will not show above the surface of the tile. The legs of the spacer are 1.5mm thick, allowing you to evenly space the tiles. Each pack contains 25 x 25x25x15mm super deep tile spacers.

See the Valverdi Installation Guide for more information about fixing Valverdi 20mm outdoor porcelain tiles.

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